Wednesday Morning Idle Talk

Pic of the day: A detail from The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things; Gluttony, by Hieronymus Bosch


The animal needing something knows how much it needs, the man does not.



The headache has lasted for several days, and even though the pain has temporarily subsided, it still feels like it is just boiling under the surface waiting for the painkillers to wear off.  The damn thing had grown a life of it’s own.  Taken over my sleep, my days most every part of my existence.  It is a large and intense pain, though it occupies only one small portion of my head.  The front right hand side of my skull.  I have been hit by cars, and I had spent years drunk, and as a consequence hungover.  This was as bad as the second, not as painful as the first, but as constant a level of pain as being hit by large chunks of directed rolling metal with occupants descended from apes, who quite simply cannot drive to save their own lives.

It was more than a headache though.  There was ancillary pain that went along with it.  Shoulders were in pain, knees seemed to not want to work and would lock up randomly.  Ankles, terminally sore.  That along with the knee issues made it impossible to move around even the smallest of objects without a level of effort unusual for such a normally minor task as walking.  I could barely sleep.  If it was not the fact that I felt like someone was stabbing me in the head, there was the shoulder pain which made it impossible to lay down and be comfortable for any length of time.

In other words, every movement hurt.

I looked in my head for a cause for all of this.  It could not be just one thing making it all happen.    Nothing in my life is that simple.  The shoulder pain that accompanied sleep I have had on some small level on and off for quite a while.  The pain far exceeds the normal level of discomfort, but it is not entirely a surprise.  On top of everything else though it makes life more miserable.

I have had problems with my knees since being hit by a car when I was 19.  So that problem, like the other one, is not entirely new.  What it is, is an entirely new way for it to manifest itself.  The ankle problems have not been a part of my life before, so that is new.  I would venture a guess that the pain is actually from years of running and the years before I was a runner when I was simply fat.  It simply chose a truly bad time to show itself as far as I am concerned.

Headaches?  Everyone gets them.  Everyone.  But one that had lasted both as long and been as painful as the one that was dancing through my head, that is new.  I don’t think it’s a migraine, I don’t offhand need to give a name to and a label for my pain like that. It makes me think what am I doing differently than I normally do that might bring this level of misery about?

The only things that I have done differently than usual is not run or exercise for a few days and eat more than normal.  Could something as minor as that do me in so completely? It is not like this is the first time I’ve had to stop running for several days at a time.

Could it be my diet? Could fasting be the answer? If I wanted to, could I even do it?

That I do not know.  I think it is time to try.  I have been immoderate in most every thing I have ever done in my entire life.  When I drank I drank more than everyone.  When I smoked I was a chimney.  When I run, I run as long and as hard as I can until my body can take no more.  My political beliefs?  I could no more be a moderate in that vein than a mouse could be an moose.

Can I be moderate in something as important as eating, when every fiber of my being is built by and born of immoderate behavior?


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.