Why I Write

      The reasons I write are as numerous as the topics I have covered here.   I write because I have seen and heard so many other people give their opinions in so many places, and so many of them seem so poorly thought out, that I very much feel compelled to answer these people and these statements.  If you’ve ever read my takes on the people who throw around the word socialist like it is a panacea for all that ails their world, you’ve seen this impulse in action.

    If you’ve read any of my older posts about music writing, and musical exercises, you are seeing the side of me that has a great deal of specific knowledge about music.  Tons of other people write about music as well, but not the variations that I play.  The chord progressions with the melody played within it the way I play it, almost classical guitar but not quite, the dedication to the exercises, and the music theory.  I think I’m pretty good for a guy who learned most of what he knows about music on his own, with no guidance from anywhere.  I did have one teacher in high school, a great guy, Mr. Comachero, who started me on the musical path.    I used to cut other classes just to go to his class and get extra practice in, such was my love for the instrument.

    I have written pieces that were descriptive of the personal space around me from time to time.  That is me trying my best to actually hone what little writing skill that I actually have.  I don’t really have much skill in that area, but slowly, painfully, as if it were being bodily drawn out of me, the talent for the written word is coming to the fore. It is a time consuming process, and if my heart is not really involved, the writing seems to lose something.  Which is in least at part why I try my best on most nights to get as emotionally involved with whatever subject I am writing about, to give my writing more depth of feeling and more…visceral immediacy.

    Which gets to the bulk of my political writing, writing to grow and learn about the world.  If you read my writings, you will notice a general trend towards political agitation.  And of growth as I have looked hard in the mirror and asked myself questions, probed my own heart, to find not just how I feel, but why I feel the way I feel, and why other people feel the way they feel, and try to make some sense out of what is a senseless world.  I started out as something of a moderate/left of center libertarian minarchist, an odd thing to be at any time, but that has changed and significantly. 

     I have through introspection and mental self-examination found that I align much more closely in viewpoint and agenda with the liberals.  But it is a hard liberalism, born more of the stoicism of Marcus Aurelius than of hippie radicals from Berzerkley of the previous generation.  I believe that government can be a force for good, that it is not to be feared in the hands of any American that puts the people ahead of the business and military interest of America.

    I write to advance my ideas and my ideals in the world.  Even though very few actually see this blog, I hope that in some very small way, it affects those few people, makes them think about their actions and the consequences of them in this world.

    I write because I am inspired to write by the great writers that inspired me to read. Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Robert Heinlein, Michael Moorcock, Isaac Asimov, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Niccolo Machiavelli, Thomas Paine, Plato, Friedrich Nietzsche and of course my favorite writer of all time, Douglas Adams.  I write to compare myself to them, I want at some point for people to look at me the way I looked at them. 

   I write to vent.  I write to show my heart to everyone.  I write to challenge the world.  I write because it is fun to tell people what I think, and this is my favorite venue to do just that.  I write because I have a million opinions about a million subjects.  I write because I have a heart, and a million emotional reactions to a million subjects.  I write to shove back at a world that shoves its views at me, and tells me that it is right and I am wrong.  I write because life is a fight, and I fight to win, and writing is a weapon against the ills of the world.  I write because I am part of a species that puts communication at an absolute premium, and I want to get better at communicating exactly what exists in my heart and my mind.  I write because people are idiots who get their facts wrong all over the place, and someone has to set them right.  I write to stop bullies from pushing people around, and to bully the bullies.  The world is the immovable mass, I am the unstoppable force, and I write to show that.  I write…

    I write because I can. 


That’s it from here. Later!

