Hard Day To Be A Harbaugh

Statement of the day:

Today was a hard day in the NFL to be a Harbaugh.

The day began with there being a chance that the two head coaches of the teams in the Super Bowl would be the brothers Harbaugh.  Both teams that the Harbaughs coached played well, and they were competitive throughout the games they participated in, but in the end both lost.

But the hard part has to be said to be the fact that it was a miss and a mistake that kept the two brothers out of the Super Bowl.  The miss by Billy Cundiff with time ticking down cost the Ravens a shot at getting the game to overtime.  As a consequence the Ravens lost. The Ravens were in the game the whole time, and Joe Flacco, a man I think of as a second rate QB, put together some really good plays to keep his team in it.  Put it like this, on this day Joe Flacco was a better QB than Tom Brady.  He was not the reason they lost, like he usually is.

The Niners Giants was kind of the same, only more so, at least as far as the brothers Harbaugh are concerned.  The Niners played a great game , aided somewhat by the refereeing, but mainly they were held up by the most stout defense you may ever see in a losing effort.  The Niners offense was sparse but effective, Vernon Davis being the only real threat that the Niners O had.

Enter Kyle Williams.  2 mistakes that cost his team a shot at the Super Bowl.  The first flub by the Niners Wide out/ Kick returner (Kyle was playing for a hurt Ted Ginn Jr.) was a ball that just touched his left knee on a punt.  He played like it didn’t but the astute NY Giant Devin Thomas kept his eye on the ball and grabbed it and ran it to the endzone.  Now a punt can’t be run back for a touchdown like that, but he gave the Giants the ball, and they drove for a touchdown that gave the Giants the lead.

Fast forward to overtime, after the two teams played some very good defense and both teams kicked the ball back and forth, the Giants kicked the ball to Kyle Williams, who ran the ball back with 9:32 left.  During the run back Jacquain Williams knocked the ball out of Kyle’s hands and again, man of the hour, tower of power Devin Thomas picked up the ball and the Giants had the ball deep in Niners territory.  They then moved the ball  on the ground for a few yards on a few plays that got the Giants closer to the end zone, and then Lawrence Tynes kicked the Giants into the Super Bowl.

– – – – – – – – – –

That said the Giants and the Patriots were the better teams out there.  If they weren’t they would not have won.

Victor Cruz ate up the Niners secondary, and helped bring the Giants to the promised land.

Bear Pascoe scored his first ever Touchdown in the NFC championship.

Tom Brady decided he was super when he kept the ball and went over the top on the Ravens D with 11:29 to go in the 4th, and put the Pats up to stay.

The Pats D held Ray Rice to 67 yards on the ground, when the Pats D had been seen as a weakness all year.

Eli Manning proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is a road warrior, winning his fifth road playoff game, which I believe is a record.

The Giants are the road team for Super Bowl XLVI.

Giants – Patriots in the Super Bowl is going to be an absolutely great game.

– – – – – – – – – – –

That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


Let’s see, I was actually only half bad with my picks last week, but that isn’t a surprise, my average for the year is at about .500 for the year, so last weeks 7-6 ATS is about par for the course.

I won with the Niners, Packers, Bills(who lost but covered, I had them winning but ATS I nailed it,) Eagles, Raiders, Bears and Jets.  I lost on the Panthers, Colts, Steelers, Texans, Patriots, and Saints.

So with that out of the way, let’s take a look at this weeks inaccuracy!


Seahawks @ Browns:  Browns are 3 point favorites, and the O/U is 41.  I have no faith in the Seahawks here.   I have no faith in the Browns either, to be honest, but they at least have… well… Peyton Hillis, who was a workhorse last year, is hurt and looks like he won’t play, and they really have no other standout players on offense, so…. Take the Seahawks and the under.  Final score:  “Hawks 21, Browns 15

Falcons @Lions:  The Lions are 3½ point favorites, and the O/U is 47 points.   Even though they lost to the Niners last week, the Lions are still one of the best teams in the NFC right now.  The Falcons are a good team, but nowhere near the juggernaut that people were expecting at the beginning of the year, but not for lack of a running game, which averages over 110 yards per game on the ground.  They’ll use that to good effect against the Lions, who will have another tough one on their hands, but you can take the Falcons and the under.  Final score:  Lions 28, Falcons 27

