Paul Revere Was Trying to Warn Who Again?

Fun tonight, methinks.


Viddy of the day: Sarah Palin; Paul revere did warn the British that the British were coming!


Holy crap, what an imbecile little sister is!  Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap!  Not that that is offhand a surprise.  She has doubled down on her clearly erroneous story about Paul Revere and his famous midnight ride.  I’ve looked into this, with some level of precision, and I can say that, having read the words of one Paul Revere, written by his own hand, in a deposition given by him to the Massachusetts Provisional Congress in 1775, he did NOT want much of anything to do with the British.

Sarah says that he was also warning the British.  Tell me something, if you were trying to warn someone about ANYTHING, how would you go about doing that?  Telling them, right?  Well then, why did the man run like hell when he ran into two of them when he was nearing Cambridge, just getting out of Charlestown commons?

Because he wasn’t warning them.  He was out to warn 2 people that the Regulars were coming.  Samuel Adams and Col. John Hancock.


This is fun, isn’t it? I think so, she really is fun, dumb but fun, and her idiot antics are a great diversion from politics.

The amount of fun she is having, and giving us as a nation is truly a treasure.  I could listen to her absolutely butcher our great nations history night and day.  She is an absolute MASTER of malapropism, she is to politics what Norm Crosby is to comedy.  Well, ok, it isn’t malapropisms exactly, but the concept is close enough for me.  And for those who don’t know who Norm is, 2 things.  One, you suck.  Two, if you really don’t understand what a malaprop is, and never have heard of Norm, think Yogi Berra.

That’s an even better analogy,  She is to politics what Yogi Berra is to public speaking.

Sarah, thanks for making this article necessary!


Ninety percent of this game is half-mental.

Yogi Berra


In other news from the dumbass from Alaska, she apologized for “overshadowing” Mitt Romney’s announcement of his intention to run for President last week when the dumbass from Alaska brought her celebration of American stupidity to New Hampshire.

I find it a bit difficult to believe that she drove hundreds of miles out of her way to look at a lobster in Seabrook, New Hampshire, with hundreds of press behind her, and somehow didn’t mean to “overshadow” Mitt announcing he is running for President a mere 5 miles away, pulling important press coverage away from the man.

But then again… she IS a dumbass


That’s about it from here, America.  G’night!


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