Eye Of The Sparrow

Pic of the day:  Nocturne in Black and Gold The Falling Rocket, by James McNeill Whistler


Rhetoric, it seems, is a producer of persuasion for belief, not for instruction in the matter of right and wrong … And so the rhetorician’s business is not to instruct a law court or a public meeting in matters of right and wrong, but only to make them believe.

Plato, Gorgias


The day of the Vice Presidential debate  I find this viddy.  Good stuff from Badlipreading.  This viddy is titled Eye of the Sparrow.  Funny stuff.  Enjoy.


I am flipping between the Steelers – Titans game, and the Yankees-Orioles game at this point.  Every once in a while I’m going to the  V.P. debate.  I’m not going crazy tonight like I was the first Presidential debate.  I’ve got faith in Joe Biden.  Joe’s been in the trenches fighting a war of words with opponents better than the man he is talking with tonight since the President was a kid.  He can handle Ryan.

Plus my head is simply not in it tonight.  I’m much more focused on tomorrow, my final day of the year at my current job.  And it is going to be a busy one as well.  No cruising through my last day.  Kinda like it like that.  I was brought in to work, I love working hard, and they like that so they get me real work.


I have not run in 3 weeks, not since September 21st, due to knee issues.  I think I am ready to start up again.  Just saying that feels good.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night

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