October Through December 2012 Running Commentary

Normally once every month I clear out the content on my Running Commentary page and place it here on the main page to make room for fresh content on that page. This one is slightly different as this is the October through December 2012 Running Commentary. Enjoy!


Total distance for Oct thru Dec:  176.36 miles. Longest run(s): 6.08 miles (November 23rd) Shortest run(s):1.9 miles (October 15th and 16th )   40 runs in  92 days. Average run distance this time span: 4.409 miles

2012 Mileage total: 1615.45 miles Longest run of the year: 15.2 miles (March 11th, April 1st, May 4th) Shortest run of the year:1.9 miles (Eight times). 239 runs on the year. Average run distance: 6.759 miles

61.43 miles run in the month of October.  4.095 mile average over 15 runs.  16 days off.

68.99 miles run in the month of November.  4.599 mile average over 15 runs.  15 days off.

45.94 miles run in the month of December.  4.594 mile average over 10 runs.  21 days off.


There were a number of factors that lead to my slowing down and stopping running for much of the last 3 months of this year.  My sneakers are worn out to the point where they are actually an impediment to progress, which caused some minor injuries to become more severe and prolonged issues that normally would have straightened themselves out in a matter of a few days.  Weather was also a large factor.  Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’easter that immediately followed effectively took several weeks away from running. Can’t run if all roads are impassable.

But lethargy also played a role.  There was a fairly large chunk of time where I cold have gone, and simply did not.  Most of the December layoff was about this.  And I think I know why.  I was simply sick of being injured, being hurt. Resting felt good. It really does feel nice doing nothing, especially when the alternative hurts.

It’s excuse making, I know.  If I wasn’t hurt I should have been out there.

I have no idea what 2013 has in store for me, but I am going to try to run as far and as fast as I can. I will make no promises as to how well I will do, but I will do my level best to run further this year than I did last year, and faster if that is at all possible.


Monday, October 1st through Sunday, October 14th: NO RUN, NO EXERCISE. I took a three week layoff, from September 21st until the 15th of October to heal up my injured left leg.

Monday, October 15th: Ran 1.9 miles in 14:57.77, a 7:52.51 m/m pace. 70 degrees, cloudy. 12:25pm. This was my first run after a 23 day long hiatus. I was neither going to run far nor fast. I just wanted on this run to make sure that I could actually run, actually be certain that I would not hurt myself out there overdoing it. Hard to overdo it when going this short. It was the right thing to do. Felt good to just be out there breaking a sweat again, even if it was only a mini-run.

Tuesday, October 16th: Ran 1.9 miles in 14:56.81, a 7:52.00 m/m pace. 53 Degrees, sunny, windy. 11:50 am. Same thing as yesterday. I thought I would try a 3.8 mile run, but early on I could feel that I just was not ready, and kept it to a single lap in the park. It did feel good to be out on back to back days, and the park is beautiful this time of year, but one lap doesn’t seem like enough. Not when I would normally be doing 7 laps or so out there. I exercised, but it was such a miniscule amount of exercise I won’t write what I did as I would be embarrassed by it.

Wednesday, October 17th: Ran 3.8 miles in 29:54.93, a 7:52.35 pace. 59 degrees, mostly sunny. 4:00 pm. My hamstrings were sore out there today pretty much from the get go. I pushed about as hard as I could on today’s 2 lap park run. It does not show in my time, but I don’t care about that. That today was my first real run, and a short one at that doesn’t bother me, as any running, even mini runs like the last two days, is good running. Exercise info to follow if it’s worth putting down… It wasn’t. Sorry.

Thursday, October 18th: Ran 3.8 miles in 30:18.67, a 7:58.59 m/m pace. 62 degrees, sunny. 11:50 pm. Hamstrings were tight and sore today, made the running feel more difficult than normal. Which makes it official. I’m a runner again! I have been working after each run to keep the muscles warm and loose so they will feel better later. Hope it works. I don’t give a rats ass about speed, so long as I can simply keep myself running every day. Speed will come in time. No worries. I did exercise, but it wasn’t enough for me to write about it.

