September 2012 Running Commentary

Once a month I clear out the content on my Running Commentary page and place it here on the main page to make room for fresh content on that page. This is the September 2012 Running Commentary. Enjoy!


This month: 68.70 miles. Longest run: 7.6 miles (September 2nd and 3rd) Shortest run: 3.8 miles (September 7th, 15th, and 16th) 13 runs in 30 days during the month. Average run distance for the month: 5.284 miles

2012 Mileage total: 1439.09 miles Longest run of the year: 15.2 miles (March 11th, April 1st, May 4th) Shortest run of the year: 3.8 miles (Eight times). 199 runs on the year. Average run distance: 7.231 miles


The month started out for me relatively good.  I was just coming back from an injury in August and was going at a decent clip, running everyday, not super fast, but not slow either.  Then it happened.  My left knee seized up on me. And the problem was not just my left knee, it was also calf and hamstring injuries on the same leg.  I had a lump that was around the size of a golf ball on the back of my left leg near the knee where the hamstring and the calf meet.

And it would not go away, no matter what I did.  I soaked it. I rested it.  I iced it. Nothing.  So at this point I am just hoping that I heal up well enough where I can get back to regular running sometime in October. And by regular running I mean 5+ mile runs every day, not just lacing them up and going for a 2 mile mini run.

Normally, I write this up on the first of the month because I need to free up the space on the RC page because I am running on the first, I am posting this on the 16th because I had my first run of October the day prior, on the 15th, and that run was a mini run, a 1.9 miler.  Not a real run by any stretch of the imagination, not to this runner anyway.

I don’t think I’ve had that kind of layoff due to injury in 4 years.  I’ll get back on my feet, I’ll just have to be slow and extra careful.


Sat., September 1st:  Ran 5.7 miles in 43:06.86, a 7:33.83 m/m pace.  83 degrees, sunny.  5:30 pm.  A surprisingly good run.  The left knee/calf/hamstring issue while still there, seemed to simply not be an issue during the run.  The knee is still tight, and the calf still has a knot at the top of it, and the hamstring is still not 100%, but none of them seemed a major problem during today’s run.  As a matter of fact, only caution kept me from going longer today.  And I might go longer tomorrow if I feel just as good then.  I’ll see how the leg feels out on the paths.

Sun., September 2nd:  Ran 7.6 miles in 57:46:58, a 7:36.12 m/m pace.  78 degrees, cloudy, humid.  10:30 am.  I ran fast on the second lap, really pushed there.  Besides that though, not really a major effort.  And while I didn’t take my time, but I didn’t really bust my ass either.  The knee is not 100%, but was seemingly fine when I ran today, like yesterday.  Hamstring seemed a bit tight, calf was a non factor.  Hips seemed curiously tight, odd thing that. Enjoyable run though, all in all.

Mon., September 3rd: Ran 7.6 miles in 58:43.99, a 7:43.68 m/m pace.  77 degrees, cloudy, humid.  12:45 pm.  I was sore as hell after yesterday’s run, sore like I ran a 20+ miler, everything hurt.  I wasn’t sure why, seeing how I had only run 7+.  Initially I was going to go longer today, but declined, not wanting yesterday’s pain revisited upon me today.  And to make it easier on myself I also ran slower, making sure not to push too hard.  I feel a lot better after today’s run than I did after yesterday’s run.  Nice.

Tues., September 4th:  Ran 4.72 miles in 37:15.53, a7:53.62 m/m pace.  77 degrees, humid.  7:35pm.  I thought I was running pretty quick early.  Then I saw that I was about 20 seconds slower than I usually am.  It didn’t bother me, I just kept pushing.  I might not have been fast, but I ran a negative split.  I tweaked my left knee just a hair at work today.  Might have unconsciously had an effect on my effort today.  Dunno.

Wed., September 5th:  Ran 4.72 miles in 35:22.27, a 7:29.63 m/m pace.  79 degrees, cloudy, humid.  7:30 pm.  I was surprised that I ran a lot faster today than yesterday.  My left knee was sore and feeling less than great all day.  I overstretched something in there yesterday afternoon at work, and it’s just not 100%.  I can’t explain it, so I won’t try.  A good run isn’t something I am going to argue with.  Had fun running in the dark on the hills today.  Might finally get to exercising tonight, dunno though.  I’ll see.

Thur., September 6th:  Ran 5.6 miles in 41:51.76, a 7:28.52 m/m pace.  79 degrees, cloudy, humid.  7:40 pm.   Pushed hard on the hills after work.  Felt bad early, like a controlled speed hobble due to a problem with my left knee, which is getting worse.  I felt much better within a few minutes, and really just let fly.  The knee is a problem though.  It bears watching.

Fri., September 7th:  Ran 3.8 miles in 29:21.50, a 7:43.55 m/m pace.  80 degrees, sunny.  10:40 am.  The knee which was bad before has in fact gotten worse.  I was going to run longer today but had to cut the run short because today’s whole run felt like a controlled hobble.  I was frankly lucky to manage even 3.8 miles today.  Hoping it feel better tomorrow.

Sat., September 8th:  NO RUN NO EXERCISE.

Sun., September 9th:  NO RUN NO EXERCISE.

Mon, September 10th:  NO RUN NO EXERCISE.

Tues., September 11th:  NO RUN NO EXERCISE.

Wed., September 12th:  NO RUN NO EXERCISE.

Thur., September 13th:  NO RUN NO EXERCISE.

Fri., September 14th:  NO RUN NO EXERCISE.  Knee was an issue the entire week, could not run.  Dammit.

Sat., September 15th:   Ran 3.8 miles in 29:27.72, a 7:45.25 m/m pace.  72 degrees, sunny.  4:30 pm.  Knee felt good after the week off.  Didn’t push hard, was happy simply with running again. 125 knuckle push-ups.

Sun., September 16th:  Ran 3.8 miles in 28:39.55, a 7:32.51 m/m pace.  70 degrees, sunny.  I was surprised that I could get this close to a 7:30 m/m pace this soon.  Felt good, ran the second park lap faster than the first by over 20 seconds.  Nice.  150 knuckle push-ups.