Texas @ Titans:  The Titans are 3 point favorites, and the O/U is 44 points.  I just don’t know about the Titans right now.  They have beaten lesser teams, sure, but when pressed by the Steelers before their bye week, they just flat out sucked.  After being hammered early, they tried to fight back but to no avail.  The Texans are a good team, not a great team, trying to prove they are better than some people think they are.  I think they can do this.  Take the Texans and the under.  Final score:  Texans 24, Titans 17.

Broncos @ Dolphins:  Dolphins are 2 point favorites,  the O/U is 41½.  The Dolphins suck out loud. That simple.  Take the Broncos and the over.  Broncos 27,  Dolphins 21.

Chargers @ Jets:  The Chargers are 2 point favorites, the O/U is 43½ points.  The Jets are not a great team by any stretch of the imagination, their run game is less than ferocious, and Mark Sanchez looks lost under center.  The Chargers are just an all around better team.  Take the Chargers and the over.  Final score:  Chargers 31, Jets 13.

Bears @ Buccaneers:  The Bears are 1 point favorites, the O/U is 43½ points.  Both teams come off of  important wins last week. The Buccaneers played a very good Saints team and beat them, while the Bears won going away against the lowly Vikings, winning a divisional game they needed to win in order to stay in the hunt for a spot in the postseason.  I think the Bears, despite not having a better record, are the better team here, at least this week.  Take the Bears and the over.  Final score:  Bears 30, Bucs 24.

Panthers @ Redskins:  The Panthers are a 2½ point favorite, the O/U is 43½.  The Panthers offense will  expose the Redskins as being a very sub par on the defensive end,  the Redskins have no answer to Cam Newton that can contain him.  Take the Panthers and the over.  Final score:  Panthers 34, Redskins 18.

Chiefs @ Raiders:  The Raiders are 4½ point favorites, the O/U is 41.  Srsly?  This Chiefs team needs help, but they’ll not get any real help here.  The Chiefs suck.  Take the Raiders and the under. Final score:  Raiders  27, Chiefs 6.

Steelers @ Cardinals:  The Steelers are 3½ point favorites, the O/U is 44 points.  The Steelers have been beating the teams they are better than, and that trend should continue today. But this one could turn into a letdown game for them, with the Pats and Ravens both looming on the schedule the next two weeks.  I expect that if there is an real straight up dog to pick, it’s here.  Take the Cards and the under.  Final score:  Cardinals 24, Steelers 17.

Cowboys @ Rams:  The Cowboys are 13 point favorites, and the O/U is 43 points.  Srsly? part II.  This rams team has nothing, Bradford is hurt, and that’ll be enough to doom an already beaten team today. Cowboys romp.  Take the ‘Boys and the under.  Final score:  Cowboys 35, Rams 14.

Packers @ Vikings:  The Packers are 9 point favorites, the O/U is 47.  The Vikings may yet make some noise this season, now that Christian Ponder has been named the starting QB for them, great news for Vikes fans.  The Bad news?  He’s gonna get shellacked by the Pack, as a welcome by the NFL for his first career start.  Packers win easy here.  Take the Packers and the over.  Final score:  Packers 42, Vikings 27

Colts @ Saints:  The Saints are 14 point favorites, the O/U is 49½ points.  The Colts… what can you say? The whole world knows how important Peyton Manning is to this Colts team, and only now realize how strong his team has been around him.  Sad they couldn’t keep that up when Peyton went to get that surgery on his neck.  Take the Saints and the under.  Final score:  Saints 34, Colts 14.

Ravens @ Jaguars.  The Ravens are 8 point favorites, the O/U  is 40 points.  The Jags just have no offense at all.  Add to that the fat that they are playing one of the strongest defensive teams in the league, and what do you get?  A Shutout!  Ravens should be able to walk all over the Jags today.  Take the Ravens and the over.  Final score:  Ravens 37, Jaguars 0.


