August Random Thoughts

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the pages and place them here on the blog to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This article contains all the content from the “Random Thoughts” page from the month of August.  Enjoy!


I started a blog on hubpages today.  And as you may have guessed, my name there is the same there as it is here.  Mike The Rhino.  I have written two pages worth of stuff already.  It’s fun and easy, and since I write shorter stuff there than I do here, it takes only a few minutes. Nice. (8/2)


FACT: Drug Cartels have not taken over any ranches in Laredo, Texas.  There was some story out on the right about this today.  The people of Laredo, when notified of this, looked around, kinda confused, and said… “Ummm…. no problems here.  Who told you this crap?” or some such.  It seems that the Right wing fear machine is trying to gin up fear of Mexicans and other brown skinned peoples by just making shit up.  Breitbart ran with it.  Malkin ran with it. 

The Right wing assholes think they can say anything and get us to buy it.  The acronym is a well known one: NFL, aka Not Fucking Likely.

AAAAAAAAnd the crime rates are down across the southwest.  Stop trying to bullshit us, ya bunch of douchebags. (8/2)


News on several fronts.  I am about to call NYPIRG back, got a bite from them, we’ll see what happens there.  Hopefully something that pays well enough.  Not sure what that would be, but i’ll worry about that when I get to it.  I’ve set in about 5 or 6 other resumes today as well.

And A-Rod hit his 600th home run today.  Nice!  Got a laugh out of an update from the Onion that said ”Hero Pigeon Shits on A-Rods face as he takes 600th Home run trot.”  Hella funny stuff.    (8/4)


Had a nice B-day party, a few days early, at my brothers house.  Had a great time, burned my bald head in the sun, and enjoyed it.  The party was a boatload of fun.  Got nice stuff, and at least  a buck three eighty in monies!  Nices!  Srsly, I cannot thank them enough for their generosity to the jobless guy.  Brother John still has the arm, just needs to get that ankle healed. (8/8)


Sent in 5 resumes today, called one place, asking about a park police job.  I got the wrong number and never got to them in time last week.  Called the right number today, and told me I needed to register by last Friday.  There will be more opportunities out there.  I will get a good job, and I will do it as soon as they decide to hire me.  I’m there, where are they with the jobs? I can only apply to get them if they offer them… well, I do send unsolicited resumes too. (8/9)


Anagram:  Forty Three Years Old/ Fry lottery sorehead/ Royalty freed others/ Theory; yodelers fart/ Yeast for the orderly (8/9)


Today is my 43rd Birthday!  Yay for me! I’m happy just to have survived to see this day.  Beats hell out of the alternative, tell ya that! I celebrated by sleeping in today.  And that is the lone celebration so far. Gonna run, just like I normally do, gonna write a lot, just like I normally do, gonna take out the garbage, just like I do every Tuesday night.  There will be cake, I helped make it, and a special dinner one presumes.  I need little else to make me happy.  Enough of that though, time to go look for a job.  Until I have one of those, no day can be so special that I can take it off completely.  (8/10)


Anagram: Get a job you bum/ Jumbo yoga tube/ Bayou gumbo jet/ Jog to obey a bum (8/10)


The stock market is down big( -250, after hitting session lows of -280), but volume is light, and it looks like things will even out, at least as far as the people I am hearing from on my end, namely the business pros on bloomberg TV.  A lot of talk about the mid term elections having a big effect going into next year.  I’ve heard the Bush tax cuts expiring will do bad things to the market.  I dunno about that.  Democrats can move the market positively, that much has been proven.  (8/11)


Aw crap.  Seems that wordpress is having issues with videos.  None of the damn things show up, you just get a black box where the video should be.  Bunch of crap, I tell ya.  I’m hoping it’s a server issue, and I hope it’s cleared up by tomorrow, or I’m gonna be PISSED.  There are several hundred videos on The Rhino report, some that date back nearly two years.  I don’t want to lose my viddys! (8/12)


Good News.  I called Sotheby’s today to see if they wanted me to come back and do the second half of my six months stint as a temp there.  They said yes, I start up again September 7th.  Nice.  It’ll actually cost me more early on, bit if there is as much chance for overtime this time as there was last time, I could actually save a few bucks.  (8/12)


Really enjoying the cooler weather.  The running is easier, and I don’t have to use the damned air conditioners all the damned time. (8/13)


