Irrational Events

Pic of the day: Taira no Kiyomori sees the skulls of his victims, from A new selection of Strange Events, by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi


The essential freedom, the ultimate and final freedom that cannot be taken from a man, is to say No. This is the basic premise in Sartre’s view of human freedom: freedom is in its very essence negative, though the negativity is also creative.

William Barrett, Rational Man, a Study in Existential Philosophy


I watched the news with some level of fascination today.  There was a shooting in front of the Empire state building.  Some guy with a  grudge pulled a gun out, executed a man who he thought undermined him at his old job and got him fired.  Then he walked out and got his brains blown out by cops.    The odd thing was they showed the video on the news.  It was a pretty stunning thing to see.

Guy walking fast down the street near the curb, almost on the street.  A fairly large number of people around him walking around on the sidewalk, busy early morning in New York.  See cops enter the scene, from behind him and to his left.  They must have ordered him to drop his weapon or something, not sure what exactly though, no audio on the video.  The guy turns, with one of those ever present large planters they put in front of buildings in New York that have nothing to do with plants or esthetics directly in front of him, in between him and cops, and draws his weapon.

You see the weapon on the surveillance video.  One cop stands his ground, pulls his piece and fires his service revolver.  The second cop backs away and does the same.  The guy goes down, first to his knees, then down sprawled out on his back.  They fired 16 shots.  Toasted the guy.  They did their job.  Admittedly they shot 9 other people as well, but the street was crowded, it’s not a surprise there were innocent people shot there.  Don’t blame the cops for what they did.  If anything, they need to work on their aim… ya know, scratch that.  In that situation, I am not certain I, or you, or anyone would or could do much better.

Irrational events on an irrational day in the City.

One can only console the family of the man executed by the perp on their loss.  And the perps family too.  They didn’t ask for that to happen.  He went crazy, that much is obvious.  Tis regrettable.  Those cops did the right thing, probably saved lives doing it.  Dunno who else this guy may have had on his list besides the poor guy he executed where he was rushing to so he could plug someone else full of holes.

And if you aren’t related to anyone involved, have a little chuckle at gun violence in America.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.