Powerless, Part VII

Continued from Powerless, part vi:

Just as Dan was beginning to nod off sitting on his kitchen chair, the phone rang.  He shook his head for a second, trying to get his bearings.  That was a mistake, as the soreness in his nose was a nuisance and the shaking only made it worse.  He got up and cursed at fate or whatever controlled his life for doing to him what had been done.

As he was getting up from the chair, the phone rang a second time.  “Aw shaddup, damn you”  And he picked up the phone without taking the usual precaution of checking who was calling.  His voice sounded nasal as he said “Hello?”

His wife said “Dan?  Is that you?”  He said “Ya.  Is this my Ex-wife?  That is what you’re calling about isn’t it?”  He said it like that, hoping to make her think twice about that very concept.

A major mistake.

There was a second’s hesitation on the other side of the line.  Sheila sighed and began to talk, slowly and softly at first  “You’re lazy, you never look for work, you drink too much, you aren’t the man I married and I don’t understand why!”  She began to start getting angry ” I’ve been working my ass off while you’ve sat home not doing a damn thing!  I’ve seen you waste your life sitting around doing nothing and expecting me to carry both of us!”

Dan was taken aback, and began to defend himself “Listen, I’ve tried…”  was as far as he got.  She had emotional momentum behind her and steamrolled him  “BULLSHIT!  You tried nothing!  You made me your slave!  I had no life outside of work and you gave orders around that house like I was your damn slave!  Do this, Do that,  Do me, make me a sandwich when you’re done, grab me a beer, and clean up that mess!”  She was apoplectic at this point.  She was letting everything out at once, hitting him with everything she had.

She had been the model wife, she thought. She was hard working outside the house and in.  She did things around the house for her husband, like her mother had done for her father.  But her father was a good man, and a hard working man, not like Dan, Dan got lazy she thought.

Sheila made love to him many times when she didn’t want to, just because he did.  She didn’t mind.  But something changed when he lost his job.  He became lazy, slovenly, and more dictatorial around the house.

Sheila reminded him all of that, yelling “I gave you my best, I gave you everything, and you gave me nothing in return.  That apartment would have fallen apart without me.  Why did you do me like that! WHY! I wanted the best for us, what did you want? A free ride? On MY salary? We were supposed to be a TEAM! You remember that, honey!!  Do things together for each other!  And what did you do, you selfish bastard? Take it out on me!”

She took it initially, just figuring he was stressed over loosing his job.  But he began to drink, and got worse and seemed to not want to work.  He started to become verbally abusive.  He would take out his frustrations out on her, then apologize for it, then do it again.  Dan did this enough where she saw a pattern that she didn’t like.  Dan had changed, for the worse.  She had taken that vow “For better or worse” seriously.  But this worse was something that she wasn’t ready to live with.

Sheila took it for the better part of two years.  But when he started talking about scamming people for money and maybe robbing banks, she had enough.  They had a big fight over it and she started to sleep on the couch because she didn’t want to sleep with him anymore, and wanted to make him understand that she wasn’t going to be his again until he got his head straightened out.

For days, then weeks.  Then two months of sleeping on the couch hoping he would buy a clue.

She got sick of it, and when he started talking of selling the furniture, and everything else they didn’t need because she didn’t have enough money coming in, she called her mother and told her to ready her old room, she was coming home.

Sheila ended her end of the argument with “Well, let me tell you something!  I let you make love to me with that little goddamn thing because I loved you, I took all your lazy loudmouth crap because I hoped you would wake up and start trying to work.  You fucked me in more ways than one!  Well this is the fuck you, right back at ya, you bastard!  It is OVER.  I WANT A DIVORCE!”  She was in tears over it, and her voice was hoarse at the end of her rant.

He was flabbergasted.  They had fought lately, and she was right about some of it, but he never thought he was that bad.

To Be Continued…


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