Today’s Nuggets, via wikiquote: You get ideas from daydreaming. You get ideas from being bored. You get ideas all the time. The only difference between writers and other people is we notice when we’re doing it.  Neil Gaiman

Great literature must spring from an upheaval in the author’s soul. If that upheaval is not present then it must come from the works of any other author which happens to be handy and easily adapted.  Robert Benchley

That so many writers have been prepared to accept a kind of martyrdom is the best tribute that flesh can pay to the living spirit of man as expressed in his literature. One cannot doubt that the martyrdom will continue to be gladly embraced. To some of us, the wresting of beauty out of language is the only thing in the world that matters.   Anthony Burgess

Anagram: One Droll Analogy/ A Long Lonely Road

       I had a great day.  A viddy before the subject du jour. Took the word “family” and typed it into the fora.tv page on youtube, and this was the #2 in the results.  The first looked to be about the mafia. 

     Hung out with family.  Brothers, their wives and children, a cousin and his kids, aunts and uncles. Everyone but my wife, who was home with a splitting headache.  She’s still not 100%, but back to family.    Really enjoyed myself.  The kids sprayed each other with silly string, which means me and my father took part and shot each other up good with the stuff after the kids had their fun.  I ate like a pig, most everyone else did as well.  I hung out with most everyone at one point while watching tv, talking about a hundred things, like how much everyone seems to hate Joe Girardi and his complete inability to manage the Yankees.  Uncle Bill seemed to enjoy eviserating the man. 

     I think I hung out with Uncle Bill and his grandkids more than anyone. More fun than a little was had.

       Uncle Bill and my father and I talked about how silly and stupid a movie “Kung Pow: Enter the Fist” was, while watching it, then keeping it on because, despite the fact that Delicateit was both silly and stupid, it was in fact pretty damned funny.  Talked about some sucker punch thrown by some stupid kid after a college football game, where this guy went after fans afterwards, and got the boot for the year as a result.  Talked about Shawn Merriman getting arrested for beating Tile Tequila’s ass or some such silliness.  Talked about how much sports talk radio is a complete waste of time. Talked of a hundred other things. 

      A bee was killed at some point in the back yard, and after I said, “Why’d you kill that poor bee? he was just looking for some free food, just like you!”  My younger brother trying to be a pain in the ass, made some comment about me being a bleeding heart liberal.   We started  goofing on politics just a little, and I held a moment of silence for “Comrade Bee” and mourned the loss of him in our 5 year plan, socialist bastard that I am.  It was cool, if only a little funny. Same younger brother said he loved Glenn Beck, because he’s a “Nut”.  I said he isn’t a nut, he’s a crackhead.  Twas good. 

       My father surprised (I think) both of my brothers by pointing out the obvious.  When he heard the word socialist bouncing around, he said ” The republicans are still holding onto that? It’s because they can’t come up with anything else to say.  Do they think we forgot the mess they got us into?”  paraphrasing here, if it isn’t precise, I apologize.  Shocked both of my right leaning brothers, seeing how my father skews republican himself, or he did until the current financial mess hit.  My older brother tried to pin it on Bill Clinton, blaming him for deregulation or some such, but I pointed out it was Phil Gramm and the Republican congress that pushed the destruction of glass steagel, then I reminded him it was Nixon that started the ball rolling with rolling back the gold standard in 1971.   

       BTW,  I’m cherry picking a few memorable details in a memorable day, picking out my own personal highlights.  I’m sure my brothers and everyone else remember the days events a wee bit differently. 

     Such are the small happiness’s that make up family functions.  Wouldn’t miss that for the world.  Those little things are what brings family, normally spread far apart, closer together. In other news…

     I did a stupid thing and bruised my hands.  There was ice in a cooler in a 5 pound block wrapped in plastic that needed to be broken up, so after a few drops on the ground completely failed to do the job, I decided to be manly and break it with my hands.  I used palm heel strikes first.  Then used my knuckles.  I now have bruises on my palms on both of my hands. Fortunately I wasn’t so dumb as to hit the ice quite as hard with my fists, or else my wife would be writing this for me, while I dictated to her with broken hands.

       Silly rhino.  The hands will be fine.  It was good to see everyone and be seen.   A second viddy. then a few quotes and I am done.

That’s it for me.  Later!

