Ugly Man’s Complaint

Pic of the day:  Duel with Cudgels (Rina a Garrotazos), by Francisco de Goya


Until you understand a writer’s ignorance, presume yourself ignorant of his understanding.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Only a few hours left until the final debate before the election.  Should be good, I plan to watch most of it.  Not all of it mind you, most of it.  Partly because I will simply have other things going on, from cleaning up after dinner and cats and the like, but because of simple distraction.  The wife speaking, something happening that needs my attention, a phone call, an idea for the next chapter in the book I’m prepping for Nanowrimo, something.

Because there is always something.  Which doesn’t bother me.  In a mans life there are always a million things to do.  Woman’s life too, I would imagine.

Woman’s life.  Happy to have one in mine.  Ugly bastard that I am, I am surprised as hell that I have someone as good as my wife in my life.  I giggle when I say ugly bastard just a little.  Why?  I was getting ready to go out and take pictures outside of the beauty that is the local park with my galaxy tab, with all the leaves changing colors, and I hit the wrong button.  There are two cameras and I turned on the other camera, the one facing me.  I looked hideous.

Laughed at this.  Took a picture.  Made it worse.  Did it again, was even more spectacularly gruesome.  Took a few more pics and with each pic I took the worse it got.  Deleted each as I took them.  I wanted no evidence of such vain behavior from such an ugly old fuck as I.

Dunno why I felt the need to say it, but I did.  On the positive side it does make the Halloween costume easy.  Just gotta walk outside.


But I digress… as usual.

I never ended up taking the galaxy tab out. I wanted to kill some time outdoors though, so I went out and just walked around the woods, just enjoyed the view and the beauty of nature. And got stuck with thorns.  Because,  love nature though I do, it apparently doesn’t love me back.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I have of late been writing a chapter by chapter outline for a novel. I started out writing a ghost story, but abandoned it, if only for the moment.  The politically active writer in me started fighting for room on the written page, and being a persuasive ol’ cuss, I’ve given it to him.

I’ve written a very basic outline for the entire story arc, and am in the process of getting the more minute details ironed out.  It’s the story of a law.  A less than wonderful law that enhances law enforcement’s ability to stop, frisk, and detain Americans. Having the effects of the law play out through the actions of two overbearing cops (with more joining in later) and one person who happens to have connections in high places, who disappears thanks to those cops.   It is also the story of the media’s portrayal of the events (things happen very publicly here) and the man who is the face of the legislation, and how their stories intertwine.

The story is really coming out well so far.  Hope the novel is as good as the story seems.  If I get this to novel length and like it, I may self publish before years end, if the final edit is done by then, after that if it takes longer.

Crossing my fingers.  Man it would be great if I could make a few bucks writing.  That would be fantastic.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Being out of work sucks, but it gives me time to rest and relax.  Which I have not had in a long time.  Being unemployed, or only marginally employed is no vacation.  There is no break.  At least not for any self aware, responsible adult who has bills to pay and the prospect of no money to pay for it.

I put in for unemployment yet again.  I need the money, but would honestly rather just have work. I’m gonna keep sending in resumes.  Some one has to need a strong ugly bastard who takes orders well and is a quick learner.  Seems they either need pretty people or people who are too stupid to know how to take orders.

That’s what it looks like from the sidelines.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Go watch the debate. Make sure you watch it on C-SPAN, and as soon as it is done, turn the TV off and make up your mind.

Because if you don’t you’ll just watch people on television who will try to make up your mind for you.

And who needs that crap?


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.