September 2012 Running Commentary

Once a month I clear out the content on my Running Commentary page and place it here on the main page to make room for fresh content on that page. This is the September 2012 Running Commentary. Enjoy!


This month: 68.70 miles. Longest run: 7.6 miles (September 2nd and 3rd) Shortest run: 3.8 miles (September 7th, 15th, and 16th) 13 runs in 30 days during the month. Average run distance for the month: 5.284 miles

2012 Mileage total: 1439.09 miles Longest run of the year: 15.2 miles (March 11th, April 1st, May 4th) Shortest run of the year: 3.8 miles (Eight times). 199 runs on the year. Average run distance: 7.231 miles


The month started out for me relatively good.  I was just coming back from an injury in August and was going at a decent clip, running everyday, not super fast, but not slow either.  Then it happened.  My left knee seized up on me. And the problem was not just my left knee, it was also calf and hamstring injuries on the same leg.  I had a lump that was around the size of a golf ball on the back of my left leg near the knee where the hamstring and the calf meet.

And it would not go away, no matter what I did.  I soaked it. I rested it.  I iced it. Nothing.  So at this point I am just hoping that I heal up well enough where I can get back to regular running sometime in October. And by regular running I mean 5+ mile runs every day, not just lacing them up and going for a 2 mile mini run.

Normally, I write this up on the first of the month because I need to free up the space on the RC page because I am running on the first, I am posting this on the 16th because I had my first run of October the day prior, on the 15th, and that run was a mini run, a 1.9 miler.  Not a real run by any stretch of the imagination, not to this runner anyway.

I don’t think I’ve had that kind of layoff due to injury in 4 years.  I’ll get back on my feet, I’ll just have to be slow and extra careful.


Sat., September 1st:  Ran 5.7 miles in 43:06.86, a 7:33.83 m/m pace.  83 degrees, sunny.  5:30 pm.  A surprisingly good run.  The left knee/calf/hamstring issue while still there, seemed to simply not be an issue during the run.  The knee is still tight, and the calf still has a knot at the top of it, and the hamstring is still not 100%, but none of them seemed a major problem during today’s run.  As a matter of fact, only caution kept me from going longer today.  And I might go longer tomorrow if I feel just as good then.  I’ll see how the leg feels out on the paths.

Sun., September 2nd:  Ran 7.6 miles in 57:46:58, a 7:36.12 m/m pace.  78 degrees, cloudy, humid.  10:30 am.  I ran fast on the second lap, really pushed there.  Besides that though, not really a major effort.  And while I didn’t take my time, but I didn’t really bust my ass either.  The knee is not 100%, but was seemingly fine when I ran today, like yesterday.  Hamstring seemed a bit tight, calf was a non factor.  Hips seemed curiously tight, odd thing that. Enjoyable run though, all in all.

Mon., September 3rd: Ran 7.6 miles in 58:43.99, a 7:43.68 m/m pace.  77 degrees, cloudy, humid.  12:45 pm.  I was sore as hell after yesterday’s run, sore like I ran a 20+ miler, everything hurt.  I wasn’t sure why, seeing how I had only run 7+.  Initially I was going to go longer today, but declined, not wanting yesterday’s pain revisited upon me today.  And to make it easier on myself I also ran slower, making sure not to push too hard.  I feel a lot better after today’s run than I did after yesterday’s run.  Nice.

Tues., September 4th:  Ran 4.72 miles in 37:15.53, a7:53.62 m/m pace.  77 degrees, humid.  7:35pm.  I thought I was running pretty quick early.  Then I saw that I was about 20 seconds slower than I usually am.  It didn’t bother me, I just kept pushing.  I might not have been fast, but I ran a negative split.  I tweaked my left knee just a hair at work today.  Might have unconsciously had an effect on my effort today.  Dunno.