499px-Albert_Camus%2C_gagnant_de_prix_Nobel%2C_portrait_en_buste%2C_pos%C3%A9_au_bureau%2C_faisant_face_%C3%A0_gauche%2C_cigarette_de_tabagismeToday’s Nuggets, By Albert Camus, Via Wikiquote:  Absolute freedom mocks at justice. Absolute justice denies freedom. To be fruitful, the two ideas must find their limits in each other.

Poor and free rather than rich and enslaved. Of course, men want to be both rich and free, and this is what leads them at times to be poor and enslaved.

I was assailed by memories of a life that wasn’t mine anymore, but one in which I’d found the simplest and most lasting joys.

Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.

Anagram: Spending Spree/ Snipped Greens

      A quick bit of annoyance before I write today.  This really gets my goat.  I didn’t even know I had a #$%^#$%^ Goat til I watched this and then, there ya go, It got my $#%^%^&* Goat.  Bastards! We need health care, we need the budget balanced, we need a million other things, and these $%%$&^@# take time to recognize Michael Jackson? Go F*** yourselves! Get to the work of crafting legislation, you bunch of lazy bums!

    I do like the way she puts it though, at the 30 second mark.  “A young man has left earth.”  THE ALIENS TOOK HIM BACK!  YAY!!!!!

    And while 50 is too young to die, he was by no means a “young man” If you are 21  and you die, Yes, you died a “young man”  50? Not so much.

      Onto other things. Personal crap up next, by all means, read something else if talking about spending a few bucks on crap doesn’t interest you. 

    I did something I don’t normally do today.  I spent money, and a fair bit of it.  Well, actually I do spend money a lot, but usually only on stuff I money1need.  It’s usually bills, food, traveling expenses and the like.  You know, necessities.  Today it was different….well, a little.  I did Kinda need most of the stuff I went out and got.  I needed dress pants.  I had only 3 pairs of pants, and needed more, because I’m gonna be working everyday again.  I have 5 dress shirts, but I needed more, and some of the ones I had actually aren’t doing that well.  Buttons falling off, seams falling apart and the like.  The ties weren’t doing too well either, and I needed an upgrade.

     Couldn’t go to telco for this stuff either.  Telco sells cheap crap, at least as far as their shirts go. I ended up going to JC Penney, and got the stuff that was on sale, 60% clearance.  3 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, 2 ties, dress socks, and a few shirts and socks for my wife.  Total was $192.  Saved over $100 bucks.  Walked in with that being the plan, executed the plan to perfection.  Took 20 minutes. 

    Spent a few extra bucks on stuff, because I have money, enough where I can spend a few bucks, and not really have to worry about it.  Nothing major, nothing Insane.  A few CD’s and a few extra things while food shopping.

    I picked up the new Chickenfoot cd.  The few tracks I’ve listened to so far sound nice.  Good stuff.  If you liked Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony in Van Halen, you’ll like them here.  If you like Joe Satriani, you like him here.  A better name for the band would be “VAN HAGAR WITH SPECIAL GUEST JOE SATRIANI” but that probably would not have done as well as “Chickenfoot”.  Well maybe it would have…

   I also picked up 2 Metallica offerings, one I used to own but gave away, and one I’ve wanted  for a while. Ride the Lightning and St. Anger.  And yes I wanted St. Anger. 800px-Cloud-to-ground_lightning2_-_NOAA I heard a few songs on the radio when it came out, and I liked them. Crazy me.  First time I heard Frantic  and the title track, I thought they were  great, but hey, that’s me.  Can’t please everyone.  They changed up and people weren’t ready for that kind of change.  The band lost Jason, picked up a better bassist in Rob Trujillo, and got heavier and faster.  For this you want to fault them?

   I have ride the lightning chugging through the speakers now tho.  I’ll hit the St. Anger tomorrow.  The Song? Escape.

  On that note, I am out, except a second video and a few quotes.

    The Second viddy is from Bloomberg, on cap and trade legislation that just passed the house. I don’t know that the bill goes far enough, but I do know that we need something in place now.  We can alter the legislation with further bills later on if need be.