Friday, October 19th: Ran 4.42 miles in 35:47.74, an 8:05.91 m/m pace. 63 degrees, heavy rain. 12:00 pm. Hit the hills on the way to the park today. First hills in more than a month, felt good to do it, though I was fried at the top of the big hill on the way back from the park. I was not particularly interested in speed today, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that speed is always a thought in the back of my head when I’m out there. And today was no different. Had fun splooshing in the rain regardless.

Saturday, October 20th: Ran 5.1 miles in 39:46.53, a 7:47.94 m/m pace. 63 degrees, sunny. 3:45 pm. 2 laps in the park was what I had scheduled for today. I did that and felt like I had something left in the tank, and added 1.3 miles worth of hills to the end of the run. Ran the hills slower than the flat ground of the park, but not so much slower that I felt slow. Felt good going over 5 miles for the first time out there. Exercising the last few days may not have been noteworthy, but I think they’ve helped my getting back into shape for running a lot.

Sunday, October 21st: Ran 5.2 miles in 41:17.23, a 7:56.39 m/m pace. 60 degrees, sunny. 11:20 am. I was initially going to run 5.7 miles, 3 laps in the park. Could not, as the park was filled with thousands of people, or it looked like that anyway. Breast cancer walk. So I had to take to the hills. I did not feel ready for hills. Had to do the hills if I wanted to run, and I wanted to run. I was slow, but speed is not something I need at this point, as I am not 100% quite yet. Getting there though. Exercised, but not much

Monday, October 22nd: Ran 3.8 miles in 29:32.86, a 7:46.54 m/m pace. 60 degrees, sunny. 11:35 am. My left knee is feeling less than great, tight and sore, so I cut mileage today, was initially going to go 5.7 miles, 3 laps. I cut one lap out and left it at that. Maybe it was the hills and the increased mileage of the last 2 days. Maybe the distance short though it is, is too long for the knee right now. I’ll see how the knee is tomorrow, and decide on a course of action then, whether to take a day off, wear different shoes, or just go for it.

Tuesday, October 23rd: Ran 3.8 miles in 29:22.07, a 7:43.70 m/m pace. 63 degrees, cloudy, occasional drizzle. 11:40 am. Left knee is still not great, but it is feeling better today. Didn’t want to push the knee though, so I played it safe today. I did push as fast as I could while doing that, but that isn’t really all that quick. Had fun out there.

Wednesday, October 24th: Ran 3.8 miles in 29:17.51, a 7:42.50 m/m pace. 59 degrees, cloudy, humid. 2:25 pm. Even with the knee still experiencing mild swelling, I went out and ran on it. Seems about the same as yesterday. This may simply be the new normal as far as knee function is concerned. It works but it’s stiff. If that is how that works then so be it. If the knee isn’t an issue I may go longer, 5.7 miles or so.

Thursday, October 25th: Ran 3.8 miles in 29:15.63, a 7:42.00 m/m pace. 57 degrees, cloudy. 8:45 am. My lower back is sore after yesterday’s exercise. I woke up maybe an hour and a half before the run. Those two usually mean a slower time than the day before. But I pushed as much as I was capable of today, and I kept pace. Feel pretty good about that. But it did keep me from going longer today. I can go longer tomorrow.

Friday, October 26th: Ran 5.7 miles in 44:34.68, a 7:49.24 m/m pace. 62 degrees, cloudy. 3:30 pm. I did not try to push for speed here, as this is the longest distance I’ve run since coming back from injury on the 15th. It felt good to go the distance, and even better to think that the formerly bad left knee felt fine the whole way. Back has been sore the last two days but felt fine during the run. Happy that everything is rounding into shape.

Saturday, October 27th: Ran 5.12 miles in 41:16.63, an 8:03.71 m/m pace. 61 degrees, cloudy, humid. 8:45 am. My hamstrings felt sore from the first step I took today, so I took my time for the rest of the run. 1.26 mile run to the park +1 lap in the park + 1.96 mile run back home today. Ran lots of hills which also had an effect on how fast I could go. Got a stitch at about the 3½ mile mark that took a while to get rid of. By the end of the run the hammies felt better. Nice.

