Thoughts For A Saturday Night

Pic of the day: The Vision After the Sermon (Jacob wrestling with the Angel) by Paul Gauguin


There is no me. I do not exist … There used to be a me, but I had it surgically removed.

Peter Sellers


Thoughts for a Saturday night:

Some people right now are prepping for a big Sunday, but not me. It’s the first football Sunday of the season. It is a big deal, but not so much for me personally. Not because I’m not a football fan, I am. My New York Giants have already played and in fact lost. Dammit. Not gonna miss the start of the season, the real start of the season, the first football Sunday of the year, but having my team not play on it makes it seem less important.

Never understood why they play games during the middle of the week. Thursday? Wednesday? Doesn’t make sense to me. Sunday (and thursdays on Thanksgiving ONLY) is the way it should be. But that’s just an old man who remembers the game being like that when I was a kid talking out loud. Why would you WANT to play games during the middle of the week, when the bulk of your fans have just finished a long day of work? Most people don’t work on Sunday. Makes Sunday a day that makes sense for ALL the games to be played.

Just saying…

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

At this point I am looking at stories about Greece and Spain. About the economically troubled nation of Greece leaving the Eurozone. Fun fun fun. The Swedish finance minister is the one predicting this, and he is saying that Greece may not stay in the Eurozone, may in fact leave within a year, possibly 6 months. He says Spain is also still in trouble, and may need more help in the form of a bailout.

The conditions for such a bailout would likely be so bad that the medicine that is a bailout would likely be more painful than the fiscal problems they are suffering from. The rollbacks of government services that Spain will be asked to swallow, the strength of the austerity measures that will occur in Spain should they get that bailout will be such as to actually do more damage long term to the Spanish economy than no bailout.

Because the bailout will come from the IMF, who are freidmanites at their core, are more concerned with making the rich richer and the poor… well, fuck’em. The unemployment rate in Spain, should they accept a bailout will in all likelihood increase both short and long term. That despite the fact that the unemployment rate there is insanely high.

Spain’s unemployment rate sits at 24.7% right now.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I believe that the abortion debate is framed improperly. It isn’t about rape or incest or the health of the mother or when it is right and when it isn’t right. It is about choice. It isn’t my choice. It isn’t yours, unless you are the one contemplating the procedure. Those who are trying to stop women from having that choice, are trying to take freedom directly from women for religious/moral grounds. Beware that type of thought. It is immoral in that it makes choice, which god gave us to test us (to use the religious argument.) seemingly irrelevant.

If the Almighty did not believe in choice, Adam never would have had one, and there would have been no apple, and no Eve.

If the Almighty did not believe in choice, Christ would never have had to die on the cross.

The Almighty is firm in his belief of choice. Are you?

For better or worse we have choice in most every way most every day in most every thing. Allow others the right to make their own decisions, or you negate their right to act like adults in an adult society, to make life altering decisions and living with the consequences of them.


That’s it from here, America. G’night.

One thought on “Thoughts For A Saturday Night

  1. The Almighty is firm in his/her belief of choice and so am I. I would like to see male and female taking possession of that power. Thank you for this post.

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