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12/26/16 Links for Fake News isn’t Fake, and It Isn’t News

Facebook promotes FAKE story about Megyn Kelly (From The Daily Caller)

Fake New York Times Article Claims Elizabeth Warren Endorsed Bernie Sanders (From New York Times)

This is what fake news actually looks like –  We ranked 11 election stories that went viral on facebook (From Business Insider)


12/18/16 Links for Don’t Build the Wall

A Wall is an Impractical, Expensive, and Ineffective Border Plan (From the Cato Institute)

Trump’s Immigration Tab: $166 Billion (From Politico)

Wall Already Runs Along Parts of U.S. – Mexico Border (From VOA News)


12/18/16 Links for And How do you Plan to Pay for That, Sir?

Donald Trumps Tax Plan (From

How Donald Trump’s Tax Plan could affect your 1040 (From


2/18/13 Links for Dead On Arrival? I’m Not So Sure

White House says its immigration plan is a backup option if Congress fails to reach agreement.  (From the Washington Post)

White House drafts backup immigration plan, Republicans balk. (From Reuters)


2/19/13  Links to Campaign Contributions to be Revisitied by the Supreme Court

Supreme Court to revisit campaign finance limits.  (From Reuters)

McCutcheon et al. v. FEC (From FEC)

Campaign donation issue reopened (From Scotusblog)


2/20/13  Links to The Story of Sequestration

OMB Report Pursuant to the Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012 (From

On the sequester, White House, Republicans play political chicken  (From


2/22/13 Links to Hope on the Horizon?

A Balanced Plan to Avert the Sequester and Reduce the Deficit (From

Democratic governors warn of sequestration impact (From the Washington Post)


2/25/2013 Links to Plausible Deniability

What is the Sequester? (From

G.O.P. Drafts Plan to Give Obama Discretion on Cuts ( From the Washington Post)


2/27/2013 Links to Supreme Court Edging Towards Overturning Voting Rights Act

US supreme court leans towards striking part of Voting Rights Act (From the Guardian)

Quotes from Supreme Court’s voting rights argument (From the Associated Press)


3/5/2013 Link for Pointless Legislation

U.S. House decides you should know cost of federal deficit per taxpayer (From IndyStar)


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