That’s about it from here, America.  G’night.


9-7? Again? It seems that I, like clockwork, do moderately average on my picks. A few dead on, a few so-so, and one or two really really bad.  Not that I mind being really really bad with my picks, the title of my pick section would be truly meaningless with out at least a few fuck-ups, right?


Before I go over this weeks picks lemme tell ya how I did last week in a little more detail.


I picked the Bears and the under against the Panthers, Bears and the over was the correct pick.

I went with the Bills and the over against the Bengals, Bengals and the under was the right pick.

I picked the Titans and the under against the Browns, Titans and the over was the right pick.

I took the Lions and the over against the Cowboys, Lions and the over was in fact correct.  Nice.

I picked the Vikings and the under against the Chiefs, Chiefs and the under was right.

I picked the Redskins and the under vs. the Rams, Skins and the under was right.

I picked the Niners and the over against the Eagles, Niners and the over was correct.

I picked the Saints and the over against the Jaguars, Saints and the under hit this game.

I took the Steelers and the over vs. the Texans, Pittsburgh never showed up, Texans and the under was the pick.

I went with the Giants and the under, Giants and the over was the winner.

I picked the Falcons and the under against the Seahawks, ‘Hawks and the over was the pick.

In the worst pick of the week, I took the Broncos and the under vs. the Packers.  The Pack slaughtered’em.  Pack and the over was the pick.

In the second worst pick of the week, I took the Raiders and the over against the Pats. DUH.  Pats and the under (the O/U was 55) was the gimme pick here.

I picked the Chargers and the under vs. the Dolphins, Chargers and the under was in fact the pick.

In my best pick of the week, I took the Ravens and the over against the Jets.  Ravens pounded them into the dirt.  Ravens and the over was the winner here.

I took the Colts and the over vs. The Buccaneers, Colts and the under was the right one here.


Eagles @ Bills.  Just because the Bills overlooked the Bengals last week does not mean they’ll do the same with the Eagles.  Philly’s the 2½ point fav on the road, and the O/U is 49½.  Take the Bills and the over.  Bills 31, Eagles 24.

Chiefs @ Colts.  Someone has to win, right?  Not necessarily.  Who loses? Who cares!  Colts are 2½ point favs at home and the O/U is 38½.  Take the Chiefs and the under.  Chiefs 17, Colts 15.

Cardinals @ Vikings.  Heard someone say something about using the Backup qb in Minne.  I thought they already were.  The Vikings are 2½ point favorites, and the O/U is 45.  Take the Cards and the under.  Cards 31, Vikes 3.

Seahawks @Giants.  Eli seems to have gotten better at throwing the ball to his own teammates.  I’m not convinced it’ll stay that way, I’ve seen him fuck up too many times to begin trusting him just yet.  Giants are 10 point favs, the O/U is 43.  Take the ‘Hawks and the over.  Giants 27, ‘Hawks 24.

Steelers @ Titans.  Fuck the Steelers looked like hell last week.  I could’ve gotten a few first downs against them last week.  They’ll come out steaming mad this week.  Might not do them much good.  Mad is nice, but it doesn’t always work.  Steelers are 3½ point favorites, the O/U is 40.  Take the Titans and the under.  Titans 21, Steelers 14.

Saints @ Panthers.  Panthers ain’t too bad, but they aren’t good enough either.  Without the Newton to Smith combo, this team would not win a game all year. Hell, they may have won all the games they are gonna this year.  Saints are 6 point favorites here, the O/U is 52.  Take the Saints and the over.  Saints 41, Panthers 17.

Bengals @ Jaguars.  Are the Bengals a serious contender?  SURE! They’re contending for the most mediocre .500 team in the NFL.  They’ll get off of that this week, and become the most mediocre 3-2 team in the league.  The Jags are 2½ point favs at home.  The O/U is 37.  Take the Bengals and the over.  Bengals 27, Jaguars 14.

