May 2012 Running Commentary

Once a month I clear out the content on my Running Commentary page and place it here on the main page to make room for fresh content on that page. This is the May 2012 Running Commentary. Enjoy!


This month: 98.18 miles. Longest run: 15.2 miles (May 4tt) Shortest run: 3.8 miles (May 22nd) 13 runs in 31 days during the month. Average run distance for the month: 7.552 miles

2012 Mileage total: 899.34 miles Longest run of the year: 15.2 miles (March 11th, April 1st, May 4th) Shortest run of the year: 3.8 miles (February 6th, May 22nd). 114 runs on the year. Average run distance: 7.888 miles


This has to be about the most injury plagued month I’ve had in three years. I had my left knee go out on me so badly that I needed a cane to walk around at one point early in the month.  After getting over that, and getting a few fairly long runs in, I ran into a Hamstring problem.  I took 6 days off to heal it up.  I truly thought it was healed enough to run on and ran on it.  I ran relatively short distances for a few days, but that didn’t matter.  It got worse.

Took a few more days off, hoping it would be enough where I could race on it.  It was a faint hope, but I had missed this self same race one year prior due to a hamstring injury, and was not about to miss 2 years in a row because of my hamstrings, not after paying good money to race both times.  I ran a damn good race, even though I re-re-aggravated the injury less than 2 and a ½ minutes into the race.  Ran sub 7:20.  Pretty damn happy about that.  But now, on June first, as I write this, I have a grapefruit sized bruise on my right hamstring.  That race effort took a bad grade one hamstring pull and made it a bad grade two hamstring pull.

I do not expect to get back to running until June 8th at the earliest.  I can not walk without some level of discomfort, though the leg is better now than it was a scant few days ago.

I fully expect that by the end of June, I will be back to running long and strong and fast.  But I will make sure I take my time getting there.  I do not want to make the injury worse than it is, and lengthen the time for recovery.


Tues., May 1st:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.

Wed., May 2nd: NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.

Thur., May 3rd: NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.  Three days off, one of which was scheduled.  May 1st I was taking off because I was fried from running 50 miles in 5 days at a high pace for me.  I was busy and working late on the 2nd and 3rd.

Fri., May 4th:  Ran 15.2 miles in 2:01:02.57, a 7:57.80 m/m pace.  68 degrees, partly cloudy.  After 4 days off I wanted to go long to get some miles under foot, just go long, see how far I could go. I’m pretty happy that I managed to knock out over 15 miles today. I was hoping to do this distance, but after three days off I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Felt my hip on my left side twinge a bit on the 7th of 8 laps, and it slowed me down a bit at the end of the run, but not all that much, and it seemed better after the run was over.

Sat., May 5th:  Ran 11.4 miles  in 1:25:33.81, a 7:30.33 m/m pace.  57 degrees, intermittent rain, wind.  I pushed about as hard as I was capable out there.  The speed surprised me out here, as I was expecting to not be able to get moving that fast the day after running as slow as I did yesterday.  I was completely spent after the run.  I had nothing left.

Sun., May 6th:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.  My left knee has locked up on me, completely.  It’s sore, and I can’t bend the knee without pain.  Done, for how long I have no idea.  Hope to be back on the road in a few days, tomorrow would be wonderful, but I don’t know that it’ll happen.

Mon., May 7th:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.

Tues., May 8th:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.

Wed., May 9th:   Ran 5.7 miles in 44:33.81, a 7:49.08 m/m pace.  68 degrees, cloudy, breezy, humid.  It’s nice to be back out on the road after three days off because of the knee injury.  Think that the reason for the injury was running too long too fast , and my body could not do it, and the knee broke down.  Three laps here shows things are OK with the knee, especially with my final lap being a 7:35 pace, after 2 laps of 7:55 + pace.  Same distance tomorrow, maybe a hair more if I hit the hills.  160 Burpees.  I don’t jump when I do these things cause I don’t want to, so there only kinda burpees, but they’re still hella hard work.

Thur., May 10th:  Ran 6.06 miles in 43:41.38, a 7:12.57 m/m pace.  61 degrees, mostly sunny, breezy.  I busted my ass out there on the hills today.  Tested the knee and myself out there, and enjoyed every second of it.  Ran my fastest uphill (7:23 pace)at the end of the run, and my fastest downhill (6:58 pace) was my last downhill.  I was not expecting this kind of speed this close to that injury, but I’m glad I had it.  Runs like today are why I like hill runs.  160 Burpees.  The Wednesday workout was so nice, I had to do it twice.  Sore from yesterday, still felt good hitting it.