Sunday, October 28th: Ran 5.2 miles in 40:48.56, a 7:50.87 m/m pace. 55 degrees, cloudy, windy. 9:20 am. With winds gusting around 25 mph,This finally felt like a real autumn run. Winds kicking up, darkened skies, threatening rain, mid 50′s, normal autumn run weather. I didn’t look at the watch, or really even think about how fast I was going, I just went. Those are the best runs. Even with my hamstrings kind of tight, and the left knee not 100%, this one was nice. Good run.

Monday, October 29th: Ran 4.09 miles in 32:42.92, a 7:59.93 m/m pace. 55 degrees, heavy rain, heavy winds. 11:40 am. With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the area, I decided to go for it. It was raining hard, and the winds were gusting to 45 mph, but I’ve run in that before, and I enjoyed the run. I took my time, especially with the run being a hill run in all that wind. I’m guessing that I did it at about the latest time I could have possibly done it. It’s getting worse out there. Had fun out there!

Tuesday, October 30th through Monday November 12th: NO RUN, NO EXERCISE. Between Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy, the Nor’easter that struck a week later, and just plain laziness, I did not run any of these days. I also ate like a pig. Put on like 15+ pounds. I shake like a bowl full o’ jelly at this point.

Tuesday, November 13th: Ran 2.02 miles in 16:26.56, an 8:08.39 m/m pace. 45 degrees, cloudy, windy. 4:00 pm. Felt good to just get out and run. I ran the 1.01 mile hill from Royal Oak and Victory to Martling and Clove and back once. No pain, no worries. Happy runner am I.

Wednesday, November 14th: Ran 2.44 miles in 19:35.52, an 8:01.77 m/m pace. 46 degrees, sunny, breezy. 2:10pm. Slightly longer hill run on the same hills as yesterday. 1.22 mile course instead of the 1.01 mile course. Slightly longer, a little bit faster. All runs should be that way. Enjoyable run on a brisk autumn day.

Thursday, November 15th: Ran 3.8 miles in 30:32.21, an 8:02.16 m/m pace. 42 degrees, cloudy, windy. 1:25pm. 2 laps in the park on a brisk day. Hamstrings felt less than 100%, but besides that I was fine. I need new shoes, running in the ones I have now is like running with a plank tied to my feet, does nothing for me.

Friday, November 16th: Ran 4.64 miles in 37:30.81, an 8:05.08 m/m pace. 43 degrees, partly cloudy, breezy. 1:30 pm. Felt a little faster than this today. I was initially gonna just run 2 laps in the park, but decided to add a hill to it, a single .42 mile hill on Victory, just to do it. It’s the steepest hill around here, a fun run no matter how I run it. Park was empty. Nice.

Saturday, November 17th: NO RUN NO EXERCISE. Day off, things to do, had no time.

Sunday, November 18th: Ran 4.64 miles in 36:28.17, a 7:51.58 m/m pace. 46 degrees, cloudy, breezy. 1:25 pm. I pushed hard on this one. Time doesn’t show it, but I did. Lungs felt like a blast furnace out there at times, which is great because that means I’m getting stronger, pushing the envelope. Have to do that to get better as a runner.

Monday, November 19th: Ran 4.42 miles in 35:25.26, an 8:00.82 m/m pace. 45 degrees, cloudy, breezy. 1:45 pm. 1 lap + the 1.26 mile run up and back to the park. I didn’t go 100%, but this was actually damn close to it, or what passes for almost 100% from me at this point. Early part of the run my knees were barking at me, pain went away after about a minute. Wind chill is starting to become a factor. Gonna have to stop wearing shorts soon, dammit.

Tuesday, November 20th: Ran 5.7 miles in 45:06.65, a 7:54.85 m/m pace. 48 degrees, cloudy. 12:50 pm. 3 laps in the park. It felt like I was pushing very hard out there today, despite the barely sub 8 minute mile pace. But that’s to be expected, can’t be fast yet, gotta get some everyday mileage under my feet before I can do that again. Felt good to go over 5 miles for the first time in what feels like forever.

