Michigan Primary

I was interested in watching the election results for Michigan come in.  I knew Arizona was going to go to Romney, polling never swayed from Romney once.  Michigan is the big question mark here, the one that can either hurt Mitt or catapult him past Santorum going into super Tuesday, with it’s numerous match-ups, including the all important Ohio race.

And Santorum looks like he is giving Mitt all the fight he can handle.  At:10:03 pm, Romney is winning by 4 points over Santorum, though there are a number of counties that have large swaths of population yet to be counted, that have Rick Santorum leading at this point.  Which tells me that the number should tighten somewhat before the night concludes.  Kent and Ottawa counties in particular look like they could well tip the scales much in Mr. Santorum’s favor before the night is done.  Kent has but 22% of precincts reporting, and Santorum is leading there by 5%.  Ottawa county has Rick up by 16%, nearly 3,000 votes with just over 1/3rd of the precincts counted.

Now to be fair to Mitt, he is winning big in the two largest counties in Michigan, or at least the largest Republican voting counties in Michigan.  Wayne county has 60% of precincts reporting and Mitt is winning there by 10,000 votes, and in Oakland county he is leading by a whopping 26,000 votes with an identical 60% of precincts reporting.

Romney is winning the State right now by 30,000 votes, and he is leading in these two counties by a total of 36,000.

Mitt had better hope there is not a late surge in Santorum voters from the last reporting precincts, especially in Wayne and Oakland Co’s.

So unless Rick has something up his sleeve, Oakland and Wayne counties alone should keep him from winning, but Romney’s inability to do much of anything anywhere else will keep things close.

Biggest loser of the night?  Mr. Irrelevant himself, Newt Gingrich.  Newt has not been able to even carry third place in most of the counties of  the Wolverine state.  In the few that he has done so, five of the six are in northern mainland Michigan (not the Yoopers), and he generally garnered between 8 and 10% of the vote, from beating Ron Paul by 1 vote in Roscommon county, 123 to 122 votes, out of 1600 voters to his landslide 3rd place finish, where he received 355 votes in Leelanau county (sounds Hawaiian, doesn’t it?) out of 3869 votes.

That is where he did well, ladies and gentlemen.  In most other counties he could barely scrape together 5 or 6% of the vote.

The Newt got STOMPED in Michigan tonight. Reminds me of a song…

“Turn out the lights, the party’s over…”


Breaking news:  it’s 10:37 pm, and Mitt has just been declared the winner of the Michigan primary. Looking at the numbers, Rick Santorum did well out there, but wasn’t able to win the major population centers, and wasn’t able to hold the Republican party’s center (if it could truly be said to have one,) and lost a tight race as a result.


Pic of the day:  A wolverine, courtesy of Wikimedia commons.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


Anagram: Another Anagram/ Orange Amaranth

Amaranth Before the Daily Politics, I just want to say that this day for me has barely started and it has already been a long day. Crap going wrong in every direction. It happens though, Nothing to be done about it but go on doing what I have to do.

Hillary Clinton has Won the Puerto Rican Primary! With 91% of Precincts reporting, She has won by a 68%-32%, a 36% Margin. She has also taken the Lions share of the Delegates in this primary, winning that at this point by a 32-14 margin.

Two pieces of Bad news here for Hillary tho. First, she was looking to take a lead in the Popular vote here, but could not due to Low voter turnout. The estimates I have seen and heard of showed me that to do that, she would have to have won by that Margin, but there would have had to have been about 2,000,000 Votes cast with that same margin of victory. Total votes cast with 91% in is 349,256. WELL short of the Number she needed to regain the Popular vote lead.

Second, Barack Obama now only need 48 delegates to be able to claim the Title Presumptive Nominee, where she now needs 203, at least according to CNN. Numbers in other places are different, but not that much different.

A Commentary on Yesterday’s DNC Ruling, Hillary Clinton, and words I have heard about the two.

I am unhappy about the fact that Hillary Clinton is losing to someone I think she is better than. I am unhappy that things haven’t turned out quite the way I wanted them to this election cycle. But, do you know something? I have had worse. Bush won twice despite what I felt about it. He won even tho I saw an election where the popular vote was countermanded by 537 people in Florida and hanging chads. Ralph Nader took votes away from Al Gore in Florida in 2000. Al Gore WON That election and yet he was not president. Because we live in a Republic, a representative democracy. Because we have Electors who decide for us who will be President. There were screams of wrongdoing, and screams for change then.

And there are screams of Outrage at what happened yesterday at the DNC. Talk of abandoning ship, Of Voting for McCain instead of Obama, should Obama be the Nominee, which is how it looks like it’s going to go. Why would you do that? Is your sense of outrage that strong that you will let it blind you into making the wrong choice in picking the President, perhaps the most important political choice we, as Americans, make?

I Understand the Anger, but in truth I cannot join you in your outrage. Why? Here is how this goes. You had to Know, that no matter what else happened, Those states that went early, against the rules, Regardless of the reason or the reasoning, were going to be punished in some form. You and I both know that someone here was going to get shafted, That someone was going to feel like they have been done wrong by. There is no way that this process was going to please everyone.

