Ten Minutes (Getting Ready To Go)

Pic of the day:  Català: Abans del bany, by Ramon Casas i Carbo



She said “I look fat!  I look terrible!  This blouse looks like crap!”  She was wearing a blue blouse that billowed out near her waist whenever she moved and fit tight across her ample breasts.  The blouse had a pattern on the front across the middle of the shirt that drew attention to those breasts.

He looked back at her wearing an exasperated look, as he had been through this a thousand times and knew how this went. He said “No you don’t hon, you look fine.  As a matter of fact that shirt looks magnificent on you!  ” He said this, smiled and reached out and touched her left breast with an outstretched right hand.  She instinctively drew back but smiled as she smacked his hands gently and said ” Stop that! I’m trying to get ready.  Didn’t you have enough of them last night?”

He shook his head and said “It’ll be a cold day in Aruba before I get enough of them, or you!  You wouldn’t mind a little more before we go, would ya?”  He smiled a lecherous smile at her.  She smiled back and said ”  You’re incorrigible, you pain in my ass.  After we get back we can, I just did my hair, and dammit I can’t get it right.”  She looked in the mirror, and pushed her hair up with her hands and flared it out with her fingers.

He thought it looked just fine, just like it always did, but she felt the need to fuss and bother over it. He never had that kind of issue, having nearly no hair to speak of at all.  He kept his head shaved because it was much easier to deal with.  He said as much to her knowing exactly how it would end “Honey, you look gorgeous, but if you really have that much of an issue with your hair, just do what I do, shave it off!”  He giggled, looked her in the eye and nodded his head in the direction of the shaver he used when he did his hair.  She never stopped playing with her hair and said “Get me the fucking thing, after I shave my head I’ll shave your balls, ya bastard.”  She turned and walked towards him with a spring in her step and said “You’ll like having no hair down there. As a matter of fact I’ll just use a steak knife!”

She walked past him and made like she was going to make  her way to the kitchen, and he walked behind her and said ” I love you!  Very much!  Please don’t slice  and dice me!  My balls are allergic to bloodshed!  They love you too, beautiful!”  She laughed and said “Pussy, you just don’t trust me!” He laughed in his turn and said “When it comes to my balls and knives, you got that shit right!  And your hair looks wonderful.”

The entire thing was engineered so he could get to that last statement.  He smiled and tilted his head ever so slightly to his right as he did.  It had the desired effect.  She turned back and looked in the mirror and after a second she asked “D’ya think so?” He touched her face with his cheek and kissed it and said ” Oh ya.  It looks wonderful.”  She smiled and turned to him and gave him a kiss and said  “Call a car so we can get out of here, I’ll be ready in a minute.  Just one more thing to do.”  She reached for the earrings on her dresser. There were several sets of earrings there and she grabbed the silver ones that were sitting next to the makeup and the lipstick near the edge of the right side of her dresser.

He reached for the phone…


That’s it from here America.  G’night.


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