Powerless, Part VI

Continued from Powerless, part v:

“Oh, Shit!”  Dan opened the door and said in a nasal voice ” Hi fellas!  What can I do for ya?”

“Can we come in and talk…”  And the officer looked down at a paper “…Mr. Moore?”

Dan got nervous, but he had no reason to not let them in, so he unlocked the door and let them in and said “C’mon in”

The officers walked in, professional in demeanor.  The first officer who walked in walked around the place, eyes darting everywhere, looking around the room.  The second looked at Dan’s  and held his gaze.  “Mr. Moore, I’m not going to beat around the bush. We know you were at the bodega down the street when the shooting took place a little while ago.  We were wondering what exactly you saw. Mr. Gaines said you were there and said something about you leaving bloody.”

Dan said “Ya, I did leave bloody.  I fell flat on my face trying to get to safety.  It’s why I sound so damn nasal.” He had taken the shirt off  and put a  clean one on just before the phone call, maybe two minutes ago.  “I didn’t get to see much.  I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on before the shooting started.  I’d just bought the paper, I’m looking for work, and was about to go through the paper when I heard what I thought was a car backfiring.”

The officer nodded and listened while Dan spoke.  Dan continued “That was as I was walking out of the store.  When I looked up I saw two people diving for cover, there was more loud popping sounds, pretty close, so I pretty much fell back into the store and landed on my face as I was trying to duck out of the way.  I heard car tires screech, somebody left in a hurry, but beyond that, I couldn’t tell you anything about what happened there.  Sorry.”

The other officer after scanning the room, was standing next to Dan listening to the story.  “Bill, that’s about the story we got from a few of the other’s we spoke to out there.  I don’t think he knows who did what.” Dan  looked up at the officer as he spoke, eyeballing his last name on his.  “You’re right officer Saban.  If I could help ya, I would.”

“Thank you Mr. Moore.  You’re sure you’re alright?  You don’t want an EMT to look at your nose?”  Dan responded “No,nononono. I’m fine.  I feel like a klutz for falling down like that, but besides my bruised ego and a sore nose, I’m fine, no need for any extra help.  Thanks for asking though.”

“You’re welcome, Mr.  Moore.  And if you do remember anything about this, give us a ring at the station.” and the officer handed him a card, and made his way out the door.

“Can do, officers.  Have a nice day.”  The officers walked down the stairs and were talking to each other about the next person they would talk to and didn’t respond to Dan’s last statement.

Dan locked the door and sighed.  His head was beginning to hurt, and talking to cops didn’t make him feel any better.  He had been trying to go through recent events to make some sense of things but it was difficult with everything happening the way it had been the last few hours.  He needed to shut out the world and just calm himself, drive the pain away long enough to get a grip on everything.

He thought about his wife… ex-wife.  Ex-wife he had to tell himself, until he convinced her to come back anyway.   He tried to convince himself that the strength of their love would win through.  But if it was that strong on her end would she have made that choice, the choice to walk away from him?  He wanted to call her, but thought that since she’s the one leaving, let her call and do the explaining.  He called her once, made the effort, and she didn’t wanna talk, the ball is in her court.

He would let her back if she wanted to come back.  He could not make her stay, but would try.

He sat down in the chair, and let the events of the day roll over him, and after a few minutes he began to fall asleep.

To Be Continued…


Next installment of the fiction (Click here to read part I and start the story from the beginning) as soon as I can get to it.

That’s it from here America.  G’night


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