Does it surprise you that this happened? If so, why? Despite what you may have thought, There was NO WAY that Barack Obama was going to walk away from Michigan without Delegates. There is not much else for the DNC to do but give half votes to Florida and Michigan. What was their Choice? What could they have done? Punishment was going to be handed out,and they had no other Punishment they could conceivably hand out. Did you think NOTHING was going to happen? Are you that Naive?

No you aren’t. You want those election results to stand because that’s the way the people voted. Good as far as It goes, but since it’s not a National election, it is run for and by the Party. Meaning it is Subject to the party’s rules. These states Broke those rules. And much as I hate to say it, you should know better than to complain when rules are broken and a punishment is handed down for it.

I wanted those delegates seated, I cared Not how tho. The states needed to be represented, but I was certain, from almost the beginning that any representation would be less than 100% of what would have been, had they followed the rules of the DNC to begin with.

When I hear people say they will abandon the party because of this, I am reminded here of a quote I am fond of By Marcus Aurelius, from His “Meditations”. ” Reject your sense of Injury, and the Injury Itself Disappears”. It took me time to learn this. It is not an easy lesson to master, despite it’s seeming simplicity. I had MUCH anger towards Sen Obama after the Reverend wright thing, and Vented it at him, and held a serious grudge against him. But I calmed down, stepped away, dropped the grudge over this stupid little man wright, and now things are better. I still Think Hillary is a Better Candidate, but I can live with an Obama Presidency now, where before I would not suffer the thought.

So to all Of Hillary’s disgruntled Supporters out there who want to Vote McCain as a protest of the recent DNC events, Please, we are all democrats are we not? To give your vote to McCain would be to abandon your principles when you need them most. Stick with the Party. You’ll be glad you did.

And if you aren’t all that sure about that last statement, I have something for you.


1) The man has no clue. Seriously..take a look at his website. Example: His Mortgage plan is the least helpful plan possible for people who are being crushed financially by the mortgage crises. He has them Re-applying for a Home loan through the FHA and then simply replaces the old Mortgage with a new one. Good? Not really, for those who are out on a limb here, this in no help. This is simply replacing debt with debt.

2) HE WILL KEEP US IN IRAQ. That statement should be enough to get any Democrat who is thinking about voting for McCain to stop in his or her tracks.

3)This man claims to look out for our armed forces, and yet said he was against Helping them get the Best education we can afford to give them! He said he was Against Sen. Webb’s bill to increase the amount of help a G.I. Can get for college, claiming there was a study that said it would negatively Impact Retention rates…despite the fact that The self same study said that was not the case!

4)The man is Notorious for his temper and his inability to manage his anger. Is that the Kind of guy you want in control of a Nuclear Arsenal and the strongest Military on earth? I’d think HARD about that before answering.

Think Before you vote. If McCain is still the better Candidate, then vote for him. But Don’t vote for him simply as a mood protest because things did not go your way. That is wrong. Vote for the Best candidate, not against the organization that runs your party because it ruled against your candidate.

That’s it for the Opinion, News, and Election results. Onto Personal stuff.

Guitar: I have not played much guitar today, call it 10 minutes worth on the Staten Island Ferry o the way into work earlier this afternoon. Hit the Major scales on the boat. Did some symmetrical scales there, haven’t done that in a while. Noodled a bit. I’m gonna play more as soon as I can. I have been busier then hell the last few hours. It’s taken me 4 hours to write this. One sentence at a time, while away from the computer working on some projects here at the office. That’s not easy. but i’ll get some playing in.

Video: I have a good one here today folks. A Guitar lesson From Tony Macalpine. Hella Guitarist.

That’s it for Me. JAM ON!

Today’s Nuggets, Via Wikiquote: Senators, it is true that I am hard of hearing, but you will find it is not for want of listening. As for speaking, again, it’s true I have an impediment. But isn’t what a man says more important than how long he takes to say it? It’s true again I have little experience of government. But then, have you more? I at least have lived with the imperial family who has ruled this empire ever since you so spinelessly handed it over to us. I’ve observed it working more closely than any of you. Is your experience better than that? As for being half-witted, well, what can I say – except that I have survived to middle age with half my wits, while thousands have died with all of theirs intact. Evidently, quality of wits is more important than quantity. From the BBC Mini-series I, Claudius

I can calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people. Isaac Newton

Anagram: All Fifty States/A Flat Fist Style

The Spirit of \'76It’s Finally Over! We Have all fifty States in the Fold! Michigan and Florida count! WOOOHOOOO!!!

I have been listening to XM Potus 130 for the last few hours in what manner I have at my disposal and I have to tell you, it was somewhat nerve racking waiting, and waiting …. and waiting … for the members of the rules and By-laws committee to come back from their “Lunch break” There were reports that it went long, several hours long, because there was a deal being worked on behind the scenes. And afterwards, things, which had been moving relatively slowly, moved with what could be called Lightning speed. Florida had a delegation within 15 minutes of returning from lunch break. Michigan took a little bit more in the way of debate on the floor, but it seemed more a formality than anything.