3 home runs for A-Rod and the Yankees hit 5 home runs in one game against the royals.  That is not surprising.  The next day they could only manage two hits against that same royals team.  Again, not surprising.  Anyone who has watched baseball for any length of time knows that usually that a team that hits that well one game generally, can’t hit worth a damn the next.  Next time you see one of those 13(to pick a number at random) run barrages by a team, any team, watch their next game.  It’s rare for a team after that kind of performance to score a lot of runs, and they never, EVER, equal the previous nights home run or run total. (8/15) 


Just spoke to the people at the NYSDOL (New York State Department of Labor)  They had withheld last weeks payment.  I called to find out why.  Told them they had sent a letter to me stating an issue with Sotheby’s claiming they had never even heard of me, and that I had sent them copies of pay stubs as proof of work.  They released the payments to my account, should be there in a few days.  Nice. (8/16)


Thursday I was travelling, yesterday I was relaxing, slept in, watched tv and such, today I am doing more of the same, Tomorrow travelling again.  Vacations are nice. (8/21)


Anagram: Take the long way home/ Weak Theology Anthem/ The Whole Magnet, Okay? (8/22)


Stock market fell like a stone this morning on horribly bad home sales numbers.  Sales fell 27%, twice as much as forecasters were predicting, and sales are expected to be soft for at least the next two months. Dammit. (8/24)


It’s official, I begin the second part of my gig at Sotheby’s starting September 7th.  It’s only 13.25 an hour, but it’s work.  Seeing how there isn’t a whole helluva lot out there job wise, a crappy paying temp job is better than no job at all.  And there is still the ultra slim possibility that I can land their permanent. 

Oh who am I kidding, they claimed they couldn’t keep me on due to the economy before, they sure as hell won’t bring me in permanent now, when the economy looks worse than it did a scant few months ago.  Dammit.  (8/24)

(note: I had written of this two weeks earlier, but this is here because I actually spoke to the people at sotheby’s this day and got the OK, whereas on the 12th, I had gotten a message from them saying come back, but call us first. Took this long, 12 days, playing phone tag with them just to get it straightened out.  Bad timing on my part I guess.)


Sometimes I do funny things. One of them is to take how many miles I’ve run for the year, and see where in the world I would end up if I ran it all at once.  Curious but fun, at least to boring ol’ Mikey.  So far this year i’ve run 920.46 miles.  Now, using google maps I have, by guessing and moving the little plot points around, figured out what town, state and or country is that many miles from my home, where I’d end up. 

If I ran due west, I’d be in the heart of Peoria, Illinois.  If I ran south, I’d be just north of Jacksonville international airport, in a place called Pecan park. If I went northeast, I’d be in a place called Auld’s Cove, at Port Hawkesbury in Nova Scotia, Canada.  I’ll be in Cape Breton tomorrow.  All while running in circles in a park.  Nice!  (8/25)


Ya know, I thought, when it first popped up here on wordpress, that if I voted for myself at the top of the page, that like button, that it would do something for me, get me more hits, give me more of a chance at being more widely read. But it really had no effect at all.  So if you look around this blog and see posts where there is one like, and then go to the bottom of the page, and it’s me, that’s just me trying, vainly, to drive more traffic here.  (8/26)


Didn’t do nearly enough job search stuff this week.  Bad Mikey.  (8/27)


Anagram: Let’s Go Giants/ Egotist Slang/ Setting Goals/ Goats Glisten/ Go Ingest Salt/ Nag Ogles Tits  (8/28)


ARGH!  The Giants SUCKED yesterday.  They were absolutely horrible, but then again it is pre-season, and I turned to watch the Cowboys on CBS, and they got their asses handed to them as well.  So I don’t feel so bad now.  (8/29)


I love reading politically slanted news, especially when they get it wrong.  Just read a story on Bloomberg about how the Obama administration is blowing off 3 billion potential billionaires by not immediately naming an ASEAN Ambassador.  ASEAN, for those not in the know, is a business/political partnership between the Philippines, Indonesia, and 8 smaller southeast Asian countries.  The disingenuousness here comes from claiming not immediately naming an ASEAN ambassador cuts us off from 3,000,000,000 potential billionaires.

I’m sure all the rice farmers and muay thai fighters in the area are happy that this guy has confidence that ALL of them can someday become billionaires.  5 TIMES OVER.  The total population of the area in question is less than 1/5th the number he speaks of.  

