Pic of the day: Left and Right, by Winslow Homer


In situations of sparse resources along with degraded self-images and depoliticized sensibilities, one avenue for poor people is in existential rebellion and anarchic expression. The capacity to produce social chaos is the last resort of desperate people.

Cornel West


Poverty sucks.

Lack of work sucks.

Work that pays less than enough to live a decent life sucks.

People who defend the thought that some people don’t deserve help suck.

People who think it is ok to look down on other people because they look or think differently from them suck.

Addiction to material things sucks.

Addiction to technology sucks.

A world where money is more important than peoples lives sucks.

A world where political power is more important than peoples lives sucks.

A world where people can go to church and bless themselves in front of a picture of the Bleeding heart of Jesus and pray to him for the forgiveness of their sins, and then sin against him by using the words “bleeding heart” like it’s a bad thing sucks.

Living in a world where wealth orders and rules the world, claims it has it’s best interests at heart, and keeps millions unemployed despite having the capacity to hire them sucks.

The trappings of hypocritical civilization that makes all of this possible sucks.

That the trappings themselves are seen by many as necessary and “the way of the world” sucks.

That we as a species hide our heads in the sand and pretend that the whole damn sham is somehow acceptable sucks.

A system that creates misery and poverty, and through them crime and all forms of evil, then takes those who have been affected and makes pariahs of them sucks.

A system that tells us drugs are bad, but sells you “This buds for you!” and “The most interesting man in the world” and makes a hefty profit off of the misery they create sucks.

A system that tells us what we should buy, where we should eat, what we want, what we desire, what we crave and how to get it, but pays us less to make it and charges us more to get it sucks.

Everyone says they know that all this is wrong.  And yet they buy the things they are told to buy.  Live under the system they are told to live under.  Accept the fact that there are haves and have nots and even learn to hate their fellow man for it.

They can do all that and know it is wrong.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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