As it stands right now, both the Florida and Michigan delegations will be seated in full, but will only get One half a vote each. Further, the Michigan delegation will have it’s delegates reapportioned 69-59 as per a resolution put forth By the Michigan delegation. BTW The Magic Number for The Nomination is now 2,118.

Quoting a story from the ap, this giving the delegate breakdown: “Obama picked up a total of 32 delegates in Michigan, including super delegates who have already committed, and 36 in Florida. Clinton picked up 38 in Michigan, including super delegates, and 56.5 in Florida. Obama’s total increased to 2,052, and Clinton had 1,877.5.” END QUOTE. For the entire story, Click Here

I may be a Clinton Supporter, but I am Very much pleased by the fact that we now have all of the state delegations seated at the Convention in Denver. Even with the delegates getting only half a vote each, it is still representative of the vote as it happened, or as close as you can get to it and still maintain some level of fairness in the process. That is the Important thing as far as I see it.

There were those at the Rules and By-laws committee meeting that were nothing short of Insanely Unruly. They made something of a mockery of the whole process. Jim Roosevelt, The Committee Co-chair pretty much summed it up when he said to a few hecklers ” “You are dishonoring your candidate when you disrupt the speakers,” Brother is right. As much as I would have liked to see Hillary Clinton get exactly the votes and delegates as originally apportioned, I am more than pleased that the delegations are there. That is the most important thing.

I am hoping there wil be no major objections about this. If there are, They are based on greed and personal need and not the wants of the nation or the party, which in this case come first.

That’s all for this subject, at least for today. Next Up…Obama Leaves The Church of SATAN!!

Ok It’s not actually the church of Satan, Anton LeVay has nothing to do with this. But if ya think about it, it’s close enough. First there was Reverend Wright Hating America and White people, and blaming the Government for the spread of HIV/Aids , and then there was Father Pfleger aka Father Psycho Mocking Hillary about her thinking she’s entitled to the Presidency and that there’s a Black man stealing her Job, or what the hell ever the Douche bag said.

Sen. Obama HAD to leave. It was the only way. If he didn’t break ties with them, they would have dragged him down with them into whatever hellbound horseshit they are mired in, and it would have dragged down his hopes for being the President of The United States. Quoting a BBC Story on the Subject:

“We don’t want to have to answer for everything that is stated in the church,” Mr Obama said, speaking in South Dakota, which holds its primary election on Tuesday. “On the other hand, we also don’t want a church subjected to the scrutiny that a presidential campaign legitimately undergoes.” Mr Obama’s campaign was rocked by his association with Mr Wright, who officiated at his wedding and baptised his daughters, after some of his controversial sermons emerged on the Internet.” END QUOTE. For the entire story, click here

It is good to see Common sense finally running through Sen. Obama’s head on this subject. there was anything but that the first time this church silliness wafted through the American Consciousness a few months back. He said he would no sooner toss Reverend Wright “under the bus” than toss his own apparently racist Grandmama under it. Then a few weeks later tossed Him Under it. He had to tho. The man Laid under the wheels of the damn thing and said I DARE YA TO RUN ME OVER. well, ok it wasn’t QUITE like that, but I think you get my meaning. The man Reiterated every stupid thing he said, and this time no one had to go to youtube to see it, because he made it easy for us by doing it on every major network on the Planet LIVE.

He kinda had to at that point. Go Barack. Do what you have to.

That’s It for Barack and the Church of Satan.

Next: What Republican is running for Vito Fossella’s soon to be vacated seat?

With all the Other candidates looking like they’d rather be anywhere but In Fossella’s seat in The House of Representatives, The S.I. G.O.P. Picked Former Wall Street Exec, Francis Powers to run for the seat. Quoting a New York Times story on the Subject:

“Mr. Powers, known within the party primarily for his fund-raising efforts for several Staten Island candidates, has not run for public office before. He is a board member of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and in 2002, retired from the investment management firm Weiss, Peck & Greer, where he was a partner and managing director. The decision to endorse Mr. Powers, who was Mr. Fossella’s finance chairman, came just hours after State Senator Andrew J. Lanza announced that he would not be a candidate for Congress. Mr. Lanza had been widely viewed as the party’s likely choice, with the best chance of retaining the seat for the Republicans.” END QUOTE. For the whole story, click here

I wish the man all the luck in the world, he’s gonna need it. Being a democrat and looking at the way things seem to be shaking out for the Republicans, A victory for the republicans here doesn’t look like the lock one would normally think it would be, given the conservative nature of the Borough of Staten Island. I’ll get you Poll numbers on this race when they become available. Probably won’t be until around September when those numbers start coming in.

That’s It for News, Politics, and Opinion. Onto the Music and a Video.

Guitar: Scalarific! I Played the Following:
Ionian Mode(Major), all keys. In all modes and scales, First key F, last key E.
Dorian Mode, all keys.
Phyrigian Mode, all keys.
Lydian Mode, all keys.
Mixolydian Mode, all keys.
Aeolian Mode(Minor), all keys.
Locrian Mode, All Keys.
Five Variations of the Pentatonic scale, all keys.