Fri., May 11th:  Ran 11.4 miles in 1:23:49.19, a 7:21.15 m/m pace.  66 degrees, sunny, windy.  I kept my feet moving as fast as they would go, and tried to be as fast as I could.  I was surprised when I saw what my pace was after the first lap(7:24.21 pace), and did everything I could to keep that pace up for the entire run.  3 seconds per mile faster.  Nice.  My knee felt fine for most of the run, though I thought I felt something near the end of the run.  Don’t feel anything wrong with it now.  No exercise.

Sat., May 12th:  Ran 10.48 miles in 1:18:01.67, a 7:26.72 m/m pace.  71 degrees, sunny, breezy.  After 1 lap in the park, I noticed a walk for charity just starting up in front of me, so I stopped and decided to run hills to avoid them.  Ran a 2.86 mile out and back  from the logan ave sign on Victory up the hill to Royal Oak Road, then ran my normal hill course to Martling and Clove three times.  My time in the park was pretty quick (7:23.4 pace) and I kept a quick pace (7:27.41) on the hills as well.  200 Knuckle push-ups.

Sun., May 13th:  Ran 6.86 miles in 48:56.02, a 7:07.99 m/m pace.  75 degrees, partly cloudy, breezy.  3 laps in the park +  the run to the park from Knox and Royal Oak road and back.  I flew in the park today.  Today I ran damn near the fastest three laps in the park that I’ve ever run.  And the run up the hill on Victory and back down was just as fast, surprisingly.  Great weather for a late evening run.  225 knuckle push-ups.

Mon., May 14th:  Ran 9.5 miles in 1:08:54.22, a 7:15.18 m/m pace.  67 degrees, cloudy, humid.  I told myself to go as far as I could today, and surprised myself by being very fast from the start, so I cut off at 5 park laps.  I was not expecting to, and wasn’t trying to run sub 7:20, I just ran, and it happened.  Nice.  Hamstring tightened up on me during the last 200 yards or so of the run, it bears watching, with the Memorial day race coming up.  160 Burpees.

Tues, May 15th:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.

Wed., May 16th:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.

Thur., May 17th:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.

Fri., May 18th:  NO RUN NO EXERCISE.  I attempted to run today, after giving myself 3 days off to rest the strained hamstring.  One minute and 12 seconds into the run, the hamstring tightened up on me again.  Dammit.  I have a race coming up in 10 days.  I would like to get some training in, and maybe even be able to race.  $%^@#%$ is about the best way to put it.

Sat., May 19th:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.

Sun., May 20th:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.

Mon., May 21st:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.

Tues., May 22nd:  Ran 3.8 miles in 31:29.32, an 8:17.18 m/m pace. 1 stop at the 1.9 mile mark.   71 degrees, cloudy, humid.  After 3 failed attempts in the past week to get any running done, I finally got back to the run paths.  I’m a runner again!  WOOOOHOOOOO!!!  I was tentative throughout the run, never trying to go fast, keeping the stride rate low, keeping my stride short, just to be on the safe side.  And the hamstring is sore, but it is normal soreness, nothing that indicates a re-aggravation of the injury.  Will run the same distance tomorrow, without the stop if possible.  There is a plan to get me to the race healthy and uninjured with me running every day.  Hoping it works!  150 knuckle push-ups.

Wed., May 23rd:  Ran 5.7 miles in 45:24.18, a 7:57.92 m/m pace.  71 degrees, cloudy, humid.  Noon start.  After going 2 laps with a break at the half way point yesterday, I initially decided to go 2 without a break today.  During the second lap I said the hell with it and added a third lap.  Ran the third lap slower than the first 2, but not by much.  Happy to be able to go the distance.  Hamstring seemed fine, and frankly I probably could have gone longer.  Hills tomorrow.  175 knuckle push-ups.

Thur., May 24th:  Ran 4.04 miles in 29:59.54, a 7:25.43 m/m pace.  62 degrees, cloudy, humid, windy.  3:15 start, one stop.  I was going to go longer, 6.06 on the hills, but stopped after 4.04 after my right quad started giving me trouble.  My right hammy felt odd, for lack of a better term, but is not hurt.  Not sure what happened there, but I wasn’t wiling to injure myself further so I stopped.  Happy that I was able to run as fast as I did.  From an 8:17 on flat ground to 7:25 on the hills is something of a major feat for me.  Hope the quad thing isn’t major. 200 knuckle push-ups.

