How We Got Here


I’ve seen my side lose before, and I am sure I will again. It isn’t easy to live with, but the world doesn’t give anyone what they want, it gives what it gives, and you have to be adult enough to deal with it.  So I deal with it.  It surprises me that others who are on my side are as shocked as they are, or were on election day. There are people out there who are just so sure that we had made so much progress as a people that our side should automatically win.

You see the problems with the thinking in that sentence, yes?


Let me make a point or two for you. Your view of progress is not another’s, and this land has this amazing thing called freedom, and that includes the freedom to disagree. And if enough people in the the right places disagree, they can change the face of an election.  Donald Trump did not need to win the popular vote. He just needed to win enough places in enough key states to turn purple states red to win the election.

Those key places were, and have been for several election cycles Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. He turned all of them, the election results were very close. Trump won Florida by 1.1%, a 100,000 vote difference in a state were 9.4 million people voted, less than 1% in Pennsylvania, and less than 23,000 votes in Wisconsin.

All the other spots he won he was going to win, just like all the other spots where Hillary won she was going to win. Was it his ground game that won those places for him? Her lack of interest in campaigning in some of these places that lost it for her? It’s a bit of both, but it’s much more complex than that.

It was also the media.

And social media.

And discontent.

That was the real force that the Trump campaign used to get him where he is today. They played the entire “Look what Obama did to America” concept and milked it to the point where it was a potent force. The fact that he did a good job despite constant interference from a congress that refused to work with him was ignored. The constant negative buzz from the right wing mainstream media (If you don’t think that Breitbart and Fox and Limbaugh and Jones aren’t a potent media force, you don’t know a damn thing about media) was an implement wielded with great force and deft precision in the places where the right needed to make noise enough to tilt the battleground for the American mind towards the conservative.

And yes fake news, but that only affected the idiots. A few million of them … but I digress…

Even if the Russians did nothing, the battleground shift due to discontent that was aimed directly at the American left is what really did the Hillary Clinton campaign in.  The right worked the middle American mind adroitly by playing to pessimism about our present.

That the present is by and large brighter than the picture the right presented America with regardless of who won the Presidency is something else that the right can take advantage of. All it will take is a change of tone and terminology about our future and all of a sudden, without any real need to do anything, things will look, and be, that much better for those who watch and listen to right wing msm outlets. This will be attributed to the change in President and party despite the fact the President-Elect will have to do nothing.

While the real world grows darker and angrier in his presence. Which the right wing msm will readily ignore.

He should not be surprised if the very thing that got him elected defeats him and his conservative allies later.

Such is the world in which we live.


Quote of the Day: When one side only of a story is heard and often repeated, the human mind becomes impressed with it insensibly. ~ George Washington, letter to Edmund Pendleton, January 7th, 1798


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