I also played around a fair bit with sweep picking and arpeggios. The sweep picking for some reason today I just could not wrap my head around. Try as I might, I was at best sub-par. If The Right hand technique was on, I was off with my left hand, just not keeping up. When I felt like I had the Left hand down, The Picking became an issue. I hunkered down and slowed up, and eventually got it to go for me. Could not move fast for the life of me tho.

Paul Gilbert I am not. Not by a Long shot.

I noodled for a bit as well. Played a few chord progressions. I-IV-V. I-VI-V. ii,iii,vi. Toyed around with pedal point stuff a bit. Ya Know, play an open A repetitively while working around the fretboard with various chords and triads in A minor or A major or A pentatonic, occasionally chromatic. In Other words, I had fun. Good day playing for your truly.

Video: SLAYER: WAR ENSEMBLE. No Video, just the Album Cover art. And great Music!

That’s it from This End. JAM ON!

Today’s Nuggets, Via Wikiquote: The right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which other rights are protected. To take away this right is to reduce a man to slavery, for slavery consists in being subject to the will of another, and he that has not a vote in the election of representatives is in this case. Thomas Paine

Mankind naturally and generally love to be flatter’d: Whatever sooths our Pride, and tends to exalt our Species above the rest of the Creation, we are pleas’d with and easily believe, when ungrateful Truths shall be with the utmost Indignation rejected. “What! bring ourselves down to an Equality with the Beasts of the Field! with the meanest part of the Creation! ‘Tis insufferable!” But, (to use a Piece of common Sense) our Geese are but Geese tho’ we may think ’em Swans; and Truth will be Truth tho’ it sometimes prove mortifying and distasteful. Benjamin Franklin

Anagram: Forty Eight and Two/Dang! We Thrifty Too!

dncc_logo_800x600-thumbMany thoughts on Michigan and Florida and Delegates today. The one I have in this post is about the thoughts I heard from Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan. The Man made a compelling case for Michigan when i heard him speak today. The man, impassioned, angry, and defiant, spoke on the causes of the decision to have the Michigan primary early. He spoke of anger and unhappiness that New Hampshire and Iowa have always gone first. He spoke of initially wanting to just move the Michigan Primary up earlier than either of those two states in 2004, but of being asked not to By then DNC Chair Terry MacAuliffe….You know, perhaps I had better just let him say it to you himself.

This is the vast majority of a transcript of his statement before the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee.

“So what did this commission do? They said, “Insert one or two caucuses between Iowa and New Hampshire.” And what did Michigan do? We accepted it. We praised it. And then we applied, and then there were going to be four early primaries or caucuses. Our co-chair has gone over that. That was part of it too. We said fine. We applied to be one of the four. We didn’t succeed. What did we do? We said, “We accept that. Got it? We accept that. We’re not one of the four pre-window states, providing New Hampshire accepts it.”

New Hampshire didn’t accept it. Their secretary of state unilaterally announced they were going to jump ahead of the rules. And we tried over and over again to get the answer from the Democratic
National Committee. “Will you enforce the new rule against New Hampshire?” We couldn’t even get an answer to that question. We could not get an answer as to whether or not a rule so significant
that finally, finally, a state, at least one, would have an opportunity to go that early, with all of the huge impact that going early has — and the commission recognized that impact.

The commission’s findings were that — if I can get my right page here — take my time? Thank you. I think I’m running out of time. But the commission concluded, “There are serious” — this is —
remember, this commission was appointed by a national convention in 2004, by the way. You can’t get higher than a national convention.

The convention decided to appoint this commission, and here’s what the commission found — serious concerns that Iowa and New Hampshire are not fully reflective of the Democratic electorate or the national electorate generally, and therefore do not place Democratic candidates before a representative range of voters in the critical early weeks of the process. And you were right — not you — the commission was right. And then they made that decision. New Hampshire was going to go third.

New Hampshire’s secretary of state, who’s got the power to unilaterally pick a date, made a public announcement: No, they’re not. We go through — we have a chronology here, like yours — press conference, October — excuse me — August 9th, 2007; New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner stated he’s going to jump his state forward to the number two position before Nevada and before the date specified for New Hampshire.

So there we are, back at square one, if this committee would give the rule — would give New Hampshire a waiver so they could do exactly what they’ve been doing for decades. They asked you for a waiver. We said, “Hey, wait a minute. Give New Hampshire a waiver after all this so they can jump to number two again, back to the status quo, back to the privileged position, after this committee issued a rule that they go third?”

You talk about integrity of the rules. Yeah, we’re for that. And we ask you, we ask you — (applause) — we ask the Rules Committee to enforce the new rule. But if you’re not going to enforce it, if you’re going to give New Hampshire a waiver, then give us a waiver. (Applause.) Well, you gave New Hampshire a waiver and you denied us a waiver; put us right back to square one, where we were put in a position of taking on that perpetual privilege which no state should have. And folks, that’s why we’re where we’re at END QUOTE.

If you want to read what little I did not put here, click here

He is not fighting for Barack Obama. He is not fighting for Hillary Clinton. He is fighting for the right of Other states to vote first. He is fighting for the rights of states that are more representative of the nation’s rich heritage and makeup to have influence on the election early. The election process this go around is an aberration, they are usually decided before now. He is fighting for the relevance of other states early in the process.