Fri., May 25th:  Ran 4.04 miles in 32:00.92, a 7:55.47 pace.  64 degrees, cloudy, humid.  9:45am start, no stops.  The right quad was fine.  The right hammy cramped up on me.  It isn’t tight, it just cramped up on me.  It was sore for a bit, but it is not tight, so I don’t think it’s a real issue.  I hope it isn’t.  My time was greatly affected by it, even with me telling myself to just take it slow today.  I went slower when it started to get sore during mile 2, trying to keep it from becoming a major issue.  Going back to running on flat ground for tomorrow, I think.  Exercise info when I get to it.

Sat., May 26th:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.  Pulled Hamstring.  No nothing until the race on Monday.

Sun., May 27th: NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.

Mon., May 28th:  Ran 4 miles in 29:18.13,  a 7:19.53 m/m pace.  80 degrees, sunny.  I pulled the hammy badly at the 2:24 mark of the race.  Ran through it, pushed about as hard as I could and managed a decent time.  I’m happy with it, seeing how 24 hours prior I couldn’t even manage a trot, never mind a run.  I am going to take a minimum of 7 days off after this.  I need the time to heal, I can barely walk on the thing at this point.  Iced, elevated, and wrapped at the moment.  Need it.

Tues., May 29th:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.  Grade 2 hamstring pull.

Wed., May 30th:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.  No running.

Thur., May 31st:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE. And none until at least Friday of next week.  June 8th is the earliest I do anything.  I need to heal before I work this hamstring at all.


That’s it from here America.  More later, Methinks.

May 2011 Running Commentary

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the content on my Running Commentary, Random Thoughts, and 12 Notes pages and place them here on the main page to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is the May 2011 Running Commentary.  Enjoy!



Sun., May 1st:  Ran 13.3 miles, un-timed.  60 degrees, sunny, breezy.  Longest run of the year so far, I didn’t push hard, but the distance run gave it the feel of a hard effort.  I did pick up the pace at the end of the run, just to see if I had a final kick left in me, felt good to have one after nearly an hour forty five of running.  150 push-ups, 150 crunches.  Easy workout after a hard run .

Mon., May 2nd:  Ran 5.2 miles in 37:40.66, a 7:14.74 m/m pace.  57 degrees, partly cloudy.  I told myself as I was going out the door I wasn’t going to push hard.  Two steps in I started to push hard, and I didn’t let up at all the entire run.  This was everything I had at this point in my day.  Surprisingly, I didn’t have any knee pain this time around.  Helluva run.  100 Push-ups, 75 beginner knuckle push-up burpees. Light short workout, and it was as much as I had time for .

Tues., May 3rd:  Ran 5.2 miles in 39:06.50, a 7:31.25 m/m pace.  68 degrees, partly cloudy.  Took it easy during the first half of the run, and picked it up for the second half.  Hit the half way point of the run at 19:50 (7:37.69 pace).  Ran the second half 36 seconds faster (7:24.61 pace.) No pain at all from the knee, or anywhere else for that matter.  Felt good on a great evening for a run. 96 (12 sets of 8 ) KPU, chin-up, ceiling kick burpees.  Gotta find a better name for this exercise.  This kicked my ass!  Nice!

Wed., May 4th:  Ran 5.2 miles in 38:06.25, a 7:19.66 m/m pace.  48 degrees, cloudy, windy.  Busted it out there today. Felt good pushing this hard today, when I didn’t think I had this kind of effort in me.About the same effort as the one I put in Monday.  Left knee was sore, as was my right hamstring, but it was only a minor issue. 175 push-ups, 35 chin-ups .

Thur., May 5th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 54:11.54, a 7:37.96 m/m pace.  58 degrees, clear.  3 laps in the park at dusk.  I ran pretty hard out there today, not as hard as I did yesterday, but it was a strong effort.  I thought I was faster than this, but it was as fast as I was capable of tonight.  No pain at all from the knee or the hamstrings.  Nice. 175 push-ups, 35 chin-ups, identical to yesterday’s workout, short, due to lack of time for exercise.

Fri., May 6th: NO RUN, NO WORKOUT

Sat., May 7th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 53:29.16, a 7:31.99 m/m pace.  55 degrees, sunny.  I started with a nice even pace, and pushed that pace harder as the run went on.  By the second of three park laps, I was motoring nearly at full speed, and actually had to slow down for a little bit during the third lap, because I had been pushing too hard for too long, and was feeling it.  Beautiful morning for a run.  No exercise, too busy today.