Wednesday, November 21st: Ran 4.42 miles in 36:10.43, an 8:10.59 m/m pace. 46 degrees, cloudy. 5:05 pm. 1 lap + 1.26 mile run to the park and back. Slow today, but 1 ran a mere 30 minutes after waking up (don’t ask.) I’m never very fast when I do that, and today was no exception. I had fun out there running in the dark in the park though, and that is what mattered most today.

Thursday, November 22nd: Ran 4.81 miles in 38:06.31, a 7:55.32 m/m pace. 49 degrees, sunny. 10:15 pm. 2 laps in the park + 1.01 mile hill run back home. I was initially going to go 3 laps in the park, but I just didn’t feel like it. Felt like running the hills back home, so I did. Lost about a mile of distance, but I got more hills in. 7:51 in the park, 8:09 on the hills. Need to work on my speed on the uphills.

Friday, November 23rd: Ran 6.08 miles in 47:53.40, a 7:52.59 m/m pace. 51 degrees, sunny, breezy. 1:55pm. 1 lap in the park + 4.18 mile hill run on hills surrounding clove and silver lakes. Happy with both the distance and the time today. I didn’t think I was going to be sub 8 or go over 6 miles. That I barely did both bothers me not at all. I got faster on the hills today, 12+seconds per mile faster there today than yesterday. Nice.

Saturday, November 24th: Ran 4.96 miles in 38:44.85, a 7:48.71 m/m pace. 38 degrees, mostly cloudy, windy. 2:35 pm. Odd run, couldn’t complete 1 full lap in the park due to tree removal blocking off a portion of the park, so I ran slightly more than ½ of the park 2 times, plus the run there and an additional 3/4 of a mile or so added on. Fun run out there today despite all that. Very happy with the time I ran, surprised I was as fast as I was.

Sunday, November 25th: Ran 4.96 miles in 38:28.72, a 7:45.46 m/m pace. 37 degrees, cloudy, windy. 10:20 am. Same run as yesterday, different reason for running it. I was thinking about it before I got to the park, and all it took was seeing a truck passing through the park in the same part of the park as they were in yesterday to get me to run it again today. Brisk out there, 37 degree running in shorts is fun! Been exercising every day, btw. Just not writing about it.

Monday, November 26th: Ran 5.7 miles in 44:19.17, a 7:46.52 m/m pace. 45 degrees, mostly sunny, breezy. 3:20 pm. 3 laps in the park. It felt chillier than 45 degrees out there. I’m pretty happy about the fact that I’m keeping the pace fairly even around 7:45. I’m a good 15 pounds heavier than I should be, so 7:45 ain’t so bad. It’s a lot more fun running in the park now that it’s almost empty most of the time.

Tuesday, November 27th: Ran 5.2 miles in 41:59.53, an 8:04.52 m/m pace. 33 degrees, light snow/rain. 12:10 pm. Rain and snow slowed me down a bit, but not enough to account for being 18 seconds a mile slower than yesterday. Some days you have it, some days you don’t, and today I didn’t. It happens. No worries. Still enjoyable though, as the park was nearly empty. Nice.

Wednesday, November 28th: Ran 5.2 miles in 41:17.95, a 7:56.52 m/m pace. 35 degrees, mostly sunny, windy. 2:15 pm. Same run as yesterday. Faster, but not by much. Pushed myself pretty hard I thought, but it didn’t really show up in the result. I gave it everything I had, and while it was less than what I wanted, it wasn’t all that bad.

Thursday, November 29th: through Sunday December 2nd: NO RUN, NO EXERCISE. I crushed my right pinky toe on Friday morning, couldn’t walk without a limp for 2 days. I probably could have run on Sunday, didn’t.

Friday, November 30th through Sunday December 2nd:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.

Monday, December 3rd: Ran 3.54 miles in 28:48.14, an 8:08.17 m/m pace. 61 degrees, sunny. 3:55 pm. 1 lap, plus hills around the park. An amazingly warm day for early December. I was initially not going to run, but it was so nice I had to. Didn’t want to go long, so I kept it under a half an hour. I was not capable of going fast today either. That kind of annoyed me.