Mon., September 17th:  Ran 5.7 miles in  43:36.09, a 7:38.96 m/m pace.  69 degrees, sunny.  It felt good to move over 5 miles 3 days after starting up training again.  Third and last park lap was  nearly 30 seconds faster than the first lap.  Felt good.  150 knuckle push-ups.

Tues., September 18th:  NO RUN NO EXERCISE.  Very heavy rains, winds and the threat of a tornado kept me indoors for this one.

Wed., September 19th:  Ran 5.77 miles in 43:51.29, a 7:36.02 m/m pace.  67 degrees, sunny, breezy.  3:30pm. 2 laps in the park + a roundabout run home from Royal Oak road and Victory Blvd.  Park was loaded with kids today, left after those 2 laps because of the foot traffic in the park.  No issues with the knee.  Excellent.

Thur., September 20th:  Ran 4.74 miles in 36:00.53, a 7:35.80 m/m pace.  63 degrees, cloudy, windy.  7:40 pm.  Pushed hard on the hills testing out my knee.  Felt kinda paranoid out there, thought I smelled something when I left the house.  Went running anyway. Felt bad about it, ran fast to get home to make sure everything was OK, but never once thought about not running.  Nothing happened while I was gone.  Happy about that.

Fri., September 21st:  Ran 5.15 miles in 40:11.97, a 7:48.34 m/m pace.  68 degrees, clear, breezy.  7:30 pm.  Hill running at night on a bad knee.  Had fun even with the bad wheel.  Left knee feels tight, back of the knee and the outside of the knee.  I’ve had worse.  No worries.

Sat., September 22nd through the September 30th:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.  A combination of knee, hamstring, and calf injuries, all on my left leg, have sidelined me for the duration. I will return to running when I am healthy enough to run.  When that is I have no idea.

September 2011 Random Thoughts

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the content on my Running Commentary, Random Thoughts, and 12 Notes pages and place them here on the main page to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is the content from September 2011′s Random Thoughts.  Enjoy!


Sept 1st: Man, it was busy for a few hours at the job.  Last day on this particular job though, they always try to squeeze the most out of you that they possibly can on that final day.

Sept 2nd: The Yankees have just moved into first place.  So let’s anagram that: First Place/ Crap Filets/ Splice Fart/ It’s Elf Crap.  Anagramming is always fun.  Yankees in first place, just ahead of Crap Filets is more fun.

Plus, it’s more fun to write about that than to write about the fact that America created exactly zero jobs last month.  Telling ya, these assholes don’t start hiring, they’re gonna have a full blown revolt on their hands.  And no not the government, the corporations.  They’re the assholes not hiring people, can’t blame government if the big gun employers would much rather work their current staffs to death than spend a few bucks and hire a few extra people, and make America and the economy stronger.

And yes, I just called the Boston Red Sox Crap Filets.  :)

Sept 3rd:  14,000,000 people are out of work.  The fed won’t help.  The corporations won’t hire, they’re afraid of bringing their money to the states where it will be taxed.  The President will give a speech meant to allay fears and bring hope to hopeful millions on Thursday.  I personally don’t think it’ll matter.  Not because he won’t say anything of worth, he will.  What I think is that those who have a vested interest in seeing him fail will get their voices heard just as much as he will, dulling any positive effect.

Sept 4th:  Nada

Sept 5th: My resume is updated, finally, it’s needed one for at least a few months now, which means that I can send out a fresh resume without having to worry about the yawning gap between jobs that existed there before.  I have a number of jobs I’m going to send resumes to now.  Maybe companies that ignored me before will take a second look at me now.

But first a sammich and some coffee.  I’m hungry and I just came back from a grueling 10 mile  hill run.  Need fuel before I get back to looking for a job.

P.S.  Sent 4 resumes, 2 to christie’s, 2 to other art houses.

Sept 6th:  Happy to get a phone call from Christie’s today.  Got an interview, on Thursday.  With any luck I will get this (freelance) art handler job, and the nation will have one less person on unemployment.  That’s how the unemployment issue gets resolved, one person at a time, and I’d be more than happy to remove myself from the list of those who require assistance to live in this clearly improperly functioning world.

Sept 7th:  Rain, rain, go away, come on back when the ground dries the hell out.  Srsly!  I think we’ve had about 2 and a half feet of rain, or some such insane number.  We really could use a friggin break from it.

Sept. 8th:  It looks like I got a job today, I won’t say I’ve got it til I receive an offer, but I am expecting it, was told it should arrive within a week. Again it is a temp job.  Again it is an on-call job.  And it may take about 3 weeks to get all the paperwork taken care of, but it’s a job.  I should really be happy though.  The money when I work should be pretty damned good.

I will, after all, be working at Christie’s.  :)

Pretty happy about that.  Wanted this, really wanted this.  Better to be a freelancer at a great place for good money, than being paid crap for crap work.  Works for me.  I just hope they expedite this as quickly as possible.  The money situation here is really getting bad.

Sept 9th:  The market tanked today, presumably because the rich bitches on Wall Street decided they don’t like paying their fair share like the president said, and pouted their way to a nearly 300 point loss.  Makes me want to Anagram:  Fucking Idiots/ Fuck It God, I Sin/ If Outing Dicks/ Dig Unfit Sicko/ Focusing It, Kid .

… OK it had to do with Eurozone crap as well.  I have an agenda, and I wanted to anagram.  Sue me.  :)

Sept 10th: Nada… OK Not quite Nada, Not like I didn’t have any random thoughts today, I just never got to writing them down.  Hey… wait a Minute… I just wrote that.  Guess nada is in fact wrong!  Go fig! That is awesomely awesome!  :P

Sept 11th:  Football, hockey and baseball as far as what I watched this day. Too damn many reminders of the events of 10 years ago out there for my liking.  Media seems to almost fetishize the events of 9/11.  Seems kinda creepy on their part.  STOP OBSESSING DAMN YOU. You’ll freak out the easily freaked out people all over the nation.  And we have a lot of those poor bastards now, leave ‘em be, they need a break.  Poor sods.