Sun., May 8th:  Ran 10.9 miles un-timed.  62 degrees, sunny.  Beautiful day for a run.  I actually pushed pretty hard in spots out there today, surprising more because I usually don’t do that during longer (10+ mile) runs, but the great weather and the feeling that I could made it too difficult to pass up.  This ranks with some of the best run days of the year, of the last few years.  No pain, no knee or ankle issues.  125 push-ups, 125 crunches, 25 chin-ups, 50 KPU chin-up ceiling kick burpeesThis exercise STILL need a new name, dammit.

Mon., May 9th:  Ran 5.62 miles in 40:41.86, a 7:14.49 m/m pace.  66 degrees, sunny.  I had no idea I was going quite this fast out there today. This was everything I had, and dammit, this felt good.  I had pain in my left knee early, but it disappeared after about 4 minutes of running.  I had to run around a ton of people out there today.  Probably why I was so fast.  200 KPU Burpees.  Broke a serious sweat doing this, first time I’ve done this particular exercise in a while, busted it.

Tues., May 10th:  Ran 5.2 miles in 36:59.74, a 7:06.87 m/m pace.  54 degrees, partly sunny.  Fastest run of the year.  Started out fast, got a boost on the downhill to the park, by running with some guy, trying to stay ahead of him on the downhill.  He was fast.  I was faster, barely.  Kept the speed and tried to increase it in the park.  Zoom and other such statements.  No pain at all.  Nice.  180 push-ups, 150 crunches.  Fast workout, would have done more, but I started late, less than an hour before bedtime.

Wed., May 11th:  Ran 5.62 miles in 42:08.70, a 7:29.94 m/m pace.  60 degrees, partly cloudy.  Took my time on tonight’s hill run, kinda.  In comparison to the last few days, I took my foot off of the gas, but it was still a sub 7:30 on hills, not exactly a weak effort.  Stomach was bothering me for a lil bit, must’ve had too much coffee prior to the run, made it harder to run. Fun run otherwise.

Thurs., May 12th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 53:22.88, a 7:31.11 m/m pace.  56 degrees, partly cloudy.  Starting work late, so I ran early today.  Up at 5 am, out before 6, back before 7.  I stretched my stride here, might not look like it, looking at my time, but I did.  I pushed hard, at least for me, during a morning run, before work.  No knee pain, no issues to speak of.  Great morning for a run.

Fri., May 13th: NO RUN, NO WORKOUT.

Sat., May 14th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 54:31.4, a 7:40.76 m/m pace.  57 degrees, cloudy, humid.  Knee was an issue for the first half of the run, bad enough where I had to stop near the ½ way point.  It got loose on me, and I needed the stop to straighten it out.  I moved faster, and with less pain after the stop, and my time improved somewhat.  I didn’t really push it though, wanting to keep from doing more harm to it.  100 standard burpees, 125 push-ups, 125 crunches, 45 chin-ups.  I just went with what felt right, broke a decent enough sweat.

Sun., May 15th:  Ran 14.7 miles in 1:53.24, a 7:42.85 m/m pace.  61 degrees, cloudy, rain/drizzle, fog.  Longest run of the year, so far.  Took it slow early, ran an 8:00 m/m pace for the first 4 ½ miles, pushed it after that, ran the next 10.2 miles 25 seconds per mile faster. Which is only part of the story.  Lap 3 I ran at a 7:45, lap 4 I was faster than that(7:36 pace,) and laps 5 thru 7 I ran at or under a 7:30 m/m pace.  Helluva run!  200 push-ups, 40 chin-ups.

Mon., May 16th: NO RUN NO WORKOUT.

Tues., May 17th:  Ran 9 miles in 1:06:34, a 7:23.77 m/m pace.  60 degrees, cloudy, breezy, occasional showers.  After a long two days of hair on fire worrying about things on several fronts that I choose not to write of here, I finally got a run in late afternoon, and decided to run longer than normal, not knowing when I will next be able to run.  Ran to clear my head, concentrated on form.  I ignored everything else. It was the right way to go.  I feel better now, except I did something to my left pinky toe, dammit.  200 push-ups, 40 chin-ups.

Wed., May 18th:  Ran 6.65 miles in 48:11.47, a 7:14.8 m/m pace.  61 degrees, rain, heavy at times, windy. Fast hill running in this weather is not something I expected of myself.  Pretty happy with it. Strong fast pace, about as much as I am capable of at this point in my running life, given conditions, and conditioning.  Left knee was an issue for a moment, but only a moment, left pinky toe is still sore.  225 push-ups, 45 chin-ups .

