If You Can Call It That

Pic of the day:  Hermit Saints Triptych, by Hieronymus Bosch



The tongues of mocking wenches are as keen
As is the razor’s edge invisible,
Cutting a smaller hair than may be seen
Above the sense of sense; so sensible
Seemeth their conference; their conceits have wings
Fleeter than arrows, bullets, wind, thought, swifter things.

William Shakespeare, Love’s Labour’s Lost, Act V, scene ii


The Fiscal cliff will not destroy America, or it’s economy.  It is an austerity plan meant to be so austere (as I see it) to scare both sides to a more sane and rational fiscal plan.  And even if it does not pass immediately the most horrible things that are spoken of, all the damage to the GDP and unemployment and the like, will not come to pass simply because there is no bill passed to stand against the harshest effects of all that austerity.

The Milk cliff is not a cliff at all.  All it is, is the lack of passing of a bill meant to hold off the effects of a bill passed in 1949 that would double milk prices paid by the government.  When it is passed, late or on time, all will be fine.  Even if it takes some time to pass it will take time for any changes to the prices to take effect.  And there is no guarantee that prices would double even if changes would take effect.  Milk futures are not that high, and the market would not bear a doubling in milk prices.

These things do need to be worked on, and with haste, but if things are not passed to fix these things immediately the world will not end.

With all that said, I  hope they get something done before January 1, just to get it done. Something needs to be done to  save those who would be impacted immediately, like those who are already on extended unemployment benefits, who will lose that last financial lifeline come January 1st.

So it was somewhat disconcerting watching the house work today, if you can call it that.  I turned it on a few minutes after the session started.  This was 2:05 pm, and the session had started at 2:00 pm. I was thinking that the session was going to last quite a while, having much work to do.  Fiscal cliff.  Milk Cliff.  Probably a few other cliffs were there that we were going to jump off of if things didn’t get done in a week. Or so I thought.

I played idly with my 7 inch tablet.  I think I played a  few minutes worth of pinball or some gem game or something.  I thought I would have time to see them work on something.  I listened with half an ear to Steny Hoyer talkk about the work that had to be done.  I was thinking “Give’em hell Steny!”

And then after Steny finished his speech, I listened to a woman speak, I know not who she was, but I presume she was  some non elected official say something.  I do not remember exactly what she said, but I thought I heard her say something about senate business and mentioned Monday.  I found that curious.  So I stopped playing my game.  I got up and turned my attention to the television, to C-Span.  The chair, the man at the head of the house this day, an Ohio rep by the name of Steve LaTourette said something that caught me completely off guard.

He said something like this:  The house will  now adjourn pursuant to a previous special order, and the next meeting is scheduled for Monday December 31st at 2:00 pm.

My jaw hit the floor.  I looked at the TV with incredulity.  I spoke to the TV, and to congress “Ten minutes? That’s all?  That’s all your gonna give us, with a week left on this?  Are you serious?”

I am not amused.  The Republican house could have at least made it look like they were going to work on this.  On something.  Put some kind of effort in.  Pretend they give a shit at the very least.  I know that if these bills don’t pass the world won’t end, but dammit, it IS important.

The Republicans could’ve at least try to make it look like they cared.

But they didn’t.

Because they don’t.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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