Wonder if he has as much confidence in EVERY AMERICAN becoming a billionaire 5 times over.  Wonder when he’s going to write about the 1.6 billion potential billionaires the AMERICAN BUSINESS COMMUNITY is bypassing by not hiring anyone, the lazy bastards. (8/30)


The President nailed it during his speech tonight, absolutely nailed it.  The right amount of solemnity for such an occasion.  The proper focus on not just why the war in Iraq happened, but on how America fixed things after Bush was out of the White House.  A tip of the hat to former President Bush, and a look at what this war hath wrought because of Bush’s gross incompetence in getting us in that useless war in the first place.   (8/31)

July Random Thoughts

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the pages and place them here on the blog to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This article contains all the content from the “Random Thoughts” page from the month of July.  Enjoy!


Found an old blog that I haven’t used since I started writing here.  Shouldn’t say found, more like re-discovered.  I’ve posted there twice, It is going to be for all the stuff I am not sure I want to say here. I won’t give the URL here just yet though, I want to make sure I am happy with what I am writing there, make sure it isn’t pure unadulterated crap before I start planting links to it here.  I’ve begun writing fiction there, and I am not sure I like it. (7/1)


Anagram: June Random Thoughts / John mugs donut hater. 

I like my anagrams, and any anagram that involves a mugging is alright by me.  🙂  (7/1)


I am pushing back, for a few hours, my job hunting so I can get some food shopping done.  Cats need food, and the wife and I need a few things.  Seeing how the only calls I get are from debt collectors, I don’t think waiting at the phone for a call that will not come makes much sense.  And I can send resumes whenever, it being Friday, and the calls I have to make, I have to make before 5 pm, so I have a few hours to play with, it being quarter after eleven in the morning now.  (7/2)


Happy Independence day!  Show some Independent thought today dammit, that’s what freedom is all about!  And also…don’t go blow your arm off celebrating, that would suck.  Don’t go blowing shit up unless you have a degree in blowshitupology or sumthin!!      (7/4)


Anagram: Patriotic American/ Top Maniac Criteria (7/4)


It’s 98 degrees On Staten Island right now, at 2 pm, and it’s expected to go up to 100 tomorrow.  Both numbers either tie or exceed record temperatures.  Both are 15 degrees above normal, and those kind of numbers were around yesterday and the day before and the heat wave is expected to last until at least Wednesday.  Ooof.  I wonder how much the people who were laughing at global warming because it snowed in winter, not because it was actually colder than normal (it wasn’t), are laughing now.  Just curious.  (7/5)


Ron Paul and Barney Frank are calling for cuts in Military spending!  YAY!   We are the world’s policeman, and we have been since before I was born.  The military industrial complex runs the Pentagon, and has it’s claws deep in the White House and the rest of the civilian government.  With all the talk of cutting wasteful government spending. it makes sense to cut the pentagon’s budget, the military’s budget, especially if we want to fight terrorism and not break the bank.  How many nuclear subs do we need to fight terrorists? How many nuclear armed carriers? (7/6)


For those who pay attention to these things, I added a widget to the sidebar here on The Rhino Report, it’s for a thing called socialvibe, and it helps raise money for a variety of different charities, and the one I chose is the leukemia and lymphoma society.  I know all you rhino heads out there are more than willing to click and help people in need, and if you could find it in your heart to donate, well, that would be about the best thing you could do for these kind people.  Any help is greatly appreciated. (7/7)


I really don’t care where Lebron James and his really annoying pre-game show are going to go….

That said (this subject being on everyone lips today, I have to write a lil bit about it), why the hell would he go to a shit organization like the Knicks?  He wants to WIN, and the Knicks haven’t had a winning season since 2000-2001.  Hell, even I, Mister Optimistic sports fan, who roots for the New York Rangers, and has hope they’ll go deep into the Playoffs, EVERY YEAR, despite the fact that that douchebag Dolan and that shithead Sather keep scuttling the teams chances by simple Being attached to the organization, gave up on the New York Bricks, years ago.  No way Lebron goes to the Knicks.

He’s sticking with the Cavs.  That’s my bullshit story and I’m sticking to it.  (7/8)


Anagram:  LeBron James/ Men Jab Loser (7/8)


Ya, know, the more I read about Sharron Angle, the more I think she is Bozo the Clown.  A slush fund, Mrs. Angle, are you serious? I especially like when she says “the caller and I should not have used the term slush fund, that was incorrect”.  Like the caller made her use the term.  He used it, yes, she could have used a different one, but she didn’t. 