Plus, the hockey, the Traverse City prospects tourney, has been a boatload of fun to watch.   And the football was a big ball of WTF.  Nothing I thought would happen happened, and the guys I thought would suck ALL had great days.  Go fig.  And the Yankees finally zarking won a game!  LET’S GO YANKEES!

Sept 12th:  Tom Brady threw for 517 yards.  517 friggin yards, including a 99 yarder to Wes Welker.  I play in a league with my wife, Yahoo Fantasy football.  I was winning, but she had both Brady and Welker, and Gronkowski.  Going into Monday night, I was up by 30 or so points.  By the end of the Patriots game I had lost by over 30 points! She whupped my butt! OH NOES!  lulz.

And ya, there’s more going on than just fantasy sports.  Rick Perry and his lunacy about Soc. Sec., the Jobs bill, Syria is still a hairy mess.  I was just taken by how badly that one game did me in there.

Sept 13th:  My left knee is absolutely kicking my ass.  Damn thing keeps locking up on me, feels loose.  I haven’t had problems this bad with this knee in years.  This sucks.  But to my credit I was still able to, through eating painkillers and a little patience, manage to get 7.6 miles in running today.  Nice.

Sept 14th:  Angel food ministries, a place I get food from once a month from on-line, and have since 2009, will not be doing food distribution this month.  My wife did a little digging and it seems to be connected in some way to an investigation into improper use of funds on their part.  Apparently this charity is in financial trouble, despite paying the family that runs it tons of money, and there have prior accusations of financial impropriety on their part before.  Including firing people because there isn’t enough money coming in, and yet giving himself a raise.

Sept 15th:  I’ve been keeping my eyes on the lockout over at Sotheby’s, because those guys gave me my first taste of freedom on the work-front, real honest to J.R. “Bob” Dobbs good people who deserve a break.  And they aren’t getting it.  Breaks my heart to see these guys being locked out of their jobs for 7 weeks, with no end in sight.  I really hope things turn for these guys soon.

Sept. 16th:  I got my paperwork from Christie’s today.  I’ll be filling it out this weekend and getting it back to them just as soon as I can.  It’s a “freelance” job, meaning I work when they need me, and don’t work when they don’t.  But it’s busy season, so things should be jumping.  I should be working full time until mid December at the very least.  I hope.  Wish me luck.

Sept. 17th:  Dropped my cell phone while working yesterday.  Dropped it into a toilet.   A clean toilet, but a toilet nonetheless.

Joy! and other such statements.

It sat there for a while, unbeknownst to me, so the thing is probably toast.  Fortunately my wife and I have a few older phones around here we can use.  Tried one last night, and that phone was toast, and it took 45 minutes on the landline with sprint to figure it out.  Just spent over 50 minutes on the landline trying to get a second one activated.  The damn thing was so slow as to drive me AND the woman on the other end of the phone nuts.  She handed me to someone else, who hung up on me.

Wouldn’t life be easier if we didn’t have these damn things in the first place?

Sept. 18th: Nada.

Sept. 19th:  I took a drug test today, one that the company that wants to hire me as a temp asked me to take.  No worries, the only drug I do now is Ibuprofen, and even there I do it in moderation.  Sent a fax to them as well, with the signature on the pieces of paper that said I accepted the offer, and am allowing them to do a background check on me.  Dislike that last bit, but companies are filled with idiocy of that variety, so I take it with a grain of salt.   Getting closer and closer to working for good money again.

Still temp though, dammit.  Ah well.

Sept. 20th:  There is just not enough money in the bank.  Gonna end up paying something late this month, and with the way things are going, it looks like it will be rent.  Oh joy of joys.

I try dammit, I really do.  Try to get work, try to pay my bills on time, but the lack of work, and the small amount of money I get from unemployment makes that impossible.  I don’t blame anyone but myself though.  Got myself here(kinda), I’ll get myself out(I hope.)

Sept. 21st:  Yankees win, THEEEEEEEEEE YANKEES WIN! Swept two in a row from the Rays to claim the AL East crown.  Dammit that was nice.  At the beginning of the month the Red Sox were in first and people were talking about a Phillies/Red Sox world series.  Now the Crap Filets(read above to figure it out) are battling for the wild card, and if their pitching keep going the way it is, they won’t make it.  That gives me lulz.

Sept 22nd:  Got asked to come into work by the people over at Kravet, after the assignment ended, the second time they’ve done that.

This time I don’t know that I can. I have things to do today, but they can be put off.  The issue is, it will cost me money just to get in to do what they want me to do, but it’ll pay me less than sitting at home. It makes sense financially to sit home and get the extra days unemployment, it’ll pay more.  But I hate not working.  Hmmmmm….

They also want me in all of next week, and I am at this point waiting to hear back from the place that just hired me to freelance, that is paying more than 2x what Kravet is paying per hour, so I don’t want to commit to that either.

Decisions, decisions…

Sept 23rd: Had to decide against going to Kravet, as I am waiting on hearing from the other spot.  And I had other things to do.

Sept. 24th:  Just heard about some crap about some kids getting pepper sprayed at the occupy wall street thing.  So  watch the viddy. The cop that did it was apparently rogue, sprayed those kids for no reason, and got a cop as well.  What an asshole!  Someone’s gonna be doing desk duty for a while.

Sept 25th:  Spent a lazy day watching football and baseball , worrying about my finances,  and still not hearing about when to come in to my new job.  Dammit these people sure are taking their damn sweet time with this shit.  I want to go back to work.

I just have to be patient, just because I want and need something doesn’t mean they feel the same way about things.

Sept 26th:  This occupy wall street thing is amazing.  The more I see and hear about it the more I want to go.  Looks like fun, looks like these people could really use some help, especially after the cops were such raging assholes at them.  But they don’t need me, so I’ll sit here and make noise for’em.  Better’n nothin.  Might head out and go if I don’t hear from these idiots about work soon.

Anagram:  Occupy Wall Street/Elect A Slut, Wry Cop/Cruelty Claws Poet/A Costly Clue, Twerp/Cat Cell Towers?  Yup./Yet Couplet Crawls/We Spy Rectal Clout

Sept.  27th:  Nada from this job.  So I called them, to find out what gives.  Ends up the people in HR are dragging their feet, the boss man wants me in, but he can’t move until HR does.  FUCK.