Thur., May 19th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 53:33.15, a 7:32.55 m/m pace.  63 degrees, partly cloudy.  I decided to take the foot off of the gas today, at least in my head. My feet were moving as fast as usual, but I didn’t expend nearly as much energy on it, or on my stride length as I have recently.  I needed a little bit of a break, and took it out there today.  Knee was not a problem, but the left pinky toe isn’t doing so well.  It’s always something with me.

Fri., May 20th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 52:02.26, a 7:19.75 m/m pace.  60 degrees, sun-showers.  I picked up the pace today, pushed as hard as I was able to.  Pretty happy about chopping a minute and a half off of yesterday’s time.  Not having to deal with pain today was a pretty happy thing.  Muddy track and wet conditions made this run if not more treacherous, then at least messier than normal.  Covered in mud and happy about it!  Nice!  100 ceiling kick burpees.

Sat., May 21st:  NO RUN, NO WORKOUT.

Sun., May 22nd:  Ran 11.4 miles in 1:25:42, a 7:31.05 m/m pace.  53 degrees, cloudy, windy, drizzle.  Pushed as hard as I was able to at this distance at this point in my training regimen.  The run was pretty uniform, tried to keep my pace and stride length as close to precise as I was able.  I was tempted to stop at a number of occasions, but happily didn’t.  Left knee was sore, but not too too bad, no other issues to speak of.  200 push-ups, 40 chin-ups.

Mon., May 23rd:  Ran 5.7 miles in 43:32.04, a 7:38.25 m/m pace.  64 degrees, cloudy.  Took my time today. Didn’t feel like pushing after I pushed as hard as I did yesterday. But I also tweaked something on the back of my right leg.  Whether it’s my hamstring or my IT band, or something else, I do not know.  But with a race coming up in a week, I’m not taking any chances.  I’m taking tomorrow off of running unless I feel absolutely 100% healthy.  Exercise info if I exercise, dunno if I will or not. (no exercise on the 23rd)

Tues., May 24th:  No run.  Not going to chance it with a race in a few days.  I might run tomorrow, I’ll see how the injury is healing at that point.

Wed., May 25th: NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.  Healing on the right leg is not progressing well.

Thur., May 26th:  Ran unknown distance in 4:03.35, maybe a ¼ of a mile. (note to self: do not count this distance)  66 degrees, foggy.  This sucks.  The week before the race I have been waiting for all year, and now I come up injured.  Dammit.  Ran for 4 minutes, and the right leg cramped up, or tightened up, something.  Can’t place it.  Tried, after stopping and rubbing the muscle for a minute, trying to just shake it off, to push off, start to run, and the leg nearly collapsed underneath me.  Son of a bitch.  I might just not run until the day of the race, and hope I can go without the thing seizing up on me during the race.  This is as frustrating as hell.


This month:  146.29  miles.  Longest run: 14.7 miles (May 15th) Shortest run: 5.2 miles (May 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 10th)  19 runs in 31 days during the month. Average run distance for the month: 7.699 miles

Year to date: 573.26 miles  Longest so far 14.7 miles (May15th) Shortest 1.7 miles (January 24th, injury shortened). 93 runs on the year.  Average run distance:  6.164  miles


I was on pace to have one of my best months on record, far better by far than last month, which was a very good one for me.  Then I tweaked my hamstring on the 23rd, and that made a mess of everything.  I was unable to run for more than 4 minutes for the rest of the month after that.  On June 1st, I was barely able to get in a 1.9 mile run, and the hamstring is sore from that slight effort.

Still the month was a decent one.

Almost 150 miles in 19 runs, averaging over 7 miles per run is a damn good thing.  Keeping up the exercise when I was running helped me to run fast and strong. Running a few half marathon distance runs at speed, around a 7:30/ 7:40 pace, which I think is phenomenal. I usually run those slower, that really felt good.  I am going to build on this, rather than focus on the bad end things took this month.


That’s it from here for now, America.

May Running Commentary

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the pages and place them here on the blog to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is May’s running Commentary.  Enjoy!


Sat., May 1st:  Ran 9.5 miles in 1:15:04, a 7:54.10 m/m pace.  81 degrees, sunny, no wind.  I was initially going to go a little longer, 1 – 1.9 mile lap longer, for an 11.4 mile run, to equal my longest run of the year, but pain and stiffness in my hamstrings cut this run short by that one lap.  I wasn’t really trying to run fast, but I did hit it with as much energy and speed as I had.  Hamstrings are still a bit tight, and my knees are sore, but no big deal really.  I am going to try for another 9.5 miler, or some such similar distance, tomorrow.                                     

