If The President Said…

Pic of the day, part i: The Boating Party, by Mary Cassatt


Free men are aware of the imperfection inherent in human affairs, and they are willing to fight and die for that which is not perfect. They know that basic human problems can have no final solutions, that our freedom, justice, equality, etc. are far from absolute, and that the good life is compounded of half measures, compromises, lesser evils, and gropings toward the perfect. The rejection of approximations and the insistence on absolutes are the manifestation of a nihilism that loathes freedom, tolerance, and equity.

Eric Hoffer, The Temper of Our Time


I love the inherent dislogic within Mitt Romney’s rhetoric.  Mitt Romney said that the extension of  middle class tax cuts will “kill jobs.”  But then again he says everything that the President does kills jobs.

Tax cuts kill jobs?  I was under the impression that tax cuts were good things and created jobs?

Republican rule #1:  Taxes are bad.

Republican rule #2: Low taxation creates jobs.

This President has cut taxes so much I’m surprised I have to pay any at all.  Taxes being the natural enemy of Republicans, I’m surprised they hate the guy so much.  He’s doing a credible impression of a Republican with all the tax cuts he’s tossing around.

And while he’s cutting taxes, he’s proposing more tax cuts.  He’s cut taxes for small businesses 18 times.

What’s he gotta do, put on an elephant mask and scream “fuck the IRS” until Grover Norqvist’s ears bleed?


When I hear Mitt Romney say a tax cut for the middle class will kill jobs, I know what he really means.  And what Mitt means is He doesn’t care how republican this guy acts as far as taxation is concerned, he’s gonna say everything President Obama does kills jobs.

If the President said he walked his dog, dog walking would kill jobs.

If the President said he rooted for Prince Fielder during the Home Run Derby, Romney would say that rooting for Prince Fielder kills jobs

If the President said he had the best sex of his life in the White House, Romney would say fucking kills jobs.

Well…. maybe not on that last one, but Romney’d think about putting out a press release about it, just to be a dick. (to say nothing of the fact that the President wouldn’t say that, he’s not some inbred hick after all.)

Mitt Romney kills jobs by going to the same old tired line all the damn time.  Mitt, you cheap fuck, hire a writer.

Or not… I don’t mind making fun of you, Mitt.


Pic of the day, part ii:  Lilacs in a Window, by Mary Cassatt


Modern man is weighed down more by the burden of responsibility than by the burden of sin. We think him more a savior who shoulders our responsibilities than him who shoulders our sins. If instead of making decisions we have but to obey and do our duty, we feel it as a sort of salvation.

Eric Hoffer, The Passionate State of Mind, and Other Aphorisms


That’s it from here, America. G’night.

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