And what gives with the Yankees?  I don’t mind making things hard for the Red Sox, but C’mon.  These last 2 efforts looked horrible.  They better put a better effort in tomorrow. Who wants to walk into the playoffs on a 4 game losing streak, especially with all 4 of those games being playoff contenders.  Doesn’t look good I tell ya.

Finally heard from the guys at Sotheby’s.  Kinda.  Got an invite to a rally for the locked out Sotheby’s workers, on October 3rd.  Might go if I’m not working by that point, and with the way these people are dragging their feet I might not be working next monday.

Sept. 28th:  Most amazing final day of the regular season for major league baseball in memory.  Red Sox, at the beginning  of the month were in first place.  Now? Out of the playoffs.  Nice.  Orioles made’em look horrible.  Carl Crawford gets the goat horns in the game, not catching the ball in the bottom of the ninth, but Francona lost control of that team long before Crawford fucked up.  lulz. Braves were almost as bad.

Sept. 29th:  I want to go to Occupy wall street, but I don’t think I’ll be able to.  Things to do.  I have to go buy clothes for the job I start on Monday.  Need black shirts it’s apparently the uni.  Black shirt, black pants, black shoes.  Fatass in black, that’ll be me.  :)

Sept. 30th:  Got into a twitter war with some jackass from bigjournalism, that bastion of conservative values (i.e. fuck the poor) today.  Whooped up on him.  Dumbass was not ready for someone on the left who is as clearly belligerent  as I am.  Belligerent and smarter.  He was just not ready for someone who could stand toe to toe with him and spar on an equal footing. I’ll try to get him again soon.  He’s an editor and story writer there. Note I didn’t say journalist.  They don’t have journalists there, just fabricators of propaganda.

He needed to enlist several friends to fight his battles for him, and I fought them off as well.  Easily I might add.

Enjoyed it.  Thoroughly.

September 2011 Running Commentary

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the content on my Running Commentary, Random Thoughts, and 12 Notes pages and place them here on the main page to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is the September 2011 Running Commentary.  Enjoy!


Thur.September 1st:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.

Fri., September 2nd:  Ran 5.7 miles in 45:10.22, a 7:55.47 m/m pace.  78 degrees, sunny.  It was a spectacular day for a run today.  After 7 days off, i made sure that I was not going to go out and hurt myself by either going too fast or too long on my first run back from the break.  I stopped twice during this run, just to ensure I wasn’t pushing to hard, to give myself a break.  Ran those laps in 15:08, 15:17, and 14:45 respectively.  A few more short runs before I start adding serious distance, methinks.   200 (8×25) knuckle push-ups, 42 (6×8) chin-ups .

Sat., September 3rd:  Ran 6.29 miles in 48:47.95, a 7:45.49 m/m pace.  72 degrees, sunny.  Nice morning for a run, which was initially planned for the park, but there’s a big race in and around the park, the Celic as I recall, and the police had things cordoned off, so I ran random hills, including the two big ones, the pepper martin hill on forest, and victory from labau to Lil clove road.  Surprised at 7:45 here, thought I’d be running at least 15 seconds a mile slower than this today.  Pretty happy about that.   200 (8×25)knuckle push-ups, 56 (7×8) chin-ups.

Sun., September 4th:  Ran 8.32 miles in 1:04:52, a 7:47.78 m/m pace.  86 degrees, cloudy, humid.  Hit the hills today.  Hard.  They beat my ass.  This was random hills, I would have hit the park but they still haven’t gotten that last tree out of the way, so I said hell with the park, I’ll run around the neighborhood.  Hitting hills in the heat and humidity on my third run back after a week long break was very difficult.  Damn that was fun!  175 KPU burpees, 49 chin-ups.

Mon., September 5th:  Ran 9.82 miles in 1:16:54, a 7:49:85 m/m pace.  82 degrees, cloudy, humid.  I was going to go 6 laps in the park, but there was work going on that blocked a large portion of path there, trucks clearing trees, didn’t like running under a crane tenuously holding a log that weighs 50x more than I do over my head.  Managed one lap, and went hill running afterwards.  Just short of 8 miles out on the hills +that one park lap. 300 Knuckle push-ups.

Tues., September 6th:  Ran 9 miles in 1:10:03, a 7:47.00 m/m pace.  60 degrees, heavy rain, breezy.  4 laps in the park + the run up and back.  Felt good to get back to running in the park, and even better to be running in this weather.  Rain doesn’t bother, neither does a 10mph wind. I could run in 60 degrees and cloudy every day and be the happiest runner on earth.  And I had the park almost to myself.  It was great.  One of the ten best runs of the year, this one was.  104 (13 sets x 8 reps) chin-ups.

Wed., September 7th:  Ran 9.5 miles in 1:12:26, a 7:37.47 m/m pace.  68 degrees, rain, heavy at times, wind. 5 laps in the park.  Pushed pretty hard in the rain and wind, and got faster as the run went on, despite the running shoes being heavily soaked, adding a pound or 4  to them. Had the park to myself basically.  That was nice.  Toes on my left foot are sore, have been for a few days.  No worries otherwise. 200 (8×25) knuckle push-ups, 64 (8×8) chin-ups.

Thur., September 8th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 53:29.85, a 7:32.09 m/m pace.  68 degrees, cloudy, breezy.  Pushed pretty hard out the door and all the way around today.  The trail shoes today made the running more difficult.  They are an old pair, and heavier than anything I run in now.  No rain, so more people were out and about today.  Twas fine though.  Almost all were runners.   No pain in the toes on the left foot today.  Nice.

Fri., September 9th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 52:51.04, a 7:26.62 m/m pace.  81 degrees, sunny, humid, breezy.  If I pushed hard yesterday, I busted my ass today.  A very fast runner in the park inspired me to greater than normal exertion today.  I did not want to get caught and passed, and I didn’t.  Nice.   I am wiped out right now.  Double nice.  No pain in my toes and I was able to run in my regular run shoes after three days of mudder running.  Triple and quadruple nice.  100 knuckle push-up/ceiling kick burpees.  That’s some fun there!

