You’ll Like The Video, At The Very Least

The question marks surrounding BiggusDickusGate are no longer questions.

Anthony Weiner finally admitted it.  It was him.

Good boy, I like that you admitted it, even if it took far too long to do so.  You look like a complete jackass now, though, you realize that, right?  How the hell could you? First screw around on-line with half a dozen women, then lie like you did.  Did you think it would just blow over? Just go away?

A bit stupid, but to be real about this, I expect that kind of behavior from people with positions of power.  Over time it goes to some of their heads, and they abuse it, and expect to be able to get away with it, because of who they are , and the positions they hold.

Ridiculous of course, but plenty of people believe ridiculous things.

Vito Fossella (aka drunky smurf) should have resigned, but he rode out his last term, and got what he deserved, which is leaving in disgrace.  John Ensign should have resigned earlier, he was clearly guilty, and his crimes were actual crimes, so he deserves having the book thrown at him, and got what he deserved, which is leaving in disgrace.

I don’t see that happening with Rep., Weiner though.  Not that he doesn’t deserve the boot.  For this he does (ask me again in 2 weeks, I might have a different answer for you,) but I don’t think this sinks him, at least not yet.  I don’t know that he is done in the house, unless it can be proven that he sent this stuff from the house, and used house equipment to do it.  It can’t  just be a simple ethics violation that’d finish him.   If that could sink a career, almost no one would be left in the house at all, left, right, or moderate.  It would take a rather severe breach to cause him enough damage to end his political career.

But it’ll be a loooooooooooooooong time before he has enough credibility to show his face on television, even on his best TV friend’s show, TRMS.  Though admittedly, I would like to see him go on there, and explain lying to her, and everyone he spoke to, about this entire debacle.


And now for something completely different…


Viddy of the day:  Slayer – Divine Intervention


If you want to be respected by others the great thing is to respect yourself. Only by that, only by self-respect will you compel others to respect you.

Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Insulted and the Injured


It’s 70 something degrees out right now.  The air conditioner is going right now, might not really need it but it feels good, even if it is a little chilled in the apartment right now.

The sound of the air conditioner, the pendulum of the cuckoo clock ticking away, and the monotonous staccato of my fingers dancing across the keyboard are the only sounds that I can hear.  That is if I don’t count the constant background noise that is my tinnitus giving a vague high pitched whine to every single moment of my life.  The television was on a scant few minutes ago, and the sound was blaring, a riot of noise and light seemingly meant to distract me from living my life long enough to give a damn about some stranger who thinks my money would fit better in their pockets than my own.

Silly humans.

The light is far too bright for me, but any light beyond the absolute minimum is too bright for me.  The two dull 60 watt lights burn in the wall sconces, adding no heat to the brightly chilled room.

Two cats lounge around.  Being cats, that is their job.  It’s what they do, so I let them do it, and go on with my own business.  My business?  For the moment, writing this article, but most of the day it has been centered around looking for work, which is an obsession of mine.  Unemployment sucks and other blisteringly obvious statements.  I ended up, after searching for several hours around 9 resumes in.

One was rejected almost immediately.  Looking at it now it isn’t surprising.  It was for a carpenter for the MTA here in new york.  I have no carpenter experience, but it showed up in a  search I did on career builder.  So I sent it in, ya know… tossing stuff on the wall, seeing what would stick.  I did not  realize they wanted several years of experience at it.  I didn’t  read that bit when I sent the thing in.

Oops. Sorry TA, didn’t mean to be a putz at you.  Nuttin personal.

The other jobs were not as far fetched in scope as me ending up as a carpenter for the TA.    Porter, maintenance man at 2 different places, construction laborer, doorman.  Stuff like that.  Sending out feelers to as many people as I can, looking for work.

Wish me luck.


That’s it from here, America!  G’night!

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