Wed., September 5th:  Ran 4.72 miles in 35:22.27, a 7:29.63 m/m pace.  79 degrees, cloudy, humid.  7:30 pm.  I was surprised that I ran a lot faster today than yesterday.  My left knee was sore and feeling less than great all day.  I overstretched something in there yesterday afternoon at work, and it’s just not 100%.  I can’t explain it, so I won’t try.  A good run isn’t something I am going to argue with.  Had fun running in the dark on the hills today.  Might finally get to exercising tonight, dunno though.  I’ll see.

Thur., September 6th:  Ran 5.6 miles in 41:51.76, a 7:28.52 m/m pace.  79 degrees, cloudy, humid.  7:40 pm.   Pushed hard on the hills after work.  Felt bad early, like a controlled speed hobble due to a problem with my left knee, which is getting worse.  I felt much better within a few minutes, and really just let fly.  The knee is a problem though.  It bears watching.

Fri., September 7th:  Ran 3.8 miles in 29:21.50, a 7:43.55 m/m pace.  80 degrees, sunny.  10:40 am.  The knee which was bad before has in fact gotten worse.  I was going to run longer today but had to cut the run short because today’s whole run felt like a controlled hobble.  I was frankly lucky to manage even 3.8 miles today.  Hoping it feel better tomorrow.

Sat., September 8th:  NO RUN NO EXERCISE.

Sun., September 9th:  NO RUN NO EXERCISE.

Mon, September 10th:  NO RUN NO EXERCISE.

Tues., September 11th:  NO RUN NO EXERCISE.

Wed., September 12th:  NO RUN NO EXERCISE.

Thur., September 13th:  NO RUN NO EXERCISE.

Fri., September 14th:  NO RUN NO EXERCISE.  Knee was an issue the entire week, could not run.  Dammit.

Sat., September 15th:   Ran 3.8 miles in 29:27.72, a 7:45.25 m/m pace.  72 degrees, sunny.  4:30 pm.  Knee felt good after the week off.  Didn’t push hard, was happy simply with running again. 125 knuckle push-ups.

Sun., September 16th:  Ran 3.8 miles in 28:39.55, a 7:32.51 m/m pace.  70 degrees, sunny.  I was surprised that I could get this close to a 7:30 m/m pace this soon.  Felt good, ran the second park lap faster than the first by over 20 seconds.  Nice.  150 knuckle push-ups.

Mon., September 17th:  Ran 5.7 miles in  43:36.09, a 7:38.96 m/m pace.  69 degrees, sunny.  It felt good to move over 5 miles 3 days after starting up training again.  Third and last park lap was  nearly 30 seconds faster than the first lap.  Felt good.  150 knuckle push-ups.

Tues., September 18th:  NO RUN NO EXERCISE.  Very heavy rains, winds and the threat of a tornado kept me indoors for this one.

Wed., September 19th:  Ran 5.77 miles in 43:51.29, a 7:36.02 m/m pace.  67 degrees, sunny, breezy.  3:30pm. 2 laps in the park + a roundabout run home from Royal Oak road and Victory Blvd.  Park was loaded with kids today, left after those 2 laps because of the foot traffic in the park.  No issues with the knee.  Excellent.

Thur., September 20th:  Ran 4.74 miles in 36:00.53, a 7:35.80 m/m pace.  63 degrees, cloudy, windy.  7:40 pm.  Pushed hard on the hills testing out my knee.  Felt kinda paranoid out there, thought I smelled something when I left the house.  Went running anyway. Felt bad about it, ran fast to get home to make sure everything was OK, but never once thought about not running.  Nothing happened while I was gone.  Happy about that.

Fri., September 21st:  Ran 5.15 miles in 40:11.97, a 7:48.34 m/m pace.  68 degrees, clear, breezy.  7:30 pm.  Hill running at night on a bad knee.  Had fun even with the bad wheel.  Left knee feels tight, back of the knee and the outside of the knee.  I’ve had worse.  No worries.

Sat., September 22nd through the September 30th:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.  A combination of knee, hamstring, and calf injuries, all on my left leg, have sidelined me for the duration. I will return to running when I am healthy enough to run.  When that is I have no idea.

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