Raiders @ Texans.  Texans ran like crazy last week.  Steelers tried to run on them, and failed.  The Raiders have a much better run game than do the Steelers though.  They’ll succeed where the Steelers failed.  Texans’ll miss Andre Johnson as well, and Foster can’t run every down.    Texans are 6 point faves here, and the O/U is 48½.  Take the Raiders and the under.  Raiders 27, Texans 24.

Buccaneers @ Niners.  Freeman is not the same QB he was last year for the Bucs.  Not by a long shot.  Unfortunately for the Niners, Alex Smith IS the same QB he was last year for the Niners.  Still a bad Alex Smith is slightly better than a horrible Josh Freeman.  Niners are 3 point favorites, and the O/U is 41.  Take the Niners and the under.  Niners 21, Bucs 17.

Chargers @ Broncos.  Feh.  Feh to the whole Broncos team, I say.  Bring back Elway.  The Chargers are 4 point road faves here, and the O/U is 46½.  Take the Chargers and the under.  Chargers 27, Broncos 12.

Patriots @ Jets.  Mark Sanchez has tire tracks on his back after the Ravens ran him over last week. He’s still shell shocked.  Pats in a romp.  The Pats are 9.5 point favorites, and the O/U is 49½ points.  Take the Pats and the over.  Patriots 42, Jets 17.

Packers @ Falcons. The Falcons are disappointing this year. Suck is a word that comes to mind.  Not making the playoffs is a group of words that comes to mind about them.  The Pack have the best offense in the league not led by a guy named Brady, and may be headed for best O in the league, period.  The Packers are 5½ point faves, the O/U is 53.  Take the Packers and the over.  Packers 38, Falcons 24.

Bears@ Lions.  Lions 4-0? How the hell did that happen?  I’ll tell ya.  A very talented offense that has finally taken root after years of frustration, and of course a boy named Suh on defense.  The Bears aren’t slouches by any stretch of the imagination, and the Lions have had to pull wins out of their asses after being down big at the half the last 2 weeks.  Won’t happen a 3rd time.  The Lions are 6 point favorites, and the O/U is 48.  Take the Lions and the over.  Lions 37, Bears 30.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.

September 2011 Random Thoughts

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the content on my Running Commentary, Random Thoughts, and 12 Notes pages and place them here on the main page to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is the content from September 2011′s Random Thoughts.  Enjoy!


Sept 1st: Man, it was busy for a few hours at the job.  Last day on this particular job though, they always try to squeeze the most out of you that they possibly can on that final day.

Sept 2nd: The Yankees have just moved into first place.  So let’s anagram that: First Place/ Crap Filets/ Splice Fart/ It’s Elf Crap.  Anagramming is always fun.  Yankees in first place, just ahead of Crap Filets is more fun.

Plus, it’s more fun to write about that than to write about the fact that America created exactly zero jobs last month.  Telling ya, these assholes don’t start hiring, they’re gonna have a full blown revolt on their hands.  And no not the government, the corporations.  They’re the assholes not hiring people, can’t blame government if the big gun employers would much rather work their current staffs to death than spend a few bucks and hire a few extra people, and make America and the economy stronger.

And yes, I just called the Boston Red Sox Crap Filets.  :)

Sept 3rd:  14,000,000 people are out of work.  The fed won’t help.  The corporations won’t hire, they’re afraid of bringing their money to the states where it will be taxed.  The President will give a speech meant to allay fears and bring hope to hopeful millions on Thursday.  I personally don’t think it’ll matter.  Not because he won’t say anything of worth, he will.  What I think is that those who have a vested interest in seeing him fail will get their voices heard just as much as he will, dulling any positive effect.

Sept 4th:  Nada

Sept 5th: My resume is updated, finally, it’s needed one for at least a few months now, which means that I can send out a fresh resume without having to worry about the yawning gap between jobs that existed there before.  I have a number of jobs I’m going to send resumes to now.  Maybe companies that ignored me before will take a second look at me now.

But first a sammich and some coffee.  I’m hungry and I just came back from a grueling 10 mile  hill run.  Need fuel before I get back to looking for a job.

P.S.  Sent 4 resumes, 2 to christie’s, 2 to other art houses.