She thinks money put aside for those hurt by the disaster in the gulf is a slush fund. We all know what a slush fund is, right? The textbook definition of a slush fund is:  A fund raised by a group for corrupt practices, such as bribery or graft. So, Mrs Angle, the $20,000,000,000 put aside to pay for the damage done by biggest environmental disaster in human history is a slush fund?  Paying for what you have done is corrupt, Mrs Angle? Is that Bribery, Mrs. Angle?, or Graft, Mrs. Angle?  Really?

This is the same clown who called for the privatization of Social Security and Medicare. And she backtracked on that, too. 

Honk your nose for us, Bozo! (7/9)


Anagram: Responsible Thinking / Bleeping Rhino Stinks (7/10)


After a few days writing articles here, and roaming the wild green yonder, and looking for work, I am a wee bit tired.  The job thing still is not working out, but I am only just beginning to send in applications for writing jobs.  I’ve sent in one for a sports writing job, one for a blogging gig on Examiner, and one for a temporary research assistant over at media matters.  The Media matters job looks pretty good, but it might be tough, because they would want me in office there once a week, and their offices are in Washington D.C.  I think I can handle it though. (7/16)

______________________________________  Hang with Das Rhino.  Tis  a good place with good people and good music.  (7/19)


My wife just won a contest from XM/Sirius.  We have been invited to the Hard rock Cafe on Wednesday at noon to hang out with, among other people, Maurice Jones-Drew and Jeremy Roenick.  Nice!  Gonna go call Roenick a shithead.  ROFL!  (7/19)


Never went to the thing at the hard rock.  Ah well.  I was looking forward to annoying Jeremy Roenick.    (7/20)


Anagram:  Andrew Breitbart/ write barbed rant / A bent drab writer/ retard want bribe/ ten rabbit reward (7/21)


It is only a matter of time before I get a job.  I have been sending in, on average 3 resumes a day, and making phone calls when the opportunity avails itself.  I am using the department of labor resources available to me, and every other source I can get my mits on.  The only real problem is that there really isn’t all that damned much out there that I am qualified for.  My old job, copy machine operator, seems as a class, to have almost completely dried up.  There just isn’t any more copy work out there.  I still put in for it when and where I can.  I’m pushing hard, and I am optimistic, long term, but there just isn’t a lot out there right now. (7/22)


There is a lyric in the song  Territorial pissings : “Just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean they’re not after you“   Odd lyric, but it feels at least somewhat fitting today.  I just got a letter from the department of labor in New york saying that my former employer Sotheby’s was challenging my claim for unemployment, due to the fact that I never worked there. 

Curious… I have vivid memories of being at Sotheby’s, at 1334 York Avenue, filing out paperwork, including a w-4, working for several months, and getting paid for it.  I have the pay stubs to prove it.  The NYSDOL asked for copies of pay stubs, so I sent them 4 of the nine I could immediately find, (the other 4 are around here somewhere) one from each month I worked there.  Let them argue with the paystubs. (7/24)


Been going through my old baseball card collection, to see what I can sell and just what the going price on some of the cards I have is.  I was pleasantly surprised by a few, and saw price drops from the prices I paid 20 years ago on others.  Best?  My 1959 Ernie Banks has more than doubled in value, and I paid $60 when I got it.  I have a fair number of cards that are worth over $50, some as high as $125 -$150.   The Jerry Rice rookie cards are worth a fair bit, as is the 1964 Hank Aaron.  Nice. 

Selling them all.  Want something? Drop me a line! (7/25)


Sent in 9 resumes so far today.  That is pretty damn good!  I haven’t found that many potential job openings, that many job opportunities in one day in a very long time.  Been sending resumes for 3 solid hours.  Lately the trail for job leads goes cold after about 3 sends, which takes about an hour to dig up and find.  Not finished yet either.  Will run when done.  Nice.  I love feeling like I’m doing something to move myself forward.  Feels good.  (7/26)


I’ve sent in 3 or four resumes since i wrote that last bit on Monday.  Not because i haven’t been trying to find work though, I just haven’t seen all that much out there since Monday. But I have contacted xerox, a place I used to work at, and dropped a resume on Kelly services.  Maybe getting a staffing agency involved will help.  It hasn’t before, but that doesn’t mean it won’t this time. (7/28)


Anagram: Tea Party Patriots/Tasty Ape Portrait (7/28)


Anagram:  Copy Operator/ Or A Poetry Cop/ YO Trap Cooper/Poor Actor? Yep. / Coy Rapper, Too/ A rectory poop  (7/29)

Changing The Mighty Rhino

If ever you meet a rhinoceros
And a tree be in sight,
Climb quick! for his might
Is a match for the gods: he could toss Eros!