He says, and I think as he does, that other states should be given the right to go first. New Hampshire and Iowa should not be the first states to go every time. Nevada should have a shot. Texas should have a chance. Michigan should as well. They were given that chance, but New Hampshire took advantage of their position, and moved up past Nevada to be the First Primary. Against the initial ruling of the DNC. Then the DNC Played Nice with them and gave them a waiver, but didn’t give one to Michigan. Why Michigan did not get one I know not.

It sounds to me grossly Unfair to give New Hampshire the benefit of a Waiver, but none for Michigan. To My Mind The Failure here is not Michigan’s. It is the DNC’s for not granting a second waiver.

Seat the Michigan Delegation.

Regular blog with what results come from the DNC Meeting, as well as other politics, news, opinion, videos, Music, and Quotes, coming fairly soon

Anagram: Blood Soaked Dreams/Reloaded Doom Basks

Snowbird Sometimes you read stories in the news, that while not really surprising, catch you just a little off guard. This one is, to put it nicely, disquieting.

According to an associated press report on Iran and Nuclear “blueprints” : The US said the evidence detailed by IAEA Deputy Director General Olli Heinonen increased concerns that Teheran had tried to make such weapons. “Today’s briefing showed … strong reasons to suspect that Iran was working covertly and deceitfully at least until recently to build a bomb,” Gregory L. Schulte, the chief US delegate to the agency, told reporters. END QUOTE. For the whole story, click here

The dates on these reports are from 2003 and 2004, but their is a belief that the work on Nuclear weapons by Tehran went on past that date, and there are ten nations that “had provided intelligence and documentation meant to assist his team in investigating the allegations of hidden nuclear weapons work by Iran”

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the fact that Iran, a nation whose leaders have spoken of wiping Israel off of the face of the earth, is a bit unsettling.

Oh, yeah, the Syrians are working on one as well, apparently, or at the very least they are hiding nuclear facilities from the rest of the world. Last September, the Israelis Bombed a nuclear facility in Damascus, but Syria didn’t say a word about it, and officially neither have the Israelis. Odd, but there is a simple reason for the deception here. The Syrians can’t really admit to having had nuclear facilities bombed by the Israelis, because they aren’t supposed to have any. That would kinda ruin the party for them, ya know? It would tip off the IAEA, and that would open up a can of whoop ass on the Syrians they really can’t afford. Inspectors of all kinds and International pressure of every sort would be brought to bear on the Syrians when what they crave most on this subject is quiet.

Frankly I am expecting to hear about new Bombings by the Israeli air force on Syrian facilities any day now. Let me put it like this, If I know…EVERYONE knows, at least all the important people, Ya know, Like the ones who give orders to the Guys in the IAF.

Hit’em Hard Fellas. Next story….

Gay Marriage to be Recognized In New York. Quoting the BBC Story on this:

“State Governor David Paterson has given state agencies until 30 June to change rules to recognize gay marriages. The news came hours after California said it would start issuing marriage licenses to gay couples from 17 June.” End Quote: for the whole story, Click here

This is not, as Some people would have you believe, an attack On the institution of marriage. It is a step in the right direction for the rights of all people, regardless of who they are. All people have rights, but some apparently have more than others. This is simply a move to correct that situation, to bring us closer to a day when everyone in the world can say they are treated equally, fairly and justly.

Next Up, Presidential Polling:

The most recent polling data is out and the story really has not changed all that much. Barack Obama has a 1% lead over John McCain in the latest Gallup poll. That is aka a statistical dead heat, with a 3% Margin of error and 9% undecided.

Let’s talk about that Undecided there for a second though. There are 5% of the people who would not pick either candidate. They were also given a choice of Other who got 1%, and no opinion, who got 3%. still trying to figure out who that 3% is. It is hard to imagine anyone not having at least some interest in this. After all, the future is at stake every election, and this one is no different.

Still that 5% intrigues me. Could that mean a small but statistically relevant percentage of the Population could end up voting for Bob Barr and Ralph Nader this year? Because if Both of those gentlemen get a significant portion of the vote they are after, it will weaken both parties. Barr is a VERY Conservative man, and would pull people from the far right away from McCain and towards him, just as Nader would pull people from the far left from Obama.

We’ll see. Up next…

From the Boston Herald: “A top Clinton supporter in Michigan said today the state Democratic Party’s plan to split the convention delegates between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama is “fatally flawed.” Democratic National Committee member Joel Ferguson sent a letter today to the co-chairs of the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee seeking to seat all of Michigan’s delegates based on the results of the disputed Jan. 15 election. Failing that, he says the pledged delegates should get a half-vote each and superdelegates should get a full vote, a plan Florida also is proposing.” End Quote. for the whole story, Click here

I don’t know that even with a Full stack of delegates for Hillary here, she greatly Improves her chances to Get the Nomination nod from the Democrats. And she can’t expect that The DNC won’t award Some delegates to Barack Obama. He wold have garnered SOME delegates in Michigan, had his name been on the ballot in Michigan. The Clinton people are saying Obama should get No delegates because…well…because he got none because he pulled his name off of the ballot.