Sat., September 10th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 53:22.14, a 7:31.00 m/m pace.  73 degrees, sunny.  Great morning for a run. I went out not thinking about speed, in large part because my hammies are tight, so a 7:31, while not fast per se, is something of a surprise, faster than I thought I would be.  Nice times overall for all three 7.1 milers over the last 3 days.  Longer and slower tomorrow, methinks.  200 (8×25) Knuckle Push-ups, 72 (9×8) chin-ups.

Sun., September 11th:  Ran 15.2 miles in 1:59:50, a 7:53.02 m/m pace.  66 degrees, cloudy, windy.  Longest run of the year.  I was tempted to go longer, but my right hamstring stiffened on me a bit, so I ended the run at 8 laps in the park.   I was actually quick out there in spots, and faster at the end of the run than I was at the beginning of the run.  Nice.  Negative splits are always fun.  325 knuckle push-ups.

Mon., September 12th: Ran 5.7 miles in 43:22.40, a 7:36.56 m/m pace.  77 degrees, sunny.  2 stops in 3 laps, run scheduled for 4 laps.  My left knee started to bother me near the end of lap 1.  I stopped for a minute, started back up and ran a slow lap, slowness caused by knee pain.  That lap I limped through.  I stopped at the end of lap 2, sat down and rubbed the knee and rested it for a few minutes.  Felt better, and ran a 3rd lap, the knee gave me no problem that lap, but I didn’t want to push, so I ended the run there.  Fast (7:23 m/m) on the 3rd lap.  Go fig.

Tues., September 13th:  Ran 7.6 miles in 59:24.49, a 7:49.01 m/m pace.  80 degrees, sunny,windy.  Stopped twice.  Second stop I walked home, took NSAID’s, relaxed a few minutes, and went back out and ran 3.8 more miles.  The left knee is becoming a serious issue,  a VERY serious issue.  One more time like this, and I’m taking a few days off to heal up.  This is the first time ever where the thing has acted up on me 2 days in a row.  Only good thing was that I was pain free for the second run.  NSAID’s are good for that though, don’t want to do them every damn day just to run.  175 (7×25) knuckle push-ups, 56 (7×8)chin-ups.

Wed., September 14th: Ran 9.5 miles in 1:16:33, an 8:03:47 m/m pace.  83 degrees, sunny.  Took it slow today. I went slow and told myself on each lap that this lap might be my last of the day.  The knee, unstable as it was the last 2 days, had me thinking I might need to take time off and give it a rest cure.  But I wanted to give it one more try, see how it was.  I was honestly surprised that I could get 5 laps out today, after the amount of pain I was in the last 2 days.  There is hope that the knee issue is behind me, time will tell.  Longer and just as slow tomorrow, possibly.  175 KPU burpees.

Thur., September 15th:  Ran 11.4 miles in 1:31:22, an 8:00.88 m/m pace.  66 degrees, cloudy, some rain.  Took it slow for about the first 5 ¼ laps.  Then some kid tried to run past me, and it was on.  Didn’t let him pass, and pushed as hard as I could the rest of the way.  After running the first 5 laps in an 8: 07, I ran that final lap in a 7:31.6.  Great test for the left knee, which didn’t bother me at all.  Nice.  Beautiful weather out there today.  Fall is almost here, baybee!

Fri., September 16th:  Ran 7.6 miles in 55:06.50, a 7:15.06 m/m pace.  63 degrees, partly cloudy.  After a few days of slow runs, picking up the pace felt good out there today.  Particularly with the weather like this. 63 degrees, but it was cooler than that in the shade and the park has a lot of shade.  It was beautiful out there.  Kind of weather I could run in all day, if my legs could hold up that long.  No knee issues made this an especially great run.  104 (13×8) chin-ups.

Sat., September 17th:  Ran 5.2 miles in 38:54.00, a 7:28.84 m/m pace.  58 degrees, partly cloudy.  Great morning for a run, kept it short because I have things to do.   I’ve run over 62 miles this week, which is (I believe) a personal record, or close to it, distance wise for a 7 day span.  Nice.  Pushed hard, but not too hard this morning, the hammies were a bit tight early, didn’t want to push them too much and tweak the damn things.  325 knuckle push-ups.

Sun., September 18th:  Ran 20.9 miles in 2:46:36, a 7:58.27 m/m pace.  62 degrees, partly cloudy, windy.  My personal longest run ever.  Previous longest run was 19 miles, which I ran 2 years ago.  11 laps in the park, which I thought was going to be more difficult due to foot traffic, but there were less people out on a gorgeous day than I thought would be out.  Sore, but not too sore. At least right now I am, we’ll see if that stays that way.

Mon., September 19th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 43:25.52, a 7:37.11 m/m pace.  66 degrees, cloudy, windy.  Took my time early, this was after all a recovery run.  I got the itch to run fast though, and hit the afterburners on the third lap, or as much as I was capable of in that area.  Think I ran about a 7:25 on that last lap.  Sumthin like that.  Didn’t want to overdo it today.  Didn’t.  Nice.  Outside of right heel is a little sore from yesterday, it warrants monitoring.  175 (7×25) knuckle push-ups, 56 (7×8) chin-ups.

Tues., September 20th:  Ran 8.22 miles in 1:04:01, a 7:47.27 m/m pace.  63 degrees, light rain/drizzle, wind.  I didn’t push too hard today, didn’t want to push in the rain this soon after Sunday’s run.  No pain or soreness in the heel.  Nice.  Rain had the park nearly empty, felt good to fly solo out there.  Had fun.  250 (10×25) knuckle push-ups.

Wed., September 21st: Ran 7.6 miles in 57:58.82, a 7:37.74 pace.   71 degrees, cloudy, windy, humid.  I pushed a little harder today than the last 2 days, felt more comfortable trying to put a faster effort together today. Kind of unhappy with my time, given the effort.  Thought I was faster than this.  However, there is no soreness or muscular pain to speak of, which is a happy thing.

Thur., September 22nd:  Ran 11.4 miles in 1:28:42, a 7:46.84 m/m pace.  75 degrees, wind, cloudy, humid.  Took my time early, picked it up late.  First 2 laps I ran at a 7:56.05 pace, middle 2 laps in a 7:51.31, and the last 2 in a 7:34.73.  Not too shabby a finish, I say.  I wasn’t going to run fast at all today, but my legs decided otherwise. No pain at all.  Nice.