Robert Browning


Mighty things are afoot at Rhino headquarters!  After thinking for a long time about the external changes I wanted to bring here to the online home of the Rhino, I have finally gotten them done!  And behold, a new look, a new title and there will be internal changes. To writing style, to news aggregation techniques, and to content.  Don’t worry tho.  I’ll still rant like crazy when things really drive me up a wall.  I’ll still rail against all things corrupt and evil in society.  I’ll still write about hockey, baseball and the like. 

I’ll still be here for ya, have no fear on that account.


Saturday’s 5 news links:

A Young Gun For Labor: A 28-year-old union president is trying to get his members a new contract and, some say, reflecting a new wave of labor activism.

Staten Island pols believe it’s too early for Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada to step down.

Florida waits to see whether Crist will stay Republican or go independent.

Goldman trader’s e-mail slur

Blackhawks shock Predators in OT to take 3-2 series lead.


Saturday’s viddies of the day.  First one up from Firedoglake.  It is a piece by Rachel Maddow done on her show about the burgeoning Priest sex abuse scandal that is currently rocking the Roman Catholic church to its core. 

Today’s second viddy is from Americans United for Change, a web ad that says that those who defrauded the American people have hired some of those same sleazy bastards who fought for big tobacco to help them fight reforming wall street.  Control of the message is key.  If we let wall street control the message, they will continue their control and ruination of America.  We need to control the message ourselves, and it is within our power to do so, and the best way to do that is simply to reject the words of those who fight for wall street. 


In news that will surprise no one, the Senate, led by Wisconsin democrat Russ Feingold, have decided that they do not need their annual Cost of Living Adjustment(COLA) this year. The house is expected to follow suit. Very politically motivated, and very astutely played by the senate to agree with the motion by the Wisconsin senator, and one presumes the house will agree to no COLA increase this year as well.  But again, this is nothing new.  Congress did the same thing last year, and both parties have, during contentious election cycles, turned down pay raises.

On wonders whether any party will ever actually take the next logical step, and simply try to get rid of the entire concept of annual COLA raises for politicians altogether.  I doubt it, but then again I don’t think anyone would begrudge anyone a 1% COLA, regardless of the job.  If you only got 1% before this damned “economic crisis” you’d have probably screamed bloody murder, so don’t bitch next year when they accept that 1% increase. 


Thought and Pic of the day:

The man who is possessed of wealth, who lolls on his sofa or rolls in his carriage, cannot judge the wants or feelings of the day-laborer. The government we mean to erect is intended to last for ages. The landed interest, at present, is prevalent; but in process of time, when we approximate to the states and kingdoms of Europe, — when the number of landholders shall be comparatively small, through the various means of trade and manufactures, will not the landed interest be overbalanced in future elections, and unless wisely provided against, what will become of your government? In England, at this day, if elections were open to all classes of people, the property of landed proprietors would be insecure. An agrarian law would soon take place. If these observations be just, our government ought to secure the permanent interests of the country against innovation. Landholders ought to have a share in the government, to support these invaluable interests, and to balance and check the other. They ought to be so constituted as to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority. The senate, therefore, ought to be this body; and to answer these purposes, they ought to have permanency and stability.

James Madison

Help Re-Name This Site!

Read the story, then vote in the poll below!

I have been watching and listening to news, sports, business, all sorts of different things for years on end.  And no business, sports franchise, or tv show survives long without someone or something coming along and changing something.  Teams change their uniforms, so as to get new attention (and more money) and hope that change leads to a new direction in the teams fortunes.  The NHL does this annually, and usually a few baseball and football teams do the same thing.  Networks do it.  They alter the name of their network, Sci-Fi becoming SyFy comes to mind, or  altering their logo, MTV losing the words “Music Television” from their logo being a recent example.

Other examples include Blackwater becoming Xe, in order to “Re-brand“, or Comcast re-branding as Xfinity, or Conservatism re-branding as “Tea Party Patriots”. 