End of April/beginning of May week mileage:  30.3 miles   Monthly total: 9.5 miles  No other stats for this week, more stats next week.                                        

Sun., May 2nd:  Ran 9.5 miles in 1:14.45, a 7:52.10 m/m pace.  74 degrees, partly cloudy, humid, breezy.  I was slow early, running the first lap at an 8:06 per mile pace, but I got faster as the run went on.  I cut the pace to an 8 m/m pace by the end of the third of five laps.  I saw that and pushed harder for the last two laps, running those laps in 29 minutes, 7 seconds.  I didn’t think I’d be faster today than yesterday, but I was.  Nice!   I think tomorrow night I’m gonna go shorter and slower.  Sounds like a plan.  Good run.                                   

Mon., May 3rd:  Ran 5.2 miles in 41:45:19, an 8:01.76 m/m pace.  73 degrees, partly cloudy, humid.  Sore left anterior compartment.  Headache.  Quads; completely fried.  Hammies are sore.  Calves are like rocks.  Tired.  Ran anyway.  I didn’t push hard today, there was just too much pain and soreness to push hard.  Conditions were pretty damn good out there though, not perfect but good enough to take my mind off of the pain.  Plus, there isn’t going to be a lot of running this week, so I’m enjoying while I can.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are all going to be off days run-wise.  Being busy on the job is good for the wallet but bad for the runner in me.  I’ll go long Saturday.  No worries.  Good run.                                 

Tues., May 4th: Ran 5.2 miles in 40:31.49, a 7:47.59 m/m pace.  66 degrees, sunny, windy, humid.  Today’s  5.2 mile run almost didn’t happen. I went out early, thinking of going maybe 6.4 miles, maybe 7.6 miles (having taken the day off from work) and eleven minutes into that run, my left knee went out on me. It hurt like hell, and I tried to run on it just to see if I could after giving it a minute.  I had to stop, I just couldn’t do it.  I walked part of the way home, and it started to feel better, so I jogged on it, just to see if i could go without pain and I did.  So, I made plans for a second attempt at a run.  The second one was just fine.  If anything I took it easy, just to be safe.  I had more in the tank, speed-wise, at my disposal.  Unless something changes, I won’t be back out on the road until Saturday.  I’ve got a lot of OT coming up the next 3 days, so no time for me to run.  Ah, well.  Good run.                          

Sat., May 8th:  Ran 9.5 miles in 1:14:43, a 7:51:89 m/m pace.  63 degrees, sunny, very windy.  This one was tough for a number of reasons.  My hamstrings were sore pretty much from moment one, and the soreness did not let up at all for the entire run.  To be honest, it increased around the end of the third of five laps at the 1.9 mile route in clove lakes park.  Quads started to burn after the end of 4 laps.  But, soreness after a long run, after a 3 day layoff, is not an unexpected development.  What was surprising was the speed I had, the sub 8 m/m speed, at this distance, after the 3 day layoff, with that soreness, into this wind.  The wind was intense, 50 mph winds made this an uphill slough the whole damn way.  Winds seemed to be in my face the whole time, rare was the moment with wind at my back.  That’s hella training!  Good run!                            

     May week 1 mileage:   29.4 miles  Monthly total: 38.9 Longest this month:  9.5  miles (1st, 2nd, 8th)  Shortest 5.2 miles (3rd,4th)  5 runs in 8 days this month, average length of run:  7.58 miles.                   

Sun., May 9th:  Ran 5.2 miles in 38:31.63, a 7:24.55 m/m pace.  47 degrees, partly cloudy, windy.  Fastest run of the year!  This one was fun from one end of the run to the other.  I wasn’t all that fast out the gate, but I felt like I had a fair bit in the tank, and wanted to see how fast I could go, so I decided to fartlek.  Had fun with that, busted my ass out there something fierce, running all out.  It was great.  Quads were thrashed before I started, but they feel better now.  Think tomorrow’s run will be a bit slower.                          

Mon., May 10th:  Ran 5.2 miles in 39:14.17, a 7:32.72 m/m pace.  54 degrees, cloudy, breezy.  Busted it out there, but not quite as hard as yesterday.  Felt good out the door, felt faster today overall than yesterday, and had I fartleked (for lack of a better term) I probably would have actually been faster.  Slightly better weather today, no screaming winds, and a few degrees warmer today than yesterday.  No soreness to speak of at this point.  Joy!  Good run.                        