Tuesday, December 4th: Ran 3.54 miles in 28:00.46, a 7:54.70 m/m pace. 57 degrees, partly cloudy. 3:55 pm. Same run as yesterday. Same time of day as yesterday. Almost the same weather. Forty seven seconds faster. Nice. Feet are sore, but that’s because my shoes have no cushioning left at all. Nice out there today, it’s gonna get colder tomorrow and Thursday, so today was probably the last warm run until March. Enjoyed the run that much more as a result.

Wednesday, December 5th: Ran 3.8 miles in 29:36.45, a 7:47.48 m/m pace. 51 degrees, partly sunny, windy. 1:25 pm. 2 park laps. Ran the first lap at a decent clip, around 7:52 pace. Decided to push harder on the second lap and knocked 10 seconds per mile off of my first lap. That felt pretty good. I’ve been faster, but I’ll gladly take a 7:42 m/m lap at this point in my life in my current condition.

Thursday, December 6th: Ran 3.8 miles in 29:45.97, a 7:49.99 m/m pace. 38 degrees, sunny, breezy. 1:15 pm. Same distance as yesterday. I pushed harder today than yesterday but was slower, which is a bit of an annoyance, but it isn’t a surprise as it is 14 degrees cooler today. Feet were sore before I started running but they were fine afterwards. Go fig.

Friday, December 7th: Ran 3.54 miles in 28:19.53, an 8:00:09 m/m pace. 40 degrees, rain, breezy. 1:15 pm. 1 lap plus hills around the park. Took my time in the park today, busted it on the uphill though. Cold and rainy was not really an impediment, I don’t mind this weather. I could have gone longer had I wanted to. Might start longer runs soon. I’ll see.

Saturday, December 8th: NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.

Sunday, December 9th: Ran 5.44 miles in 43:36.51, an 8:00.97 m/m pace. 42 degrees, rain, breezy. 1:20 pm. 2 laps plus hills around the park. Pushed on the first lap in the park, and on the uphill at the end of the run. I don’t remember pushing for speed on the second lap or the downhill to start the run super hard, but I didn’t coast either. I’m happy with an 8 on a rainy cold Sunday afternoon.

Monday, December 10th: Ran 5.7 miles in 45:12.26, a 7:55.83 m/m pace. 58 degrees, cloudy, foggy, drizzle. 1:10 pm. 3 park laps. While I didn’t really push for speed today, I did try to keep my stride rate as high as was possible, which at this point isn’t as high as it was in the summer, call it 186 per minute max. Fun run today, I was thinking about going 4 laps, 7.6 miles, but I don’t think I’m quite there yet. A few more days and I should be.

Tuesday, December 11th: Ran 5.44 miles in 42:44.34, a 7:51.38 m/m pace. 45 degrees, partly cloudy, breezy. 1:30 pm. 2 laps plus hills around the park. I don’t know why, but running was extra difficult today. I had to stop half way through the second park lap, and barely had enough to finish the uphill at the end of the run. I hate stopping in mid run, but I didn’t feel like I could go any further at that point. Eating too much and sitting on my ass too much, that’s the problem. I can fix that. No worries.

Wednesday, December 12th: NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.

Thursday, December 13th: Ran 5.7 miles in 44:20.28, a 7:46.71 m/m pace. 43 degrees, partly cloudy, breezy. 1:35 pm. 3 park laps. I felt like I could have gone longer today. Felt good out there, better than I did on Tuesday. Relatively fast run for where I am at, shape-wise. Guess the day off really helped. Nice.

Friday, December 14th: Ran 5.44 miles in 43:08.99, a 7:55.91 m/m pace. 45 degrees, sunny, windy. 2:50 pm. 2 park laps plus the hills around the park. Busted it on the second half of the run, not so much on the first half. Had fun out there, felt like I could have gone longer.

Saturday, December 15th through Monday, December 31st:  NO RU, NO EXERCISE.


Thats it from here, America.  Might write more later, I’ll see.  Later!