Pic of the day: Paysage du Disque, by Robert Delaunay


Why do you so earnestly seek the truth in distant places?
Look for delusion and truth in the bottom of your own hearts.



Romney ahead in one poll by 4 points, Obama ahead by 5 in another. Both polling places are respected. Who do you believe? Does it matter? Not particularly. If you are a fan of Mitt and the Republicans you’ll love the first and dismiss the second, and vice versa for Democrats.

I believe in the central tenets of the Democratic party, but I am not putting any energy whatsoever into believing one poll or the other. For as much as polls are important in the field of politics in general, it makes no never-mind to me. And for a very simple reason. I will not be swayed from my views.

They are held firmly and cannot be easily moved, and Mitt does not move me. I’m not sure I have ever had a Republican ever really move me, though in fact when I was a wee youngin (maybe until I was 22 years old) I called myself a Republican. Hell, I actually voted for Rudy Giuliani and Susan Molinari, both Republicans, for Mayor and House of Representatives respectively when they first ran for office in the early 90’s. If either ran now I would not vote for them, knowing both of them better now than I had back then.

I’ve grown up since then.


I am gearing up for Nanowrimo. For those of you who don’t know, Nanowrimo stands for National novel writing month. The point of it is to write 50,000 words during November, to write a novel in a month. I have put together at this point five different ideas for potential novels, and am in the early outline stage of each. They are:

1) A simple boy meets girl story: Though I am in truth doing the story from a different timeline. Not only after they met but after they had their romance, decided it wouldn’t work and broke up. But I put them in a position where they have to stay together due to circumstances. Fun and tantrums, and revenge sex ensues.

2) A ghost story: One of the issues that I have with ghost stories is the fact that they don’t have to follow physical laws. I am getting rid of that particular impediment, and placing a fresh ghost (who is still coming to terms with not having a body, but having to follow physical laws) in the middle of an otherworldly ghost war.

3) Dystopian American future story: Police state, placed there by Americans seeking security, holds the country reigns. The daughter of a media V.I.P. is taken into custody, and disappears. Her father tries to get her out, first through internal contacts, then through a media war on the police state. This one might be hard to write, as it can easily turn from fiction to bully pulpit. Wanna avoid too much proselyting, though it is kind of the point of telling that story, don’t want to be too unsubtle with it.

4) Lovecraftian end of the world story: I wrote a small bit of it here two days ago, in the post titled Fallen Angels. Freed by a group of young devil worshippers, a minor demon is summoned to this world. He, over time gives them everything they ask (girls, strength, revenge etc, etc) and asks a favor in return. Help him call his friends. They do after some debate on the subject. They die in the attempt, but manage to do the deed, and a spiral of evil ensues, culminating in apocalyptic cataclysm.

5) A riches to rags story: A man with a good job, a beautiful wife and a good life has it all unravel on him. He begins doing well but still unhappy with his life, and tries to make changes to his life to make things better. Things don’t go the way he wants them to, and things start to unravel. He ends to story homeless, freezing to death on the street, wondering why things happened the way they did.

I tell you folks, I am having a truly hard time figuring out which one I am going to go for with Nanowrimo. And I might write something completely different, but I tell you this is going to be fun.


That’s it from here, America. G’night.