Sept 6th:  Happy to get a phone call from Christie’s today.  Got an interview, on Thursday.  With any luck I will get this (freelance) art handler job, and the nation will have one less person on unemployment.  That’s how the unemployment issue gets resolved, one person at a time, and I’d be more than happy to remove myself from the list of those who require assistance to live in this clearly improperly functioning world.

Sept 7th:  Rain, rain, go away, come on back when the ground dries the hell out.  Srsly!  I think we’ve had about 2 and a half feet of rain, or some such insane number.  We really could use a friggin break from it.

Sept. 8th:  It looks like I got a job today, I won’t say I’ve got it til I receive an offer, but I am expecting it, was told it should arrive within a week. Again it is a temp job.  Again it is an on-call job.  And it may take about 3 weeks to get all the paperwork taken care of, but it’s a job.  I should really be happy though.  The money when I work should be pretty damned good.

I will, after all, be working at Christie’s.  :)

Pretty happy about that.  Wanted this, really wanted this.  Better to be a freelancer at a great place for good money, than being paid crap for crap work.  Works for me.  I just hope they expedite this as quickly as possible.  The money situation here is really getting bad.

Sept 9th:  The market tanked today, presumably because the rich bitches on Wall Street decided they don’t like paying their fair share like the president said, and pouted their way to a nearly 300 point loss.  Makes me want to Anagram:  Fucking Idiots/ Fuck It God, I Sin/ If Outing Dicks/ Dig Unfit Sicko/ Focusing It, Kid .

… OK it had to do with Eurozone crap as well.  I have an agenda, and I wanted to anagram.  Sue me.  :)

Sept 10th: Nada… OK Not quite Nada, Not like I didn’t have any random thoughts today, I just never got to writing them down.  Hey… wait a Minute… I just wrote that.  Guess nada is in fact wrong!  Go fig! That is awesomely awesome!  :P

Sept 11th:  Football, hockey and baseball as far as what I watched this day. Too damn many reminders of the events of 10 years ago out there for my liking.  Media seems to almost fetishize the events of 9/11.  Seems kinda creepy on their part.  STOP OBSESSING DAMN YOU. You’ll freak out the easily freaked out people all over the nation.  And we have a lot of those poor bastards now, leave ‘em be, they need a break.  Poor sods.

Plus, the hockey, the Traverse City prospects tourney, has been a boatload of fun to watch.   And the football was a big ball of WTF.  Nothing I thought would happen happened, and the guys I thought would suck ALL had great days.  Go fig.  And the Yankees finally zarking won a game!  LET’S GO YANKEES!

Sept 12th:  Tom Brady threw for 517 yards.  517 friggin yards, including a 99 yarder to Wes Welker.  I play in a league with my wife, Yahoo Fantasy football.  I was winning, but she had both Brady and Welker, and Gronkowski.  Going into Monday night, I was up by 30 or so points.  By the end of the Patriots game I had lost by over 30 points! She whupped my butt! OH NOES!  lulz.

And ya, there’s more going on than just fantasy sports.  Rick Perry and his lunacy about Soc. Sec., the Jobs bill, Syria is still a hairy mess.  I was just taken by how badly that one game did me in there.

Sept 13th:  My left knee is absolutely kicking my ass.  Damn thing keeps locking up on me, feels loose.  I haven’t had problems this bad with this knee in years.  This sucks.  But to my credit I was still able to, through eating painkillers and a little patience, manage to get 7.6 miles in running today.  Nice.

Sept 14th:  Angel food ministries, a place I get food from once a month from on-line, and have since 2009, will not be doing food distribution this month.  My wife did a little digging and it seems to be connected in some way to an investigation into improper use of funds on their part.  Apparently this charity is in financial trouble, despite paying the family that runs it tons of money, and there have prior accusations of financial impropriety on their part before.  Including firing people because there isn’t enough money coming in, and yet giving himself a raise.

Sept 15th:  I’ve been keeping my eyes on the lockout over at Sotheby’s, because those guys gave me my first taste of freedom on the work-front, real honest to J.R. “Bob” Dobbs good people who deserve a break.  And they aren’t getting it.  Breaks my heart to see these guys being locked out of their jobs for 7 weeks, with no end in sight.  I really hope things turn for these guys soon.

