Don’t Build The Wall

If you were conscious on any level and existed on planet earth for the last two years, you’ve likely heard the cry BUILD THE WALL! or something similar countless times. The call for a wall between the United States and Mexico. To keep drug dealers and murderers out of our fine land and to keep people from living here illegally, among a great many other reasons.

Now if that were all there were to it, yes. Build the wall. If it keeps America safe from external threats, yes, keep us safe.  But there are a great many other thoughts and considerations that go into such an endeavor.

The first one being what is already there.

What’s there is a mess that doesn’t look like it can be cleaned up with a wall. The answer sounds far too simple for such a complex subject.

The nearly two thousand mile long border has many types of terrain and exists in a  great many places.  There are currently hundreds of miles of wall that exists in many places along the border. In some of those places that works. But not in all. In some places the fencing that exists is insufficient, some of it low enough to be scaled by people who want to cross the border. But part of the problem is also that there are spots where surveillance is insufficient, and that is the real problem. Because not only do illegal aliens make it across in those spots, but people die crossing the border to get here. Sometimes Americans on this side of the border get killed, sometimes those crossing die.

It is a humanitarian crisis for everyone involved. Has been for years. We as a nation have tried to fix things by building fencing and walls, stringent sentencing for people caught without papers more than once. That has added to the misery without doing much of anything for those who live on either side of the fence. Drugs still get across, people still get across, and good and bad, people die. Want is the real issue.

A fence or a wall is something that can be gotten around, over under or through. There is something to be said for desire. People who want to get here will get here regardless of wall or fence or enforcement. The fact that people die at the rate they do crossing (numbers I have seen run as high as an average of 200-250 people die per year crossing the border) speaks to the tenacity of those who are crossing to get here. It is impossible to stop people from doing what they want if there is even a hair of a chance of success.

There are other things to consider as well.

Money, for one thing. Do you know how much it costs to build and maintain a wall, even a fence that large and long? Billions. Billions we don’t have. President-elect Trump has already promised to slash the tax base that gives us the money to pay for things we need, like a military, which already costs us over half a trillion dollars annually. Adding this wall, along with the money it will cost to maintain it, build it, and surveil the fence so that no one gets across, is something we simply do not have the money to do. The price tag is steep. As high as sixteen million dollars per mile for building and upkeep of the fence in places, with the cheapest estimate being somewhere around $6,000,000 per mile, with higher estimates sitting at over $10,000,000.

Per mile.

For the entire one thousand nine hundred fifty four mile stretch of border

Oh and a mass deportation bill that goes along with it will run well over a hundred billion dollars.

There is no way that this is a feasible plan. None. You would create a humanitarian crisis greater than the one that exists and bankrupt us to boot by building it.  No American in their right mind could possibly want that.

Not one who cares about America. Or humanity. There is a reason that people along the border by and large disagree with the idea of a wall.  They see the effect on people on both sides of the fence. They don’t want criminals coming into America, they don’t want to live in fear, but at the same time they don’t want a humanitarian crisis happening on their doorstep either. Building a wall won’t make the crisis go away, won’t keep people who want to get in out, and won’t make us safer as a nation.

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