I Believe

I believe that supporting the troops is more than just applauding and thanking them for their hard work

I believe that supporting the troops means supporting those who want our troops home.

The best thing we can do for them is make sure they are not in harms way.


Life isn’t black and white, and it’s more nuanced than gradations of grey.

The palate and hue of life is larger than we are, larger than anything we can grasp.

But still we try.


I believe that pain and failure are humanity’s greatest teachers.

Everyone says that, but never when the pain and failure is happening.

And most of the time, when they say it, it is hard to believe them.

The tone taken, the words used, show disdain.

If they really meant it, rather than say that, people would shut up and help.


As Thursday becomes Friday, as night becomes morning

Little changes.

The darkness cares not for our divisions of time, nor does the light,

The moon shines in my window regardless of the calendar when there are no clouds,

Clouds are ignorant of the clock


I believe that greed is ruining the world.

I believe that the definition of greed is unhealthy want of money.

That unhealthy want of money is going after more than you can use simply to have it.


We sit across from each other,

Not ambivalent towards one another, but not noticing each other either.

Both in our own worlds until that moment when we look at each other and smile at each other,

Happily remembering we are not alone.


I believe that there is not enough time to do the good we want to do in the world.

I also believe that even if we did have all that time, we would waste it and leave the world worse than it could be.

There is no such thing as a perfect person, and even good people aren’t all good all the time.

The world would be no better no matter how much time you have to better it.


The sound of voices from the television talk of technology,

while being broadcast by devices to other devices using that technology,

and saying that technology is good.

Many of us have forgotten how to make a fire and tools, which were the first technologies, and we cannot make this technology ourselves.

We are moving backwards.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.