Sept. 16th:  I got my paperwork from Christie’s today.  I’ll be filling it out this weekend and getting it back to them just as soon as I can.  It’s a “freelance” job, meaning I work when they need me, and don’t work when they don’t.  But it’s busy season, so things should be jumping.  I should be working full time until mid December at the very least.  I hope.  Wish me luck.

Sept. 17th:  Dropped my cell phone while working yesterday.  Dropped it into a toilet.   A clean toilet, but a toilet nonetheless.

Joy! and other such statements.

It sat there for a while, unbeknownst to me, so the thing is probably toast.  Fortunately my wife and I have a few older phones around here we can use.  Tried one last night, and that phone was toast, and it took 45 minutes on the landline with sprint to figure it out.  Just spent over 50 minutes on the landline trying to get a second one activated.  The damn thing was so slow as to drive me AND the woman on the other end of the phone nuts.  She handed me to someone else, who hung up on me.

Wouldn’t life be easier if we didn’t have these damn things in the first place?

Sept. 18th: Nada.

Sept. 19th:  I took a drug test today, one that the company that wants to hire me as a temp asked me to take.  No worries, the only drug I do now is Ibuprofen, and even there I do it in moderation.  Sent a fax to them as well, with the signature on the pieces of paper that said I accepted the offer, and am allowing them to do a background check on me.  Dislike that last bit, but companies are filled with idiocy of that variety, so I take it with a grain of salt.   Getting closer and closer to working for good money again.

Still temp though, dammit.  Ah well.

Sept. 20th:  There is just not enough money in the bank.  Gonna end up paying something late this month, and with the way things are going, it looks like it will be rent.  Oh joy of joys.

I try dammit, I really do.  Try to get work, try to pay my bills on time, but the lack of work, and the small amount of money I get from unemployment makes that impossible.  I don’t blame anyone but myself though.  Got myself here(kinda), I’ll get myself out(I hope.)

Sept. 21st:  Yankees win, THEEEEEEEEEE YANKEES WIN! Swept two in a row from the Rays to claim the AL East crown.  Dammit that was nice.  At the beginning of the month the Red Sox were in first and people were talking about a Phillies/Red Sox world series.  Now the Crap Filets(read above to figure it out) are battling for the wild card, and if their pitching keep going the way it is, they won’t make it.  That gives me lulz.

Sept 22nd:  Got asked to come into work by the people over at Kravet, after the assignment ended, the second time they’ve done that.

This time I don’t know that I can. I have things to do today, but they can be put off.  The issue is, it will cost me money just to get in to do what they want me to do, but it’ll pay me less than sitting at home. It makes sense financially to sit home and get the extra days unemployment, it’ll pay more.  But I hate not working.  Hmmmmm….

They also want me in all of next week, and I am at this point waiting to hear back from the place that just hired me to freelance, that is paying more than 2x what Kravet is paying per hour, so I don’t want to commit to that either.

Decisions, decisions…

Sept 23rd: Had to decide against going to Kravet, as I am waiting on hearing from the other spot.  And I had other things to do.

Sept. 24th:  Just heard about some crap about some kids getting pepper sprayed at the occupy wall street thing.  So  watch the viddy. The cop that did it was apparently rogue, sprayed those kids for no reason, and got a cop as well.  What an asshole!  Someone’s gonna be doing desk duty for a while.

Sept 25th:  Spent a lazy day watching football and baseball , worrying about my finances,  and still not hearing about when to come in to my new job.  Dammit these people sure are taking their damn sweet time with this shit.  I want to go back to work.

I just have to be patient, just because I want and need something doesn’t mean they feel the same way about things.

Sept 26th:  This occupy wall street thing is amazing.  The more I see and hear about it the more I want to go.  Looks like fun, looks like these people could really use some help, especially after the cops were such raging assholes at them.  But they don’t need me, so I’ll sit here and make noise for’em.  Better’n nothin.  Might head out and go if I don’t hear from these idiots about work soon.