Fri., September 23rd:  Ran 7.1 miles in 55:19.64, a 7:47.55 m/m pace.  70 degrees, rain, heavy at times, windy.  Fun run in the rain today.  I was in awe, I couldn’t believe how high the water at the lake and the creek got today, nearly spilled over the rim of the creek and the lake and ran through the run path.  Rain and wind slowed me down a touch, not too much though.  I’m a smilin, muddy mess right now.  Great run.

Sat., September 24th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 53:26.42, a 7:31.60 m/m pace.  75 degrees, cloudy, humid.  Over 200 miles this month(second 200+ miler this year!).  That’s a happy thing.  Over 68 miles this week, a personal best.  That’s two happy things.  I was able to chop nearly 16 seconds per mile off of yesterday’s time.  That is the happy hat trick.  Had fun flying around the park today. Longer and slower tomorrow, methinks.250 knuckle push-ups.

Sun., September 25th:  Ran 13.3 miles in 1:43:29, a 7:46.84 m/m pace.  80 degrees, cloudy, humid.  I was actually moving pretty quick early, but slowed down as the run went on, until the last of the 7 park laps.  It feels like I have a strained lower abdominal muscle, and it affected the run today.  First felt it twinge a week ago on the 20.9 miler, and it’s kept me from exercising most of the last week.  It doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop running, just means I have to be careful, not stress the area too much.

Mon., September 26th: Ran 7.6 miles in 56:52.07, a 7:28.95 m/m pace.  78 degrees, cloudy, humid.  Pushed hard out there today, took my foot off of the gas for a minute or two during the last lap because my strained lower abs were bothering me a bit, otherwise I pushed.  I would have preferred more speed, I know I can run this distance faster in cooler conditions, but this is as much as I had at this point, and that is just fine.

Tues., September 27th:  Ran 7.6 miles in 59:08.03, a 7:46.84 m/m pace. 75 degrees, cloudy, humid.  The temperatures dropped as the run went on, it was warmer than 75 as the run began, and cooled significantly as the run went on, temperature drop of at least 7 degrees out there as the run went on.  Took my time, didn’t care about the weather, or about my time, I just ran to enjoy myself.  Had fun out there as well.

Wed., September 28th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 44:25.34, a 7:47.60 m/m pace.  68 degrees, cloudy, humid.  It will someday NOT be cloudy and humid.  When? I dunno.  Srsly, my right hammy was bothering me from before starting out today’s run, so I cut down the distance on this run.  Best news is that the stomach muscles are no longer sore, exercising can now continue.  150 knuckle pus-ups, 48 chin-ups. Felt good to break a sweat exercising again.

Thur., September 29th:  Ran 11.4 miles in 1:28.14, a 7:44.38 m/m pace.  72 degrees, cloudy, drizzle.  Took it kind of slow early on, but started to pick up the pace after the second lap, and by the time lap 6 came around I was running pretty quick, not top speed mind you, but fast for the end of an 11+ miles run.  My right hamstring was a little sore, but not as bad as yesterday, got better as the run went on.  Ran in mudders, but it wasn’t necessary, could have used regular runners today.  300 knuckle push-ups.

Fri., September 30th: Ran 7.6 miles in 56:08.96, a 7:23.28 m/m pace.  76 degrees, sunny.  First non-humid day in over a week, took advantage and pushed harder than usual today.  Not 100%, but pretty close.  I could have gone longer, but not at this speed, I could have gone faster, but not at this distance.  This is all I could give here today, and I’m happy about how I ran.  No soreness to speak of, which is nice.  150 KPU burpees.


This month:  253.35 miles.  Longest run: 20.9 miles (September 18th) Shortest run: 5.2 miles (September 17th)  29 runs in 30 days during the month. Average run distance for the month: 8.736 miles

Year to date: 1422.54 miles  Longest so far 20.9 miles (September 18th) Shortest 1.7 miles (January 24th, injury shortened). 201 runs on the year.  Average run distance:  7.077 miles


My best run month ever. Over 250 miles for the first time ever in one month.  One day off at the beginning of the month, which turned out to be the only day off of the month.  Long runs, plenty of them, including my longest run ever, just shy of 21 miles on the 18th.  No injuries that kept me from running, though I  had a serious issue with my left knee getting loose on me in the middle of the month that forced me to shorten and alter the runs on the 12th and 13th.   I was fast enough in spots where I felt good about my ability to burn, but played it smart enough where I didn’t use that speed injudiciously, i.e. on the longer runs, where excess speed would have been counterproductive.

I won’t be able to get distance like this for a while. I begin working another job, this one hopefully one I can land permanently at, so I will not have the time to dedicate that kind of distance to, but so long as I am healthy, I will try to run every day that I can to match, if not the distance, then at least the intensity of this, my single best run month ever.


That’s it from here, America.  More later, If I can.

September Random Thoughts

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the pages and place them here on the blog to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This article contains all the content from the “Random Thoughts” page from the month of September.  Enjoy!


Anagram: September Anagram/ Rampant Beer Games/ Grab Manatee Sperm/ Preterm Ameba Sang/ Beer Game Traps Man (9/1)


The ISM manufacturing index rose more than expected today, and that did the Stock market plenty of good today.  So far the market is up over 230 points.  Nice.  Less nice is the fact that this is not expected to last, and that the indicators show that there may well be a drop in manufacturing numbers next month.  Damn.  Still nice to see the market react positively.  Not expecting it to keep moving in that direction with jobless claims numbers coming out tomorrow.  Maybe with Ben Bernanke speaking tomorrow, his words will soothe the market somewhat, and keep it from a having a very bad day.  One can hope.  (9/1)


Ben Bernanke said that conditions are in place for an increase in growth in the private sector in 2011 yesterday.  The jobs numbers went up more than expected, and the July numbers were revised upwards as well.  The jobs numbers aren’t growing at the rate necessary to combat the great recession, yet.  But it looks like things are getting better.  Nice.  (9/3)