Today’s Nuggets, Via Wikiquote:   The emphasis of study upon a particular aspect of music is in itself ideological because it contains implications about the music’s value.  Lucy Green

He(Fred Astaire) is the most interesting, the most inventive, the most elegant dancer of our times… you see a little bit of Astaire in everybody’s dancing–a pause here, a move there. It was all Astaire’s originally. George Balanchine

To talk about other people’s affairs is a great mistake. To praise them, too, is unfttting. In any event, it is best to know your own ability well, to put forth effort in your endeavors, and to be discreet in speech.  Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Anagram: Irresolute/Leisure Rot

      The Thinker Please take the poll at the bottom of the page.  Thank you!


     I have been thinking a bit about this years resolutions.  Yes it is the 2nd already, and maybe you are supposed to have this done already if you are gonna do it, but I do things the right way, and if it takes a little longer then so be it.  I’m really not sure what resolution or resolutions i am going to make though. 

     I made several of them last year, and most of the ones that I did make last year backfired.  I resolved to save money and be more fiscally disciplined.  And while I was more disciplined, spent less money and was more intelligent in how I spent my money, i wasn’t able to save any money.   I also promised to run smarter longer and better than I had the year before and to stay a healthy runner all year long.  NOPE.   I was hurt or ill most of the year and ran maybe 20% of the total distance i had the year before.  I also said i would eat more healthily and intelligently.  Not really.  If I had I would not have gained the 20 pounds I gained last year when sitting on my arse not running.  And I never figured out that bug in guitar tracks pro that made recording immensely difficult, so the guitar recording thing never panned out.

          Needless to say if I do this I am going to do it right.  For YEARS i didn’t make any resolutions (except the annual “I resolve that i won’t make any resolutions” resolution) and it was because I was afraid this would happen.  That I would fail miserably.  I don’t like failing and try my damnedest not to. 

       With that in mind I want to set some realistic goals for myself, but ones that will push me past my comfort zones in my life. 

      There are a number of different ones I want to make, and I am thinking of doing the following.800px-serengeti_lion_running_saturated

     Resolving to Run more this year. That should hardly be difficult. I was hurt or ill or just plain lazy for 7 or 8 months last year.  The weight will come off if I just get back to it without getting hurt or getting ill.

      Resolving to eat less crap.

     Resolving to get a second job and make enough money to get a better apartment for me and my wife, large enough for Us, all our crap, our cats, and a Baby, should we be lucky enough to have one. 

       Resolving to play my guitar as much as possible,. and to record, if i can ever figure out how to get that damned Guitar Tracks pro 3 working without all the echo.  Maybe that’s just a phone call to Leo Laporte away from being done.

      Resolving to write more than just a blog this year.  Get somebody somewhere to publish something of mine.  No matter how small. 

      I need some help on this, so you tell me, which one sounds best? Most Feasible? Least Likely? Check out the poll, and drop me a comment!

      That’s It For me!  Later!

Today’s Nuggets, Via Newspeak:  The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. — When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns, as it were, instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish squirting out ink.   George Orwell

The Aim of an Argument … should not be victory, but progress.   Joseph Joubert

Anagram: F*cking Hostile/Fickle Shouting

        Anger.  Misery.  You will suffer unto me.  Kill you, Eat your f*cking heart.  I’ve killed better than you, under my foot.  If you see me coming, walk away, you don’t want to see me. 

      This is how I started my day today.  Well, not exactly.  Let me explain. 

     My Landlord, Doug, who has owned the place for about 4 months, was working around the place today.    Again.  He knows I work nights, He actually asked me early on, when he first moved in, when i work, because he didn’t want to disturb me.  I told him I work nights, and that Monday is a tough day for me.    He knows my wife works nights.  But he, for the entire day, decided that it was a good to put something or other in. Banging around for hours.  All damned day, from when I started to try to go to sleep at around 11 AM till… well, I don’t want to give away the ending…  And this is not the first time he has done this.  He has done this numerous times.  Thursday mornings at 7 AM,  Monday morning and all day, Sunday mornings for about 4 weeks in a row at one point.  Almost like he knows my schedule and is working to inconvenience me.  There can’t be much more for the asshat to do, there better not be.

