Ten Minutes (Let Her Be)

She wants to be alone so I let her be. 

She and I can be in the same room at the same time, only a few feet apart and still be essentially alone.  She buried in her “work”, and I in mine.  Nevermind the simple fact that neither of us is actually working, nevermind the fact that both of us are not actually trying to ignore one another, at least not on the surface.

She has a new toy that she is deeply enamored with, and is fighting with the damned thing, and after fits and starts seems to finally be winning.  She seems to be unhappy with something or other and begins cursing at the thing and threatening it.  I giggle mirthlessly at this, I know I’d be doing the same thing, but I keep the giggle short and entirely to myself. 

I am lost in thought while aimlessly looking at bloomberg news checking up on E-mail, as it is that time of day.  I notice in my e-mail that I received a response back from someone regarding a job.  I go to see what I have to do to contact them.  I have to call them before 5:00pm.  I look at the clock and begin to curse a bit myself, if only in my head.  It’s 10 minutes after 5 at this point.

I get up from the computer, curse the thing as I turn it off.  I came back from a run about 30 minutes before this and I get ready to do some light exercise.  She looks at me as I get up to get ready to sweat some more and announces that she doesn’t need distractions and not to bother her. 

So I don’t.  I know better that to temp a hungry shark.  I don’t even acknowledge her and begin to work.  The first set of squat thrusts has me out of breath but it feels good.  The shirt I am wearing at this point, a fresh one as I have changed since I got back from my run, bounces around on me a bit and looks a mess after just one set, like the damn thing never wanted to be on me in the first place, so I tuck it into the faded and partially bleached shorts that I’m wearing. 

She’s cursing the new toy, her new phone actually, and I go and do my second set.  Better than the first.  The first set always hurts my shoulders, I couldn’t tell you why, except my shoulders have been a mess since I was around 20, and that was a lifetime ago…


That’s it from here, America.  G’night

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