Last week The Rachel Maddow show had a contest to rename the “Filibuster”  She got THOUSANDS of suggestions.  I put a few in myself,  “Senatorial Death Punch” was one of them, it got a few votes.  The winner was “The Tarantino”, and much as I like my suggestion, the Tarantino IS pretty damn good, because “IT KILLS BILLS”  Funny, witty, good stuff.  Ezra Klein of the Washington Post, inspired by Ms. Maddow, is trying the Re-naming game, only this time trying to get people to suggest a new name for the “Budget Reconciliation Process

I’m not doing that one, but for a very good reason.  In order to comment, and leave a suggestion, you have to sign up for the Washington post.  I remember signing up for it a while ago.  I don’t remember the password, and don’t want TWO Washington post accounts. If I do find it, or remember it, I’ll sign on and do it, but there will be no second account with my name on it.

I say all that to say this.  I am feeling like there is some kind of a change necessary here, and I think some “Re-branding” here sounds like a helluva plan.  Also I have to tell you that I have been inspired by Ms. Maddow, just as much as Mr. Klein was.  So now is the time where YOU come into the picture.  I have a few suggestions, but you need not go with any of them.  If you have a better idea than anything in the poll, drop me a comment and let me know!


That’s about it for me.  Enjoy!

Today’s Nuggets, via wikiquote:  The sponsor may be viewed as a potentate with a strong influence over currents of thought in our society, exercised mainly through television […] It has tended to displace or overwhelm other influences such as newspapers, school, church, grandpa, grandma. It has become the definer and transmitter of society’s values.  Eric Barnouw

It is wrong to think that belief in freedom always leads to victory; we must always be prepared for it to lead to defeat. If we choose freedom, then we must be prepared to perish along with it.  Karl Popper

Anagram: Subtle Alterations/ Intolerable Status

       I am going to, over a period of a few weeks do a cleanup on this blog.  I have a number of videos that need to be replaced, and some pictures Hokusai_Dragonthat need to be changed up as well.  There’s are two simple reasons for this.  One is I’ve noticed that there are a bunch of music viddy’s I’ve [placed on this blog, that at the time worked but have been taken off for whatever reason.  Second was a question someone asked me in my comments, asked if a picture with the title “Open road”, perhaps the most often looked at pic anywhere on my blog, was from a stock photography site.  As i recall it was, but when i went to look for it, nothing.  So to be safe, I’m going through my image library and I’m deleting all the pics that I can’t identify as being used properly, and replacing them. 

    If you spot any viddys or pics that need work, drop me a line and let me know.

 No news or politics at this point.  I was going to do something on the White House correspondents dinner, but i did something that made it impossible to do that.  I missed it completely.  It was on C-span for several hours, and i missed the whole damn thing.  What was I doing? Well for one thing, I watched the Yankees get there asses whipped, AGAIN.  Man these guys suck.  But enough of that, it’s not like we didn’t see that coming. I also cleaned up some crap around the house with My wife, made dinner, fed cats, and watched a movie that I only break out once in a great while.  Shichinin no Samurai, AKA Seven Samurai, one of the best flicks ever made.  I really only fell in love with movies after i saw this for the first time, unless you count “Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventure” and the like, and I think I was in my mid 20’s when I first saw it. 

          244px-Rocky_landscape_with_boatsHence the Seven Samurai Viddys and UKiyo-e Pics, which you will have noticed I have a predilection for anyway.

     That’s about it from this end.  Tomorrow is mothers day, so go see your mom and tell her you love her!

    Catch Ya Later!

Today’s Nuggets are by Robert A. Heinlein from the Book “Stranger in a Strange Land”, Via Wikiquote: I do know that the slickest way to lie is to tell the right amount of truth at the right time — and then shut up.

A desire not to butt into other people’s business is at least eighty percent of all human ‘wisdom’…and the other twenty percent isn’t very important.

A prude is a person who thinks that his own rules of propriety are natural laws.

Remind me to write a popular article on the compulsive reading of news. The theme will be that most neuroses and some psychoses can be traced to the unnecessary and unhealthy habit of daily wallowing in the troubles and sins of five billion strangers.

Anagram: Fervor Unearthed Talent/ The Traveler And Fortune

       I do this thing every once in a while, where I read Aesop’s Fables, just to read them. The simplicity of the tales mixed with the lessons autumn leavesimparted are, I think, beautiful, even if some lessons aren’t so easy to soak in, even in adulthood. Here’s one for you, titled the traveler and fortune.