      Now I know it’s his place.  He has the right to do what he has to do and wants to around here.  Within reason.  But I have rights too.  I live here too.  Lemme tell you what I did.  After his banging around all day, making it impossible to get more than 20 minutes sleep at a clip all afternoon, I finally lost it around 5:00 PM.  I just friggin lost it.  First I went downstairs and basically yelled at him through his door to cut the shit, me and my wife are trying to sleep.  He stopped momentarily.  Momentarily.  He started up again.  I let it go for about 5 minutes and then, hearing him downstairs and outside, opened the window wider and began to rant like a f*cking maniac. I used every curse word in the book and may have made a few new ones along the way. 

        It was equal parts pleading for peace and quiet, Anger, and psychotic murderous rage.  I called him out by name. I growled. I snarled.  literally.   I told him if he saw me coming go the other way.  I yelled about killing him with joy in my heart.  I asked him what I had done to him to deserve this.  When I heard someone respond outside I said “f*ck you, you f*cking idiot, you don’t think of anyone but yourself do ya?  This is probably why the wife left you, isn’t it? That and the fact that your hung like a flea, you rat f*uck” I bemoaned the point that I don’t have enough money to get a new place, because if i did i would move out now.  I’ve had enough bullshit.  I, nice guy that I am, Obama supporter, and fairly liberal guy, think i actually called him a stupid useless n*gga at least 20 times. Doug, my landlord, is the whitest man on earth.  Those comments were meant to get under his skin.  I wanted to fight him.  I still do. 

     The Work, which had been fairly nonstop, finished for the day the moment I did that.  There hasn’t been a peep since. 

    I feel good about that.

     I also said this, and this is the real issue.  If he had just let us know he was going to be working, we could have found a way around it, somehow.  Knowing it’s coming does make it easier to deal with.  It’s being blindsided by it by someone who apparently doesn’t know he’s a nuisance, or more likely, doesn’t care that i have the real issue with.  I’m the nicest guy on earth if your nice to me. And i take pains to make sure that even when people aren’t nice to me, I’m generally not bad in return.   But there is only so much a man can take. 

    Let me put it this way.  It takes a lot to get me out of the Lazy boy.  A LOT.  But once I am out of the chair, someone is getting hurt.  Doug just got me out of the chair.  I hope he realizes that, for his sake.

     Politics, quotes, videos and other joy later.  I just had to get that lout out of my system.


Anagram: Three Hundred Forty/Furthered Threnody

       I sit here at my desk at my office on a Saturday night, the lights in the back of the room muted, with really not a whole lot going on, and I say to myself, what can i write about today? Everyone and their dead uncle Ernie are talking about Sarah Palin, or John McCain, or Barack Obama, or Fannie mae and Freddie mac, or some such bullshit, and I can’t help but think that, if you immerse yourself in this everyday, it’s going to leave a mark, and it’s not going to be pleasant.  I’m just an ordinary man, I can’t sit here and tell you that every moment of every day I care about every thing that goes on everywhere.  That’s bullshit, and if you find someone who says otherwise, god bless’em, I can’t do it.  

     I was brought to this thought because I have been here at this computer going through stuff on digg.com, watching videos from the candidates, reading stories that, while interesting, are about as illuminating as a black hole, and about as informative as dead silence in an empty room.  I was trying to figure out what I would write about today, and it struck me, I just don’t care.  I have enough other things going on in my life where, even with the drastic importance of this election, and the awe inspiring events, and I don’t mean that in a positive way, that happen every day in a million places, things just aren’t registering.  The dull ache in my head just behind my eyes.  The resigned shrug every time I read ANOTHER story about some asshole being an asshole to another asshole.  The thought that I may just read one more story by a person who is OUTRAGED by some thing or another.  Ya know what matters to me?

