But I Digress (Idle Talk)

Pic of the day:  The Ravens of Wotan, by Arthur Rackham


I am opposed to millionaires, but it would be dangerous to offer me the position.

Mark Twain, the American Claimant


If you want to understand the problems of this nation you need to look inward and ask why the outward world affects you as it does.

The standard American political discourse is something of a sham, truth be told.  Many words and ideas that we bring to our most serious discussions are brightly adorned, shouted, preached and in other ways projected as to hide the truth of them.  The fact that we have to mask them with stratagems of this nature in order to make them sound bolder and smarter than they actually are says something about them, and us.

In most discourse in this formerly great nation (and this is one of the main reasons we can use the word formerly there and mean it) is that we much of the time mistake vivacity for wit.  That is a serious mistake.  Just because you speak with energy and animation does not mean that the ideas behind that energy and animation are in any way intelligent.

Most commentators on television are filled with zest, they have a spring in their step, and yet… something seems missing.

When speaking on politics and the like we should not make the mistake that these commentators make. We should not try to use flowery language, or their language at all, if we are not at all used to it.  Plain talk, which is rare enough in a people who all think they know the final truth when they scarcely know the first, should be the aim, the goal.

I am just as guilty of it as anyone else.  The difference between me and most is that I am conscious of it, and try my best to keep from it.  Now in the opposite direction, plain language does not necessarily mean simply calling what you see as you see it. We should all try to speak with some level of simplicity and honesty about the world we see. But a 9 year old with a broken heart over a baseball game, for example can do that job admirably well.  Unless you are nine and heartbroken over baseball, you can do better than that.

Mind you it is not easy being 9 and heartbroken over baseball… but I digress…

The energy we bring to our debating, and the zeal of our convictions mean not a damn.  What matters most is the truth.  But truth of a sort that does not need to be shouted from the mountaintops.  Let’s face it, if you have to yell to make your point, you’ve already lost the fight.  Let the facts tell the story for you.

Embellish with personal stories that accentuate your point to taste, but beyond that there should be no real need to adorn the truth.  The truth is clothing enough for any thought or argument.  If you need to make a petty snide remark, or some cutesy little one liner in it to make it work, it doesn’t.

This from a man who has used many a one liner and petty snide remark. With a smile on my lips and joy in my heart I have done it.  And I have no problem with it either.  I don’t know how much energy and zeal I bring though, to be honest.  I’m usually too damn tired from working, looking for work, working  and running around doing things in the house, running, exercising, cooking, cleaning, writing, thinking, and on rare occasion doing things that involve leisure.

Which is usually eating, sleeping, and generally annoying my wife and cats with my mere presence.

I would toss out a but I digress here, but digression seems to be what this entire article is about.

And maybe that is the big problem this nation has.  We as a nation have ADD, and with so many things distracting us we miss the more important things in life.

For example, the entire point of this article was summed up in the third paragraph.

Or did you miss that in the vivacious flurry of other statements?

Just checking.  🙂

Watch a viddy


Viddy of the day:  James Hetfield: Don’t you think this outlaw bit has done got out of hand?

How can you not love Waylon Jennings meets Metallica?  🙂


Not bad.  Took a half an hour to write that whole thing.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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