Anagram:  Occupy Wall Street/Elect A Slut, Wry Cop/Cruelty Claws Poet/A Costly Clue, Twerp/Cat Cell Towers?  Yup./Yet Couplet Crawls/We Spy Rectal Clout

Sept.  27th:  Nada from this job.  So I called them, to find out what gives.  Ends up the people in HR are dragging their feet, the boss man wants me in, but he can’t move until HR does.  FUCK.

And what gives with the Yankees?  I don’t mind making things hard for the Red Sox, but C’mon.  These last 2 efforts looked horrible.  They better put a better effort in tomorrow. Who wants to walk into the playoffs on a 4 game losing streak, especially with all 4 of those games being playoff contenders.  Doesn’t look good I tell ya.

Finally heard from the guys at Sotheby’s.  Kinda.  Got an invite to a rally for the locked out Sotheby’s workers, on October 3rd.  Might go if I’m not working by that point, and with the way these people are dragging their feet I might not be working next monday.

Sept. 28th:  Most amazing final day of the regular season for major league baseball in memory.  Red Sox, at the beginning  of the month were in first place.  Now? Out of the playoffs.  Nice.  Orioles made’em look horrible.  Carl Crawford gets the goat horns in the game, not catching the ball in the bottom of the ninth, but Francona lost control of that team long before Crawford fucked up.  lulz. Braves were almost as bad.

Sept. 29th:  I want to go to Occupy wall street, but I don’t think I’ll be able to.  Things to do.  I have to go buy clothes for the job I start on Monday.  Need black shirts it’s apparently the uni.  Black shirt, black pants, black shoes.  Fatass in black, that’ll be me.  :)

Sept. 30th:  Got into a twitter war with some jackass from bigjournalism, that bastion of conservative values (i.e. fuck the poor) today.  Whooped up on him.  Dumbass was not ready for someone on the left who is as clearly belligerent  as I am.  Belligerent and smarter.  He was just not ready for someone who could stand toe to toe with him and spar on an equal footing. I’ll try to get him again soon.  He’s an editor and story writer there. Note I didn’t say journalist.  They don’t have journalists there, just fabricators of propaganda.

He needed to enlist several friends to fight his battles for him, and I fought them off as well.  Easily I might add.

Enjoyed it.  Thoroughly.


In an effort to streamline the process of writing my picks, I have decided to break this thing into two separate pieces.  The first part, this here part, I will toss all the crap, all the talk, the rhetoric, the smack talk that I toss at teams and games and players.  The second half, the bottom half will be my actual picks.   Why am I doing this?

Picks for the weeks shouldn’t take 1,500 words worth of space and take 3 hours to put together.  That’s a bunch of shit.



Did anyone see the bizarro world QB play last week?   Brady threw 4 INT’s and lost, and Eli Manning didn’t throw any, and he beat the Eagles in Philly!  It was friggin unbelievable! And great for everyone… except for my wife, the Pats fan.

I didn’t gloat, I’m a good husband.  🙂

The Panthers are a decent team.  Ain’t that nice. Decent teams don’t do great things, and beating the bears would be a great thing for the Panthers.  It isn’t happening.

The Bengals were all sorts of pathetic last week, and they are going to come out hell bent to not play that bad two weeks in a row, but that doesn’t mean they have a chance of winning.  The Bills are if not the best team in the AFC they are one of the best. No way the Bengals have a chance here, even if the Bills suffer a letdown, they’re better than the Bengals.

The Lions have had a very good defense most of the year, except the first half of last weeks game against the Vikes.  I expect them to continue the strong defensive play, but the Cowboys will play well enough to score a few TD’s on them.  Won’t be enough to beat’em though.

Is anyone else not impressed with the Bucs this year?  2-1 by the grace of J.R. “Bob” Dobbs and the amazing mediocrity of the teams they’ve played so far.  Their QB Freeman has been less than great, and the Bucs run game has not lived up to expectations.