While I agree with the sentiment, you have to understand that Had he kept his name on the ballot, he would have gotten Some delegates, so you cannot have it where he gets NO delegates, when he would have gotten some if he had actually had his name on the ballot. And while I think that he should suffer for not having his name on the ballot, It should not be at the expense of the wants of the People of Michigan. Some number of them would have voted for him, and to Give no delegates to Obama would be to speak against the will of the People. And no matter how you slice it, that is wrong.

I was, And am, A Hillary Clinton Supporter, but I do not think she can win, regardless of the outcome of the rules committee meetings about Michigan and Florida. It sucks, but at this point you have to be realistic and say she has lost. It’s all over but the shouting. I want her to pull this out, and I hope she does, but i just don’t see it.

That’s it for the News, Politics, Polling, and Opinion. Onto Music.

Guitar: A continuation of the Million Mode March today. I played on the Acoustic, and I played every Mode in every key. I played the 2+ octave, three note per string variety modes. I also played Minor Pentatonic scales, all keys, 2 notes per string, 2+ octaves. Major Pentatonic, all keys but not all strings, 3 notes per string, One Octave variety. Only hit the first three sets of strings, AKA 6th and 5th, 5th and 4th, 4th and 3rd. I got a little sidetracked and never got back to them.

I also played a few snippets of songs here and there. Melissa from the allman brothers, you can’t kill rock and roll, Ozzy are the ones that come to mind right now, I know there were more.

I also played a few of my songs. I have described them, I think in a few places. I am going to have to give these things names i think. I feel kinda silly having to describe my songs musically instead of having that name to say which would the evoke something besides “HUH?”

Video time: An oldie but a Goodie, Jethro Tull: Life’s a Long Song.

I am done. I’m busy at work, but said screw it, I’m gonna blog to my hearts content. JAM ON!

Today’s Nuggets, Via Wikiquote: Pleasure is very seldom found where it is sought. Our brightest blazes of gladness are commonly kindled by unexpected sparks. The flowers which scatter their odours from time to time in the paths of life, grow up without culture from seeds scattered by chance. Samuel Johnson

When we examine the opinions of men, we find that nothing is more uncommon, than common sense; or, in other words, they lack judgment to discover plain truths, or to reject absurdities, and palpable contradictions. Baron D’Holbach, Paul-Henri Thiry

Anagram: Democratic Party/Pry At Comedic Rat

Sometimes you get sidetracked doing things, and they don’t go as planned. A few examples will follow. one personal, One real news, One kinda news.

Real News First. The Democratic national convention rules committee will be meeting on Saturday, to, amongst other things, fix a problem that I am sure they didn’t think would exist before the States of Michigan and Florida would throw them a curve ball. That curve ball, we all know, is a thing called their primaries, which they held early, before February 5th, in the somewhat mistaken belief that it would make them more relevant to the primary process. Well, It kinda has, but not exactly in the way they had planned. As you all know, These two states, because they had their primaries early, and because the Democratic party is a bunch of unbending idiots who don’t know the meaning of the term “for the good of the party”, have no delegates seated at this point in the Convention in Denver. This mess should have been cleaned up months ago, but between Barack Obama stymieing the attempts at a re vote in Michigan, and Howard Dean’s amazingly unyielding attitude, have kept these two parties from the big dance in Denver.

The Republicans have the same issue, but they dealt with it like professionals. It irks the SHIT out of me that The Republicans played this card SO much better than we Democrats did. They said to those states “Okay, You F***** up. Here’s how this works. You get half your delegates. we can give you that. You can’t have the primaries before we say you can have them. Got it?” And they got it. Haven’t heard any major complaints from the Republicans, even before McCain became the presumptive nominee. But Us Democrats? Noooooo. Can’t have a simple conversation like that. We need DRAMA. Or at least Howard Dean does. He could have come up with a compromise plan. It’s not like anyone would have killed him for seating SOME delegates early, finding a way to censure these states without creating all this Crap with this pigheaded inflexibility. And that’s what it is. Crap. Capital C Crap.

Howard Dean can Fix the Problems he and his Less than brilliant cohorts came up with here, with a QUICK fix to this issue. Screw Obama. Screw Clinton. Don’t give either party a say. Tell them what has to happen, Give an order and be done with it. Can it actually happen like that? Probably not, but dammit someone has to put their foot down here and MAKE this happen. I don’t Like telling people what to do in most circumstances, but in this case, I’ll make an exception, and for a good reason. All sides here are acting like children, and someone has to be the Adult. Everyone wants what they want, and SCREW The good of the Party, SCREW the voices of all these millions of voters, who are the backbone of your party, because this is the party of the people. That makes ALL DEMOCRATS The backbone of the party. Leaving some out sends the wrong message. In this Case, It’s high time for Howard Dean to put on his big boy pants and GIVE AN ORDER.

