Stuff About Me

This blog has had a great many incarnations.  I’ve written about business news.  I’ve written extensively on political campaigns.  I’ve written music columns. I’ve written fiction stories here.   What I do now is write about political news, focusing on one story per day.

Pictures are courtesy of wikimedia commons, unless otherwise indicated.

I am a Democrat and I am hopelessly partisan.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with that offhand.  It’s a semi-free country.  I won’t allow the right wing MSM to silence me or the truth, any more than I would allow my compatriots on the left to gag me when I disagree with them, and those disagreements happen more than you’d think. I am an equal opportunity attack Rhino.

I’ll write about sports every once in awhile, when it suits me.  But not too much.  I want to stay on point, politically


Though this site is now titled “Casus Belli”, it still has in the URL it’s original name, Mikey The Rhino.  The name Mikey The Rhino has its birth in a character in a book that, in it’s finished form, will never see the light of day, Titled “The Salmon Of Doubt”.  Yes there is a book titled “Salmon of Doubt” out there, but it is not the one that the writer had envisioned, because he died before he could finish it.

It is the work of my favorite writer of all time, Douglas Adams.  In this book there is a character, named Desmond the Rhino, and Desmond was…err…well, no beating around the bush here, he was a rhino.  In a zoo.  In Los Angeles.  Who escaped.  And the five pages about Desmond were from the perspective of the rhino, an animal that depends much more on its sense of smell than it does vision, and as a consequence has a peculiar view of the world, in comparison to what you or I might perceive.  He also has a run in with Thor (the thunder god, Not Mr. Heyerdahl)  and a party in suburban Los Angeles.  Read the story if you want to know how things went.

What struck me about the passage was the way it was written from the minds snout perspective of this animal.  And you read that right, minds snout.  It relies on it’s sense of smell, like we rely on vision.  Minds eye for us, Minds snout for Desmond.  Now,  I have heard it said that I have something of a skewed perception of the world, So when I wanted to write articles about MY perspective of the world, Desmond immediately sprang to mind.

But since my name isn’t Desmond, and I didn’t want people addressing me by a name that isn’t rightfully mine, I figured, why the hell not, go with Mikey The Rhino.  It sounds good.  And it is kind of a tribute to the late great Douglas Adams.  Not the best tribute, but the best one that this rhino can come up with.  I wish I had the talent and skill and inventiveness that that man had.  I will try my best to be the best writer I can be.


A very excellent youtube viddy from the 1981 BBC TV version of  “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”  Fun with dolphins and mice.


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15 thoughts on “Stuff About Me

  1. Pingback: Bloggers Influencing the Green Vote « Enviro America

  2. Apologies, my excitement ran away with me – i have now toned down the language to better represent your post… which is one of my favourites actually, i have to say.

  3. I liked your coverage of Obama’s speech. I am working with CNN so if you’d like to embed the speech on your blog or check out the headline t-shirts from last night’ speech, drop me a comment on my blog or email me at

    PS. In NYC as well!

  4. excellent! freelancing at cnn? I-report type stuff? I wouldn’t mind a gig there, I could use a few extra bucks.

    I dropped a post on yer ‘Sarah Palin is hot’ post. Good stuff.

    I dunno, Vice President MILF… Is that something ANYONE really needs?


  5. You have to see St. Mungo’s story to appreciate the tale of the salmon and ring and bird and tree that lead to “Let Glasgow Flourish.”

    ps no rhinos there, and you’re a linguist. Better hope I don’t turn my mother onto you, as she’s an expert and always gets triple word in Scrabble.

    I thought the 2,000 mile long salmon was supposed to be Orbiting Jupiter?

  6. Anytime you need a memory or rules clarification about the old days at Yankee stadium – invite me in. My long term memory is spectatcular, and only enhanced with 12-15 drinks. Go figure. But chuckin beer cans in 1994 at WhiteSox fans behind home plate, and telling the cops who did it was – THE GUY IN THE YANKEE HAT – is the kind of story that lives forever.
    Go Yanks
    Go Rangers
    Go Giants

  7. And my favorite quote from ANY of the DA writings is from my hero Marvin – “Here I am, a brain the size of a planet, and I waited 600 years for you two?”

    42 – the ultimate answer


  8. Don’t feel the need to wait for an invite, just jump in!

    If I write and My writing is wrong, Tell me so. I ain’t perfect and I’ll take any help I can get!

    The BEST part of that 1994 episode from my memory was when those guys looked up and Yelled WHO DID THAT!!! after they got soaked with beer and you, me, Bill B. and Tom all stood up together and yelled “WE DID”

    They shut up and sat down. Priceless.

  9. As one anagram lover to another, I would be honored if I could create an animated TV game based upon your personal viewing preferences. Then I’ll send you the code to post it in your blog.

    What are your favorite all time TV shows?

  10. Sure, I’ll play along.

    Three shows. Two are Cartoons, one a tv show that lasted 2 decades. One of the Cartoons is Japanese.

    One cartoon’s name is 11 letters long, and has One letter standing alone. The second cartoon’s name is twelve letters long, 3 words. The 2 decade long running TV show’s name is 4 letters long. Guess all three from the anagram.

    🙂 The anagram, using all three together is…..

    Adaptable Drams Zing Lorn Hymns.


  11. Aw hell. I’ll answer. I was just trying to be cute with that last answer. The Anagram answer is…

    Ren and Stimpy
    Dragonball Z

    The truth would take much more time and much more thought than I put into this answer.

    Good Luck with yer game, Leona!

  12. As I recall it was from wikimedia commons, but I just went there and it wasn’t there…. Curious, maybe I didn’t get it from there. I always try to use either commons or some other photosharing site. I have seen the picture out and about, saw it in a story on mediabistro a while back.

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