We hear curious things from the press sometimes.  Some people might say constantly but i’m not that jaundiced.  Cynical, yes but not so cynical that I automatically judge everything negatively from an entire class or group of people.  But there are times when the silly becomes so obvious that I have to say something, if only to make sure my voice is heard.  Even if only I hear it.

At a White House press conference today I heard Chuck Todd from MSNBC ask the President for a definitive answer to the question of whether Tax increases for the wealthy must be part of the plan to back us off of the “Fiscal cliff”  a great misnomer (fiscal cliff my ass) if I’ve ever heard one, but I’ll get into that subject at a later date.  Chuck worded it differently but that is what he meant, with the implication (and he may have stated it, I forget precisely what he said) that if the Republicans don’t accept it then any deal is off.

Now even if that were the case, do you seriously think, America, that the President would have answered yes? Of course not.  It’s a negotiation, and he is trying to bring them to the table, not shut the door on negotiations.  If he drew that line in the sand, that would almost make it necessary (and I am only saying almost to be nice) for the Republicans to draw a line in the sand themselves, if for no other reason than it would make them look weak if they didn’t respond in kind.

That is not how you negotiate.  That isn’t what negotiate means.  When you start making demands, you aren’t negotiating, you’re dictating.  And as much as it would be refreshing to see him tell the Republicans what he needs to get this done and simply put the ball in his court, he knows that the harder he plays this, the harder they can and will play, placing him in a position of weakness when trying to get the fairest deal for all of America that he can from the  vantage point where he and the nation now sit.

Kind of silly of Chuck to ask that question in that manner.


Israel and Hamas are going at it.  Again.  This time there was a new wrinkle.  Twitter.  Both sides jumped on twitter to bark displeasure at the other side of the fight.  Good to see that they know how to do more than just shoot each others asses off.


John Boehner won’t extend the middle class tax cuts.  That is his right, though, isn’t it?  Gives you a warm feeling in the pit of your stomach don’t it? Ya know the one you have when your whole world is going to come crashing down on top of you and their ain’t shit you can do about it?  THAT’s what John Boehner brings to America.  Perhaps mister Boehner should follow his own words…


Just because you have a right to do something in America does not mean it is the right thing to do.

John Boehner


…And why, lord someone explain to me why people in power cheat on their spouses? Do they think they’ll get away with it?  They don’t, ever, but the stupid S.O.B.’s keep doing it.  Did General Petraeus think he was different from everyone else? Better?

We’d be so much better off if he simply kept his wick dry.  We could get this Benghazi crap out of the wa yand get on with our lives, but no, now we have to do this shit too.  Thanks General Dumbass…

And on a lighter note, I love the fact that the word press spell check  tells me that Petraeus is Perpetrates spelled incorrectly.  🙂


…And would someone tell me why Mitt Romney seems to think the President won the election by giving gifts to people who voted for him? Srsly?  Gifts?  I don’t remember any gifts. Now to his credit Mittens was talking about the affordable healthcare act in at least one instance.  That isn’t a gift to people who voted for him, though.  I don’t think Mitt understands the basic principle of that legislation.  It’s about healthcare for AMERICANS, not just people who voted for Barack Obama.  If you voted for Mitt, or anyone else, you can still get healthcare.

I’m telling ya, these excuse making loons on the right sound like paranoid hippies after a bad batch of hash brownies.


That’s it from here, America.   G’night.

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