    My Wife.  Bills.  Sleep.  The noisy new landlord.  Bugs in my apartment.  Rain, too much rain.  And so in honor of this almost complete , albeit temporary, ambivalence towards the world, I have decided to dedicate this blog to the Number 340.  That is how many times I have posted a blog here on wordpress.com.  What does it mean?  Not a damn thing.  And I am pleased at that.  Ya know tho.  I will post some political stuff for all that I’ve just said.  Just a few links.  Peruse and enjoy.

    Some Crap for you.

   Sarah Palin is a Cunt.

   Vice President Cheney hates Russia. The Russian President is not Impressed.

   Obama punches the Republicans in the face.

   The Press is Full of Shit, Just Like John McCain.

   Palin is a high-energy distraction from the top of the ticket.

    That’s it for me.  well….A video first.

   Cool, calm relaxed music. Pretty Artwork.  Enjoy!

That’s it for me.  Later!

Today’s Nuggets, Via Wikiquote, from George Orwell:   Political language — and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists — is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

If you turn the other cheek, you will get a harder blow on it than you got on the first one. This does not always happen, but it is to be expected, and you ought not to complain if it does happen.

Anagram: The Sebastian Bach Show/Bob Hates White Ashcans

       Ok, this is about more than Sea Bass, but ya gotta admit, it’s a cool title.

       I went to a concert yesterday, had me some fun.  I was howling like a madman and grinning like a maniac through the first 2/3’s of it.  The other third of the show was pretty fun too, but it was less metal and more of the good time rock and roll type of show.  The show was at The “Nikon theatre” at Jones Beach.  Cool venue, but i did have some minor issues with it, which i will discuss a few paragraphs from now.

      Opening Act: Sebastain Bach.  The guys still as fresh and as raw as he was when the shit first came out.  He Really had fun with it.  Surprised the hell out of me by Opening up with a Cover tune!  The man’s got a lot of work he could have gone with, but an Homage to Aerosmith worked here.  “Back in the Saddle”  And it seemed almost like he was announcing his return to Ass kicking Metal Goodness.  I didn’t know he left but it was cool.  He and His band made it their own.   He did a song or two from the new album, but I think the man had his best moment with “Monkey Business”  The crowd, which except for the first few rows seemed, well, rather sedate, woke the fuck up for this one.  I was suffering from a Blinding headache, but still managed some good ole Thrashing and screamed as much as i could without heaving my guts all over the people in front of me and the wife, which almost happened, but hey, Metal is worth it.  Don’t know that the people in front of us would have agreed though.  🙂

    Back To Sea Bass.  The man from my vantage point, section g at the theatre, maybe 40 rows off, looked like he was having a blast and really ripped the cover off of it with the performance.  He had, hands down, THE best vocal performance of the night, and that is really saying something considering who else was there.  All the bands that were out there were damn good and I don’t wanna take anything away from them, so Onto the next act.

       Dokken.  Don came out wearing what looked like a black dinner jacket.  Kinda weird but hey, I’m not the fashion police, I could give a shit, And he immediately started belting it out.  Kewlness.    Best bit about the dokken portion of the show is that I knew every song they played, even the New stuff.  I don’t even know the name of the new songs, but I remembered hearing them on eddie trunk live and at least a few other times on xm, and there I was with the rest of the band belting it out.  Really had fun there. 

     Don did too.  He was joking around with the audience, and he was pretty damned funny, got me laughing most every time he broke out a joke.  Best part was his “Spinal Tap” moment.  He was talking about how great it was to be in New Jersey.   Too bad for him the show was in new york.  It was funny tho, and he managed to turn that into a joke too.  It worked.  Mind you I tried to get the crowd to start up a “Donnie fucked up” chant, but to no avail.  The wife thought his jokes were a bit misogynist, and they were, but that didn’t make them any less funny.