10 degrees cooler than it has been this time of day all week.  Nice.  Soon enough I’ll be able to take those damnable air conditioners out of the windows.  It’s September, the time when ones heart turns to thought of football, Hockey, Playoff baseball, and breaking out the Christmas Tree!   (9/3)


Uncle Bill died this afternoon.  I heard the news only a few minutes after it happened.  I can’t put into words what I feel right now.  He was a great guy, the best.  I remember him as a force of nature, strong, sure, smart.  He was funny, witty, generous of spirit, a good guy.  We’re gonna miss ya, Uncle Bill.  God rest his soul.  (9/4)


Wrote in an on-line condolence book today for Uncle Bill.  I ended with the line “May god bless and keep you”.  I hope people don’t think that is too stupid sounding.  I hope they understand what it means.  Because I looked at it for a second and went “Oh crap, that sounds idiotic.”  (9/5)


Uncle Bill was cremated today. Goodbye, we all loved you.  (9/7)


Long first day at work temping at Sotheby’s.  Lots of wall moving and grunt work today, and that felt really good.  I like that hard manual labor, I’m strange like that. (9/8)


Anagram: Rosh Hashanah/ Hash has a horn/ Ass horn! Ha Hah! (9/9)


September 11th is here.  I have no wish to watch the ceremonies, no need to turn on msnbc and watch the towers fall again.  2 people I knew died that day, well one really, the second was an acquaintance I knew through my brother.  That still counts though, at least to me, at least here in this circumstance.  I try my best to honor those who died that day, and those that lived, by simply being as strong as possible. 

I’ve been very busy today.  Did food shopping, that took a few hours walking back and forth, did the laundry, that killed a few hours.  Ran for an hour and a half, on a hill.   That was fun, if you enjoy knee and hamstring pain.  I went out of my way to keep busy today, to actually live life instead of focusing so intently on a past that hurts to remember. Even if I didn’t have to work tomorrow I would have done it the same today.  All the ill will the right is projecting, the anti-muslim fervor, the hate and stupidity of them all,  is taking something away from me here, and I don’t like it.  Or them.    (9/11)


It’s been a week since I have written seriously about much of anything.  I’ve written a few posts here, but nothing worth a damn.  Gonna fix that today, if I have the time.  Not sure I will though, but i’ll get in some writing, whether i have the time to put something together worth reading is a horse of another colour altogether.  (9/18)


Anagram:  Strong Aroma/ A Groom Rants/ A Mortar Song/ Orgasmatron/ Art or mangos?/ Go snort a ram.  (9/18)


It’s 9:30 on a Tuesday night, and after an hour 40 commute to my temp job, going to the laundromat only to find out that the the people there gave my work uni to someone else, calling the dep. of labor to figure out if I had to take a day off of (temp)work to look for (perm)work, working a long day of standing exhibition, aka alleged security guard/Art handler, and moving furniture and a bunch of other crap for 8 hours, finally getting the clothes I needed, 7 hours late, when I finally see the guy who got my uni by accident, traveling the hour forty back home, running 5.8 miles (that felt good), making dinner and taking out the garbage and feeding the cats, I am ready for a quick workout and a few hours sleep before doing it all again tomorrow. 

Although I have to tell you, I think tomorrow will be busier.  Kewl.  (9/21)

September Running Commentary

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the pages and place them here on the blog to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is the September Running Commentary.  Enjoy!


Wed., Sept 1st: Ran 7.6 miles in 58:19.81, a 7:40.50 m/m pace.  93 degrees, sunny. One stop at about the 5.2 or 5.3 mile mark.  Blockage in the road, large truck delivering what looked like a cooling system for the ice rink completely blocked the path, had to wait.  Gave me a short breather and made it easier for me to run the last leg of the run.  It was actually fun out there today.  Calves felt better, right hamstring is still not 100%, but it feels better.  The ankle I noticed, for lack of a better term, but it didn’t bother me offhand.             

Thur., Sep 2nd: Ran 5.7 miles in 43:33.75, a 7:38.55 m/m pace.  92 degrees, sunny, breezy.  I was thinking about going longer today, but after walking over 7 miles between food shopping and going to the bank, and having one cup of coffee and one packet of Lil Debbie’s to eat all day, I am honestly surprised I had as much energy as I did out there today.  11 days in a row running might not sound like much to you, but that is about the longest streak of consecutive days running for me all year.  83 miles in 11 days, nice.  Day off tomorrow if the weather is as windy  and nasty as they say it is supposed to be.  We’ll see.             

Fri., Sep 3rd: Ran 9.5 miles in 1:15:28, a 7:56.63 m/m pace.  85 degrees, cloudy, humid, windy.  Went out today thinking “take it slow”, and ya know, that’s what I did today, except for the last lap, where I pushed pretty hard, and then opened it up with about 200 yards to go.  Hammies, calves, and ankle, all seemed better today, not 100% but better.  Had fun out there, even with the humidity, twas a good run.             

Sat., Sep 4th: Ran 7.6 miles in 57:12.14, a 7:31.59 m/m pace.  78 degrees, partly cloudy, windy.  Pushed pretty hard today, not 100 percent, but I was going pretty quick.  No ankle, knee, or calf issues to speak of.  Nice day for a run, even with the winds blowing as hard as they are out there.  15 mph gusting to 35, and it seemed like a head wind for most of the run, but that could just be me.  I could have gone longer today.             

Sun., Sep 5th: Ran 9.5 miles in 1:12:28, a 7:37.68 m/m pace.  73 degrees, sunny, breezy.  I wasn’t sure how long or how hard a run this was going to be, I drank a few beers yesterday, and that always has a negative impact on my running.  I walked out the door wanting to go 9.5 like I did, but uncertain if I could actually pull it off.  Not only did I pull it off, but I did it relatively quickly.  Hammies seem ok, calves aren’t too bad, ankle is a little sore, but not too bad.  On the fifth lap today, I hit the 1000 mile mark for the year.  Nice!             