A TRAVELER wearied from a long journey lay down, overcome with fatigue, on the very brink of a deep well. Just as he was about to fall into the water, Dame Fortune, it is said, appeared to him and waking him from his slumber thus addressed him: “Good Sir, pray wake up: for if you fall into the well, the blame will be thrown on me, and I shall get an ill name among mortals; for I find that men are sure to impute their calamities to me, however much by their own folly they have really brought them on themselves.”

Everyone is more or less master of his own fate.

       I went through about 18 of them before I settled on this one to start things off.

       It’s early in the day, and frankly I am still at the Drinking coffee/ playing games on the computer/ playing guitar portion of my day.  I am going over to my parents house later to celebrate my Father’s 65th birthday with my wife.  Should be fun.  Maybe it’ll be a pain in the ass explaining about losing my job, but I’m not worried about it overmuch.  What’s to explain? I pissed off the wrong person, and they canned me. Yes, i was defending my own self interests, but it was a little too strong a defense for too small a thing, and I paid for it.  Pretty sure I’ll hear that a few dozen times.  Or they won’t say it, toss me a platitude, and simply think I’m an idiot.  Which in this case fits, but that’s besides the point.

     Man, I can be hard on myself, can’t i?  🙂

    No worries.  I have chord exercises to do, coffee to drink and I have to get ready to scoot.  Enjoy an Allan Holdsworth video and a few quotes.

That’s it for me.  Later!

Today’s Nuggets, By Michel De Montaigne, Via Wikiquote:  Wherever your life ends, it is all there. The advantage of living is not measured by length, but by use; some men have lived long, and lived little; attend to it while you are in it. It lies in your will, not in the number of years, for you to have lived enough.

 It is a thorny undertaking, and more so than it seems, to follow a movement so wandering as that of our mind, to penetrate the opaque depths of its innermost folds, to pick out and immobilize the innumerable flutterings that agitate it.

Anagram: Alpha Inventions/The Invasion Plan

       This is gonna be a short blog on a short subject.  I have, for the last few months been using something called alpha inventioFractalns.  It is a nice way to get some cheap clicks on your blog, but there is for me, an issue or two. 

    I may be getting clicks, but no comments.  Which tells me that this thing is something of a sham.  I have gone to their site, which i will not link to, sorry, and put my blog into the stream, sometimes up to 20 times a day, especially lately, just to see what effect it has. It averages out to about 6 views per placement.  Not bad you say, nice way to get numbers.  But comments do not come, and it’s not just me.  I have noticed reading other blogs that are regulars on that site, from simonsez, to windfarms, to broken country and a number of others, that continually have no comments on them. I used to drop comments myself at first, but i stopped after i found it to be a pain in the ass to stop the blogs from going by, read the content, post comment and restart Alpha.  Damn thing took forever to restart.

     Perhaps its the way this damned thing is set up.  Blogs go by after about 10 seconds, which doesn’t give you a lot of time to get a handle on content.  When I was there I was busy waiting for the “My blog” area to clear so i could put in my blog info, so not much reading. I was also busy weeding through all the categories trying to figure out what categoryHokusai - Dragon to place my blog in.  Not to mention there were really only a few good blogs out there on alpha.  Easier to go through random blogs on WordPress.  Better content, more control.

    Not a lot of time to put in to read any of the blogs that go by while you are trying to get your blog on.  Not to mention the thing has bugs.   It would, as soon as i went to put my blog in, crash.  Give an error message and give no choice but to close the window.  Not to mention that some blogs need quick time (or some other program) to run video(or something)  on them, and it would bog down the system, causing the window in question to freeze.

    As far as hits goes, it sounds to me like Alpha is set up like this. If you have a window with alpha running in it, regardless of whether you read the blog that shows up or not, that blog will get a hit.  If you like hits where no one actually looks at or reads your blog and cares what it says, That’s great.  I want readers, not just meaningless hits where there may not be a reader involved.

    No Thanks.  I’ll post my blog on twitter, Facebook and digg instead.  I may only get a few hits, but at least those hits will mean something.

    And to think I’ve been padding my numbers with junk for the last few months.  I wonder if there’s any way to have wordpress take all the Alpha clicks off of my stat sheet.

    An actual blog with politics, financial news, and maybe even some sports in a few. Later.