     Bad Rhino.   🙂

     All in all, Dokken was dead on and they were tight, didn’t miss a beat even when the Guitarist, who he is Idunno but the man was good, got unplugged maybe 30 seconds before the solo on the next to last song in the set list “Tooth and Nail”  Then really ripped the roof off of the place with that one.  Don wasn’t able to hit the really high notes tho.  The Bassist covered those.  The music and the vocals didn’t suffer for it though. It doesn’t matter who hits the notes, so long as it’s still good shit, and it was.

     Last up, Poison.  Good time rock and roll.  Nice show.  They were good, just like they were last year.  I am trying to remember the set list from last year, and I think they were identical, or almost Identical.  But hey, if it works once, It works twice.  Bret and the boys had the crowd eating out of their hand. 

    A few issues I had with the venue.  The crowd seemed to move up for the poison portion of the show, but security stopped anyone from doing it for the first two acts.  I can see why, people pay for those seats, but dammit, It was frustrating for the artists here to yell and scream their hearts out for the crowd and see half of the seats right up front empty.  Pissed me off too.  Don Dokken mentioned it at least 4 or 5 times during the show, and used it to try to get the crowd to scream louder.  It worked, but the crowd would only keep it up for a few seconds, in large part because the crowd was as separated as it was due to seating.  It was really hard to get any energy going.  But to their credit Sea Bass and Don busted thier asses to get the crowd going despite this bullshit. 

    Funniest moments of the show.  This one guy, shows up about half way through the dokken show.  Big guy with several friends. Starts giving Don Dokken what looks for all the world like the Aryan salute. Then he starts doing odd hand gestures which looked reminiscent of  the “Raise the roof” thing football players do, and then turns his hands around, which looks like he wants to be an nfl ref and call a safety.  then he started mixing and matching them.  Throughout the show.  Completely a random,  and he did not look high.  Every time I looked at this guy, even though he had someting like 8 inches and 100 pounds on me, I could not help but bust out laughing. 

        The only things that approached that level of funny were his friends.  The bald guy kept putting his hands up like someone just scored a touchdown and jumped up and down alot…kinda gave the impression of superman trying to take off… and failing.  Then there was the little guy who, despite the 120 decibel volume (ok maybe it wasn’t that loud but my ears are still ringing) kept trying to call people on his cell phone. No big deal you say.  Dial someone, Hold out the phone and let them listen to the show.  Cool.  except, he kept trying to talk to people… and then whenever he could not hear them, which was…well… every time, he looked around like he wanted someone to help him.

   The Bands were great.  The people were weird, but cool.  A helluva time was had by all.

   Even the roof raising, Safety calling, Aryan Guy. 

    Remind me to buy “Angel Down”, Sebastian’s new Album,  and the new Dokken Album, “Lightning Strikes Again”.

       That’s it for me.   Next post, hopefully in a few hours will be political.  There’s a lot on the plate and I’ve been slacking of late. Gonna fix that shit real soon.

Today’s Nugget, Via wikisource:

Friends, I shall ask you to be as quiet as possible. I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot; but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose. But fortunately I had my manuscript, so you see I was going to make a long speech, and there is a bullet – there is where the bullet went through – and it probably saved me from it going into my heart. The bullet is in me now, so that I cannot make a very long speech, but I will try my best.

And now, friends, I want to take advantage of this incident to say a word of solemn warning to my fellow countrymen. First of all, I want to say this about myself: I have altogether too important things to think of to feel any concern over my own death; and now I cannot speak to you insincerely within five minutes of being shot. I am telling you the literal truth when I say that my concern is for many other things. It is not in the least for my own life. I want you to understand that I am ahead of the game, anyway. No man has had a happier life than I have led; a happier life in every way. I have been able to do certain things that I greatly wished to do, and I am interested in doing other things. I can tell you with absolute truthfulness that I am very much uninterested in whether I am shot or not. It was just as when I was colonel of my regiment. I always felt that a private was to be excused for feeling at times some pangs of anxiety about his personal safety, but I cannot understand a man fit to be a colonel who can pay any heed to his personal safety when he is occupied as he ought to be with the absorbing desire to do his duty.   Theodore Roosevelt