Fri., May 14th:  Ran 5.2 miles in 39:21.66, a 7:34.16 m/m pace.  73 degrees, cloudy, foggy, humid.  After 3 days off from running, 2 of them unscheduled (felt like crap Tuesday, extra overtime yesterday), it felt good just to be out and about on the run paths again.  Hamstrings are a hair sore, and were like that, surprisingly, almost from the outset.  As a consequence, this was about as fast as I could go today.  Longer tomorrow.  Good run.                       

Sat., May 15th:  Ran 7.6 miles in 56:41.56, a 7:27.57 m/m pace.  68 degrees, partly sunny, breezy.  Today was a tough run.  There were spots I wanted to give up, just cut the run short and walk home. Tired, sore, aching feet hurt like hell and didn’t want to run.  Legs barked at me to at least slow down.  Couldn’t.  My heart asked for more, and when my heart asks, it receives.  It overrode the soreness of my feet and the tiredness of my legs and made what could have been a bad run great.  It helped that it was a beautiful day, and the paths were nearly clear.  Nice.                     

    May week 2 mileage:   23.2 miles  Monthly total: 62.1 Longest this month:  9.5  miles (1st, 2nd, 8th)  Shortest 5.2 miles (3rd,4th)  9 runs in 15 days this month, average length of run:  6.9 miles.                   

Sun., May 16th:  Ran 7.6 miles in 59:24.79, a 7:49.05 m/m pace.  60 degrees, sunny, breezy.  This is a tale of two runs. I started slow today, first lap I ran in 15:48, an 8:18 pace, then made the next lap faster, and cut the m/m pace to about an 8:03.  I saw that I had more in the tank so I started to push harder and took another 5 seconds off my pace.  Last lap I gave everything.  Ran that last lap at a 7:21 pace, and really hauled ass that last 2 minutes, went full speed.  It was great.  That 7:49 looks slow next to yesterdays overall time, but this was a great effort on a great day for a run.                   

Mon., May 17th:  Ran 5.2 miles in 40:27.35, a 7:46.79 m/m pace.  65 degrees, cloudy, no wind.  Front of my left ankle is very sore.  Hurt like hell, and slowed me down.  It should be fine in a day or two, but tonight it almost stopped me in my tracks.  It hurt walking around and standing, but seems ok when I sit still.  I just need to relax and sit around for a bit, and it’ll heal just fine.  If I’m OK tomorrow I’ll run, if not, then not.  We’ll see.                 

Wed., May 19th:  Ran 5.2 miles in 38:34.87, a 7:25.16 m/m pace.  62 degrees, cloudy, no wind.  No soreness to speak of; one day off and all is right with the world as far as that goes.  I pushed hard today, I had extra in the tank and just went for it.  I am pretty happy with today’s pace.  Twas a hard, yet even pace.  I was about 6 seconds faster during the second half of this run than the first, not a big increase in speed, but a surprising one, seeing how I was busting my ass during the first half.  Good run.               

Thur., May 20th:  Ran 5.2 miles in 39:53.12, a 7:40.21 m/m pace.  79 degrees, sunny, no wind.  Didn’t look at my watch, didn’t try to push as hard as possible like I did yesterday, I just ran.  Felt a little off early on, like something wasn’t quite right, that went away after about a mile and a half or so, and I was fine after that.  Stretched my stride a bit after that as well.   A lot of pedestrian traffic in the park, including a race, which meant a bigger hassle running in the park, but no real effect on my time.  Beautiful evening for a run.            

Sat., May 22nd:  Ran 11.4 miles in 1:28:38, a 7:46.49 m/m pace.  65 degrees, partly sunny, breezy.  Perhaps one of the best days weather wise for running of the year.  Low 60’s, just a bit of cloudiness, just a bit of wind, nearly perfect.  I didn’t try to be fast today, and took my time early on, then sped up a bit at the end of the run.  Ran the last 1.9 miles at a 7:30 pace, after going around 7:55 for most of the run.  Feet and knees are OK, hammies at this point are fine, expecting soreness later on though.  Great day for a run.  Good run.            

    May week 3 mileage:   34.6 miles  Monthly total: 96.7 miles Longest this month:  11.4  miles (22nd)  Shortest 5.2 miles (3rd,4th)  14 runs in 22 days this month, average length of run:  6.907 miles.          

