Ten Minutes (Burn The Anger Off)

After a few more sets of squat thrusts, i decide to just go to the computer and see if I can set up an interview for sometime later on during the week.  Sweat is nice but I need a job, and that comes first, and I said to myself “I can always knock out a few extra sets after I do this shit.”  My wife looked up from fighting with her phone and shot me a vaguely annoyed look, said nothing and kept on with working on her new phone.  

When I had first seen the offer for an interview I saw only a phone number and I was annoyed as hell about this, but after a minute of searching on my burnt out screen I realized they had an option to set up an interview via their website that i couldn’t see because of that screen burn.  I went to it and they had two different dates that I could set up an interview on, Thursday and Friday.  Both days had the same time listed for interviews, 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm.  After clicking on 2:30 pm on Thursday, it sent me to a second window which made me bark with anger.

The note said ” Note: This job pays $9 per hour after training. Pay during training is $8 per hour.”  There was more to the note, but that was as much as I was interested in reading.  Unless you live with your parents, or have 13 jobs no one in this city can live on that kind of money.  Not with my bills.

So I cancel the appointment.  I have not gotten paid that little in a quarter century.  I have pride dammit, I won’t let them pay me so damn little for my services, I’m worth more than that.

But I save the page, just in case.  These days you can never tell just how much of your pride the bastards will make you swallow.  I take the three steps from my computer and do another set of squat thrusts.  I need to burn the anger off…


That’s it from here, America.  G’night


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