Maybe you can tell I’m a wee bit unhappy that this situation has gone this far. It could have been fixed Before It became an issue, before Obama even won Iowa. We all knew they were gonna vote early, but Howard Dean and the Deanettes at the DNC didn’t know how to fix things the right way, AKA as soon as they Pop up, so we get 6+ months worth of drama. I for one am hoping that we get a better leader for the DNC once this election is over. I don’t want to see another election cycle with Dean at the head of things for The Democrats.

Onto the Kinda News, you’ll see why I call it that…

Rachel Ray and those fine people at Dunkin Do Nots stirred things up by having Rach wear something that looked amazingly like a Kaffiyeh. For those who don’t know, Kaffiyeh is a symbol, and a well known one, Of Palestinian hate. I can’t see how a Multi-Billion dollar corporation, with tens of thousands of Employees could not have an idea about this. For their part, they do say that It has a paisley pattern to it, and, therefore, is not a Kaffiyeh. Point Made. I really doubt that RR and DD are saying they back terrorism or muslim extremism. The kid wants to look pretty for the camera, tosses on a scarf and says, “I’m ready for my close-up”. Somehow I’m severely doubting she was Thinking “DEATH TO AMERICA: BUY DD ICED COFFEE, IMPERIALIST DOGS!”

The Rachel as Jihadist claim was made by some commentator named Michelle Malkin on Fox News. Guess she must want that DD spot of Rachel’s bad, if she’s gonna try to get the kid kicked off the DD spot by calling her out as a terrorist supporter.

Seriously tho, Listen, we’re all adult. Mistakes are made. Shit happens. I for one don’t really think it’s a big deal, except that DD didn’t know what a kaffiyeh is. Do I blame Rachel? Nah. She’s a good kid, and I can’t for a second think that either DD Or Rachel really meant anything by it. Just a silly mistake.

With all that said, The ads have been pulled. Maybe with the 4th of July Coming up, they can Photoshop the Image and Have the Scarf RED WHITE AND BLUE, so the fine people at fox won’t freak out quite so much. 🙂 I mean, think about it, with everything going on in the world, do we really need to read this stupid bullshit headline one day?: RACHEL RAY: FASHION TERRORIST!!!!

Please. Maybe Ms. Malkin and the people who decided to call her and DD On the carpet should grab a Cup of DELICIOUS DD ICED COFFEE, maybe the caffeine and sugar would help them think straight.

Malkin’s a Moron. Onto personal stuff.

Guitar: I recorded today! I played the wedding march for my wife for her Blog. I would have this blog done by now (it’s 11:15 as i type these words) but for the time it took to learn, get down and play. Took about 45 minutes, maybe an hour. Truth be known I sucked, but She seemed willing to accept it. My fingernails are too long, and the strings buzzed a bit. I think I only missed one note, but then again, one note missed is One note too many. It is a simple piece of Music to play, at least the way I played it, as a single note line. I think the Whole piece in it’s entirety is around 90 seconds long, maybe less, but I managed to stretch it to 1:54. I’ll toss a link in My blogroll to my wife’s wedding blog at some point. She’s a good kid and a damn sight better writer than I am.

I played a fair bit not including that bit today. I played every mode Yet again, That’s beginning to be a regular thing with me lately. Can’t complain, My playing has gotten better as a result. I’ve been beating the hell out of E Major the last few days, really just hammering it from every angle I can get to. Not for any other reason but to get as much out of it that I can. I’ve spent a great deal of my playing time over the years playing Minor/Pentatonic stuff, with a Minor feel to it, so the happier sound of the Major stuff is a welcome change. Why E major? I think it’s easier to learn from scales and other techniques from somewhere in the open position. After learning it there, then I move stuff around. Build a solid foundation and then grow from there. Sounds right to me.

Played a fair bit with the Line 6 Toneport. Gonna hit it again in a few minutes if I can. created a new sound, similar to the Blues clean that I created, but a little cleaner, and with added chorus….I LOVE my chorus.

Time for a Video I think….Hmmmm….Something other than what you would expect…. No words to describe this, Just enjoy… 🙂

That’s It for Me! JAM ON!

Today’s Nuggets, Via Wikiquote: He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you. Friedrich Nietzsche

I heartily accept the motto, “That government is best which governs least”; and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically. Carried out, it finally amounts to this, which also I believe— “That government is best which governs not at all”; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have. Henry David Thoreau

Anagram: Lost Connection/Not Nicest Colon

Before we get to Obama and McCain, some Crap!!! Today’s blog get’s this interesting title for two reasons. One, the dsl connection we have here went out for the better part of around 90 minutes due to storms running through the area. I told the guy from Verizon this, and he said that wasn’t possible because it was a wireless system!!! Good Lord Amighty!!! It is amazing that the dsl kicked in just fine the second I connected with the guy from verizon……after being on hold for 25 minutes. As for the Wireless comment, I guess he just latched onto the first thought he had and decided to go with it. I have experience with this stuff and…um… DSL ISN’T WIRELESS!!!

Second, I always like my anagram blog titles to be as entertaining as possible. And I think the Not nicest colon thing is an eye-catcher.