Sun., May 23rd:  Ran 7.6 miles in 57:54.06, a 7:37.11 m/m pace.  62 degrees, cloudy breezy, humid.  My left knee gave me problems during the run today, had to stop twice early, at the 17 and 21 minute marks of the run.  Almost gave up, but I decided to try to at least finish up the second of four scheduled laps and see how it went.  Got better, in part I think because I altered my stride to take weight off of the inside of my left knee, pushing off of the outside of my left foot while adding torque to my upper body to minimize the amount of weight on the inside of my left knee.  It worked, or the knee got better on its own, one of the two.  Dunno which.  Other than that, this was actually a quick happy run.  I didn’t think, after going 11 ½ miles yesterday that this speed would be there for me.  I’ve had better and worse runs.           

Mon., May 24th:  Ran 7.6 miles in 56:12.57, a 7:23.76 m/m pace.  67 degrees, hazy, humid, breezy.  102 seconds faster than yesterday.  Nice.  Pushed hard from moment one, and got faster as the run went on.  First lap in 14:32, a 7:38 pace, second lap I got faster, finishing that lap in 28:42,  a 7:33 pace overall.  The third lap I ended at 42:32, a 7:27 pace overall, and the last lap I pushed with everything I had left, and ran the last lap at a 7:11 pace.  Fun, fun, fun!        

Tues., May 25th:  Ran 5.2 miles in 39:23.58. a 7:34.53 m/m pace.  72 degrees, partly cloudy, almost no wind.  Took it a little easier today than yesterday, but I pushed the stride length a bit out there, and tried to keep the feet as fast as possible.  Even pace today, I hit the halfway point at 19:40, meaning I ran the second half 3 seconds slower than the first half.  I don’t like going slower to end any run, but the last 7/10ths of a mile are uphill, where the first 7/10th are downhill.  No soreness, no pain.  Nice. Good run.       

Sat., May 29th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 41:59.76, a 7:22.06 m/m pace.  75 degrees, sunny, humid.  It annoyed me that I took the last 3 days off, so I think today’s hard push was in part me trying to make up for the lack of running the last few days.  It was also the last chance for me to get a really hard effort in before the race.  I’m not gonna bust my ass tomorrow, not the day before the memorial day four miler.  I want as much in the tank as is possible.  Feet are sore, hamstrings felt a hair sore out there, but they seem to be fine now.  Good run.    

   May week 4 mileage:   26.1  miles  Monthly total: 122.8  miles Longest this month:  11.4  miles (22nd)  Shortest 5.2 miles (many days)  18 runs in 29 days this month, average length of run:  6.822 miles.   

Sun., May 30th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 44:06.66, a 7:44.32 m/m pace.  75 degrees, sunny, breezy.  Took my time on this one, this being the last training run before tomorrow’s 4 mile race.  Still felt like I was stretching my stride in spots, but it wasn’t a 100% effort.  Feet are sore, but that’s not a big deal, there almost always sore nowadays.  Everything else is OK though, and that is great news with the race coming up tomorrow.  Good run.  

Mon., May 31st:  Ran the Staten Island Memorial day 4 mile race in 27:48, a 6:57 m/m pace. 80 degrees, sunny, hot.  All I can say is WOOOOOHOOOOO!  Even with a very slow start due to being too far back, I ended up with a hella good time.  The first mile was a bitch because I started too far back.  It took me 25 seconds to reach the start position, and almost a full minute before I could actually run, but I motored after that.  Hit the first mile marker at 8:30, and ran the last 3 miles in a 6:26 m/m pace!  It was rippin hot out there, which made it doubly tough, but damn, I enjoyed it!  This was not a good run, this was a GREAT run.  

  May totals:  132.5miles  Longest this month:  11.4  miles (22nd)  Shortest 5.2 miles (many days)  20 runs in 31 days this month, average length of run: 6.625 miles. 

Year to date:  498.92  miles  Longest so far 11.4 miles (March 8th, May 22nd), Shortest 2.6 miles (March 12th). 88 runs in 151 days so far this year.  Average run distance:  5.669 miles 

More days off than I wanted, but I ran as much as was possible, given my schedule.  My speed training, or what passes for speed training from me, seems to be going fairly smoothly.   I am behind schedule for the amount of distance I want to run this year.  I am going for 1500 miles run, and at this point I am on pace for only 1200, but what running I am doing is better than it has been for a few years, and there is a legitimate excuse for not running as much as I want.  Work.  If there is one concession I will make in my running it is for work.

Good month for running.