Cliff Jumping

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Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist.

Kenneth Boulding (1966)


Initially I was going to do another of those “ten minutes” short story/character studies that I’ve been doing of late. But at around 8:00 pm the world ended, or at the very least the bit that John Boehner had control of, and frankly I could not help but be moved to say something, no matter how little. I actually watched the debate prior to the vote for about 45 minutes on C-Span, but turned it off during the vote.

I caught the back and forth between Louise Slaughter and David Dreier. Watched as Chris Van Hollen gave the Republicans hell with everything he had. But figuring that the vote was a fait accompli, that it was going to pass, I turned it off. Watched a few minutes of the NFL network, where they were talking about the ten best rivalries ever. They didn’t get past nine and I turned it off, partly because I wanted to see how the vote went, but also because those damn Dallas Cowboys were involved in those first two rivalries they mentioned.

I turn back to C-Span and there is a picture of the capital with words to the effect that John Boehner’s Fiscal cliff bill did not pass. My first reaction was to laugh, giggle out loud. Surprising my wife somewhat with my sudden loudness, I said ” He lost it. Sonofabitch he lost control of it! HA!”

It took a second for more sober and frankly somber thoughts to kick in. Thoughts about the market nosediving, thoughts about losing my unemployment, thought about other people I know who are out of work losing theirs. I felt a little sick over that. For all that this is an amazing thing to have happen to the Republican party, to be hijacked and beaten so thoroughly by members of their own side of the aisle, it is an event that will do great amounts of damage in both the short and medium term to millions of people.

For their part, the White house is hopeful that a deal can get done.

I’m not so hopeful. I fully expect that things will get considerably worse before they get better. And I fully expect that the same people who held John Boehner hostage will try to do the same with the entire nation further on down the line, and will do considerable damage before all is said and done.

There is much talk that they simply may not come back, and that this dead end for Boehner’s plan B is THE end of the line for Fiscal cliff discussions, and that now we just roll over the cliff. Don’t know why they wouldn’t come back after Christmas, but that is the talk I heard all over the news both on TV and on twitter.


That said, even if it had passed it would not have made it unscathed through the Senate.


The human condition can almost be summed up in the observation that, whereas all experiences are of the past, all decisions are about the future. It is the great task of human knowledge to bridge this gap and to find those patterns in the past which can be projected into the future as realistic images.

Kenneth Boulding (1972)


That’s it from here, America. G’night

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