Now To Barack and a non issue news item. Seems Little brother got his concentration camps mixed up and the RNC decided to give him an impromptu history lesson. Seems Senator Obama said something about an uncle of his helping to free Auschwitz in ’45. His great uncle, a member of the 89th Infantry division, actually helped free a portion Of Buchenwald, and it would have been impossible for him to have done any helping with Auschwitz, unless he was in the red Army. The Soviets freed Auschwitz.

That the RNC felt the need to say anything here is, well, just the way it goes in politics. Mistakes in speeches get the treatment. But the Conservative bloggers are losing their minds on this one. Now from my vantage point, this is just a mistake, similar to when George Bush Senior Inadvertently said in a speech that the Bombing of Pearl Harbor Happened on September 7th, 1941. Quoting a Redstate.com blog:

“…What’s worse is that he is using the freaking Holocaust to both ingratiate himself with Jewish voters and veterans while using the lie to justify expanding a federal program. For months now we’ve seen Obama lie through his teeth to pander to voters. The media has not once called him on it. Will they now that he has brought the holocaust into his lies? Will they now that he stoops this low to pander to Jewish voters? Its no longer about Obama having no shame. This man has no class” END QUOTE. For the whole shebang, click here.

There’s More. hotair.com (aptly named, if this article is representative of the stuff there) The write-up here actually takes Mr. Obama to task for making a political speech on memorial day to veterans. Admittedly he does get him once good. Obama did kinda make it sound like he was addressing dead people with this line. “On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today — our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.” END QUOTE. for the rest of the story, click here

Mr. Obama, watch that will ya!?!? The Republicans will pound you relentlessly everytime you make mistakes like that. BARACK OBAMA: I SEE DEAD PEOPLE LOL That is funny, ya gotta admit.

In Other Political news, The word is that Michigan and Florida may end up being officially invited to the Convention in Denver. The DNC’S Rules Committee meets this weekend, and I am absolutely certain that there will be a Florida and Michigan seated at the convention after the meeting of the rules committee. If they don’t get seated this weekend by the rules committee, there is something VERY wrong with the Democratic Leadership. How do you cut off well over 2,500,000 voters and call yourself the party of the people? You can’t. Those two states MUST Be admitted to the party or it all means nothing. And if these two states don’t make it, mark your calendars, January 20th will be John McCain’s Inauguration day.

Cutting off Florida and Michigan would be cutting off our nose to spite our face.

One More Political News Blurb: Several U.S. Senators sent letters to.. well, Read an excerpt from the Reuters story:

“Several U.S. senators want Visa Inc and MasterCard Inc, the dominant electronic payment companies, to break down detailed costs associated with transactions called interchange fees, according to letters obtained by Reuters on Tuesday.” Later in the story we see…

“Consumer groups, grocery and drug stores and other retailers are concerned that the payment card industry is setting higher non-negotiable fees for card transactions and the system lacks transparency. Merchants believe that Visa and MasterCard are colluding to set interchange fees much as cartels can fix prices. Earlier this year, Rep. John Conyers, chairman of House Judiciary Committee, introduced legislation that would create a panel to determine interchange rates and terms.” END QUOTE. For the whole story, click here cut and paste this and put it in your browser —>

I am happy to see that the big credit card Companies are being called on the carpet to explain their fees. A Big Thank you goes out to the senators In question, those being Dick Durbin, Herb Kohl, Olympia Snowe and Arlen Spectre. Now, I don’t claim to understand the way they figure out this interchange fee thing, I don’t have the prerequisite Economics Masters degree to do that, but I know enough to say that the fact that these companies made a total of $42,000,000,000 on Interchange fees alone means someone is getting fleeced.

Us. Sick’em Fellas!

That’s it for news, Politics, and Opinion. Onto music.

Guitar: I Played for quite a bit today. And today was yet another Installment of The Million Mode March. Lord I played a bazillion of them today. In all keys and in a great many ways. two notes per string, 3 notes per string, 1 octave, 2 octave, 2+ octave. Also did a joyful little exercise. Pick a Spot on the guitar at random. Then Pick a mode. Play that mode, then all the other associated modes, in whatever order sounds pleasing to the ear. i did that several times. Nothin Says Love Like Ab Locrian, Baybee!

I also played the usual single string alternate picking exercises. I worked on a few songs, or at least chord progressions that sound nice and are very musical. Did one, Just goofing around In E Major, that sounded remarkably like The Allman Brothers song “Melissa”.

Been practicing the wedding march for the last day or two, so I can play it for my wife. She has a wedding blog and wants to use it as a Wave file or some such Ting like that. Wanna make sure I have it down and can do it right before I go to record it. Played it as a single note Line. Sounded Hollow. Like it was missing something. Played it as a two note riff. slightly harder, but no real issue except that It still didn’t sound right. Why you ask? I was playing it in major thirds. It actually made it sound like a dirge.I realized what i was doing wrong and fixed it. It works best in Major fourths. Once I caught that, The song became cake, and went from being a Pain in the ass to done in a matter of minutes.


VIDEO: Grindcore at it’s best: CARCASS: BURIED DREAMS

That’s it for me. JAM ON!

Today’s Nuggets, from Milton Friedman, Via Wikiquote: I say thank God for government waste. If government is doing bad things, it’s only the waste that prevents the harm from being greater.

One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.

A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.