The Colts are not as bad you’d think… if you don’t think about football much.  If you do, then they suck.  The O has gotten  somewhat better, going from absolutely fucking miserable to merely sub par over the last few weeks.  The D played better last week, but that’s no guarantee they’ve turned it around.

The Jets are a better team than the one that played the Raiders last week.  But not by much. The Raiders played a great game, and beat a better team.

How do the Eagles get to be 8½ point favorites over anyone?  Explain that to me.

Are the Jaguars a professional football team?  Their offense is weaker than some division 3 college teams.  29 points in 3 games.  Poor fellas.


Panthers @ Bears:  Sunday 1:00 pm on FOX.  The Bears are 6.5 point favorites, the O/U is  42½ points.  My pick: Take the Bears and the under.  Final score:  Bears 21, Panthers 14.

Bills @ Bengals:  Sunday 1:00 pm on CBS.  The  Bills are 3 point favorites, the O/U is 43½ points.  My pick:  Take the Bills and the over.  Final score:  Bills 34, Bengals 21.

Titans @ Browns:  Sunday 1:00 pm on CBS.  The Browns are 1½ point favorites, the O/U is 39 points.   My pick:  Take the Titans and the under.  Final score:  Titans 20, Browns 13.

Lions @ Cowboys:   Sunday 1:00 pm on FOX.   The Cowboys are 1½ point favorites, the O/U is 46 points.   My pick: Take the Lions and the over.  Final score:  Lions 34, Cowboys 27

Vikings @ Chiefs:  Sunday 1:00 pm on FOX.   The Vikings are 1½ point favorites, the O/U is 39½ points. My Pick: Take the Vikings and the under.  Final score:  Vikings 17, Chiefs 12.

Redskins @ Rams:  Sunday 1:00 pm on FOX.  The Redskins are 1½ point favorites, the O/U is 43½ points.  My pick:  Take the Redskins and the under.  Final score:  Redskins 24, Rams 17.

Niners @ Eagles:  Sunday 1:00 pm on FOX.  The Eagles are 8½ point favorites, the O/U is 44 points.  My pick:  Take the Niners and the over.  Final score:  Eagles 27, Niners 24.

Saints @ Jaguars:  Sunday 1:00 pm on FOX.  The Saints are 7 point favorites, the O/U is 45½ points.  My pick:  Take the Saints and the over.  Final score:  Saints 37, Jaguars 14

Steelers @ Texans:  Sunday 1:00 pm on CBS.  The Texans are 4 point favorites, the O/U is 45 points.  My pick:  Take the Steelers and the over.  Final score:  Texans 27, Steelers 24.

Giants @ Cardinals:  Sunday 4:05 pm on FOX.  The Giants are 1½ point favorites, the O/U is 44½ points.  My pick: Take the Giants and the under.  Final score:  Giants 27, Cardinals 15.

Falcons @ Seahawks:  Sunday 4:05 pm on FOX.  The Falcons are 4½ point favorites, the O/U is 38½ points. My pick:  Falcons and the under.  Final score:  Falcons 24, Seahawks 12.

Broncos @ Packers:  Sunday 4:15 pm on CBS.  The Packers are 12½ point favorites, the O/U is 46 points.  My pick: Take the Broncos and the under.  Final score:  Packers 27, Broncos 17.

Patriots @ Raiders:  Sunday 4:15 pm on CBS.  The Patriots are 4½ point favorites, the O/U is 55 points.  My pick: Take the Raiders and the over.  Final score:  Patriots 38, Raiders 34.

Dolphins @ Chargers:  Sunday 4:15 pm on CBS.  The Chargers are 7 point favorites, the O/U is 44½ points.  My pick:  Take the Chargers and the under.  Final score: Chargers 24, Dolphins 14.

Jets @ Ravens:  Sunday 8:20 pm on NBC.  The Ravens are 3½ point favorites, the O/U is 42 points.  My pick:  Take the Ravens and the over.  Final score:  Ravens 27, Jets 22.

Colts @ Buccaneers:  Monday 8:30 pm on ESPN.  The Buccaneers are 10 point favorites, the O/U is 40½ points.  Take the Colts and the over.  Final score:  Bucs 27, Colts 21.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.