Mon.,Sep 6th: Ran 8.08 miles in 1:02:27, a 7:43.73 m/m pace.  72 degrees, sunny.  Hills today, ran the Royal Oak road to Clove road via Rice and Slosson Ave run today, 4 times.  Picked up the pace during each lap, first lap at a 7:53 pace, last lap at 7:35.  Stretched my stride a bit as the run went on, not too much though, didn’t want to go 100% today at any point.  Right hammy felt a twinge, and the right ankle seemed a bit sore, but nothing major.  Left knee  didn’t bother me at all.  Nice.             

Thur., Sep 9th: Ran 5.82 miles n 45:27.15, a 7:48.58 m/m pace.  65 degrees, cloudy, breezy.  First night run since late June.  Run from the apartment to Royal oak and Victory, then run the 2.02 mile hill run from there to Martling  and Clove via rice and slosson twice.   Nice night for a run.  The sidewalks are cracked and jut up in some places, which almost tripped me up once.  Pushed pretty hard out there tonight, feet are sore after standing exhibition all day.  I had pain-free hamstrings almost the whole way, felt a twinge near the end of the run though.  Good run.             

Fri., Sep 10th:  Ran 5.82 miles in 45:13.26, a 7:46.19 m/m pace.  65 degrees, cloudy, breezy.  Nother night, nother night run.  Same hill as last time.  Close to the same results, tried to open it up in spots, open my stride up wide on the downhill.  Left knee was sore, felt like it was burning to be honest.  Not good, but it never had me limping, so I never stopped.  I’ve had this knee issue before, it sucks but its never so bad that it really hinders my running, it just makes me question whats left of my sanity.              

Sat., Sep 11th:  Ran 11.52 miles in 1:29:58, a 7:48.57 m/m pace. 73 degrees, sunny.  Nice afternoon run around the park, added a section onto the hill run, run the royal oak to clove via rice and slosson route, and keep going on clove til I hit victory boulevard.  It’s 3.84 miles for a complete out and back, and I did it 3 times today.  This one really kicked my butt today, put everything I had into it, and it felt good.  Good run.             

Mon., Sep 13th:  Ran 5.82 miles in 45:07.74, a 7:45.24 m/m pace.  62 degrees, cloudy.  It had finished raining only a few minutes before the run began, and there was scree all over the road. Rocks, branches, mud, and puddles were all over the place.  No real issues, but it was a pain in the ass nonetheless.  I didn’t take my time anywhere on this run, but I did try to push faster on the second uphill, and cut 20 seconds off of the time I ran on my first pass up the hill.  Not too bad.           

Wed., Sep 15th:  Ran 5.82 miles in 43:00.72, a 7:23.48 m/m pace.  65 degrees, nice.  Great evening for a run, and having cut down my mileage over the last few days, I had extra in the tank, and I used it tonight.  Pushed for all I had most of the way.  Really pushed hard today, and it felt good.  No soreness or pain to speak of.  Nice.  Perhaps the best weather i’ve run in all year.  Good run.          

Sat., Sep 18th:  Ran 9.5 miles in 1:13:19, a 7:43.05 m/m pace.  67 degrees, mostly sunny, nice. First short run week in a long time, only three runs this week.  So when I went to run today I was expecting to a) feel better than normal, and b) not be able to go quite as far.  Not really the case though. My ankle still barked at me all run, as did my left knee.  I did want to push for 9.5 today, and after 2 slow laps of 5 park laps total to start with, I was able to pick up the pace and end the run with 2 laps at a 7:30 pace.  Not too bad.  Think tomorrow I run earlier, and go longer and slower.        

Sun., Sep 19th:  Ran 9.5 miles in 1:11:22, a 7:30.73 m/m pace.  68 degrees, sunny, nice.  Ran harder than I thought I was going to be able to today.  Hammies are sore, as is my right achilles and left knee.  I’ve had worse, I’ve had better.  Ran fast today because I could, never hit top speed, but I kept my feet very fast the entire run, and stretched my stride when and where I could.  Great day for a run.       

Tues., Sep 21st:  Ran 5.82 miles in 45:24.52, a 7:48.13 m/m pace.  67 degrees, clear.  First night run and first hill run since Wednesday.  Felt pretty good out there, probably because I had no interest whatsoever in trying to run fast, I just went with what was comfortable for this one.  I did push a bit towards the end, but not for long and not 100%.  After having to take yesterday off with strained hamstrings, I felt no need to push and aggravate the issue.  It was a nice night for a run.     

Wed., Sep 22nd:  Ran 5.82 miles in 44:40.43, a 7:40.55 m/m pace.  79 degrees, cloudy, humid.  Rain on the way, and heavy rain at that.  Lucky that I missed the heavy stuff, but it’s hot enough where I was kinda hoping that it would rain a little on me out there.  That would have felt good.  Minor soreness in my right achilles and hamstring, otherwise no issues.  Pushed in spots, especially at the end of the run, tried for some serious speed there.     

Wed. Sep 29th:  Ran 7.6 miles in 58:53.91, a 7:44.98 m/m pace.  75 degrees, cloudy, breezy.  I cannot believe it has been a week since I ran.  I was busy working my ass off the whole time, had little to no time to run.  I wasn’t hurt hurt, but the sore ankle and hamstrings got a well deserved rest.  I am happy with the time I ran today, and the shape I am in, though I am surprised I didn’t need to stop at all.  Felt a twinge in my ankle and hamstring, but they are overall in much better shape then they were a week ago.  

This month:   115.2 miles.  Longest run: 11.52 miles (September 11th), shortest run 5.7miles (September 2nd) 16 runs in 30 days during the month. Average run distance for the month: 7.2 miles

Year to date:  1075.92 miles  Longest so far 15.2 miles (August 24th), Shortest 2.6 miles (March 12th). 169 runs in 273 days so far this year.  Average run distance:  6.366 miles 

Since I am back working as a temp, that has cut down the amount of time I have to actually run, which you can tell by the distance I ran before I started on September 8th, and the amount I ran after that date.  Still I am pretty happy with running over 110 miles on the month despite all the time I took off.  Mileage will continute to drop for a while, but I will still try to run every mile I can. 

I do dislike running at night despite what I at times tell myself, but I guess I’m just going to have to get used to it, seeing how the days are getting shorter and all the daylight hours available are spent working.  Not giving up running because I dislike running in the dark.  That would be stupid.