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Pic of the day:  The Maimed by Pieter Bruegel


Schisms do not originate in a love of truth, which is a source of courtesy and gentleness, but rather in an inordinate desire for supremacy. From all these considerations it is clearer than the sun at noonday, that the true schismatics are those who condemn other men’s writings, and seditiously stir up the quarrelsome masses against their authors, rather than those authors themselves, who generally write only for the learned, and appeal solely to reason. In fact, the real disturbers of the peace are those who, in a free state, seek to curtail the liberty of judgment which they are unable to tyrannize over.

Baruch Spinoza, Theological-Political Treatise (1670)


I’m doing some reading up on  the local state assembly race here in my district, the 63rd, here on Staten Island.   You read some really interesting things when you check this stuff out.  And by interesting of course I mean complete and utter silly crap.

Now, when reading about facts from a political opponent you would expect there to be some meat in these factual attacks.   The incumbent, guy by the name of Mike Cusick, has done a decent job, about as well as anyone could do.  I doubt that a Republican could do better, I doubt that another Democrat could do better.

He has sponsored some quality legislation to the state senate. Over 145 pieces of legislation I believe.  Including a property tax exemption for disabled veterans, limitations on property taxes imposed by the state, and tax exemptions for self-employed people.

Not bad, and that’s just a small snippet.  But his opponent, Sam Pirozollo has a different picture he’d like to paint of Mister Cusick. He claims that Mr. Cusick lacks the leadership of his predecessors because the tolls on the Verrazano bridge have doubled since he took office.

Which is true but hardly Mike’s problem until Sam decided to make it his problem.  Seems to have made his entire case for not re-electing Mr. Cusick on his inability to keep tolls on the Verrazano down.

Sam never mentions that Staten Islanders get to cross the bridge with a discount.  True Mike had nothing to do with that, but no one in office now did. That happened back in the 1980’s, and took one unholy fuck of a lot of wrangling by a lot more than one assemblyman to get done.  Two state legislatures had to approve it, seeing how the Port authority has control, and that is run by both New York AND New Jersey.

Sam also says that Mike is hiding like a child (I’m not kidding, those are his exact words) behind all the other politicians on Staten Island.  I didn’t know we had that many that someone Mike’s size could hide behind them. Mike’s kinda tall. How he’s gonna hide behind 3 other assemblymen and two senators I have no idea.  That hiding thing is not happening in any sense of the word that I can see.

Sam also says that Mike is the leading assemblyman of Staten Island.  He does have tenure, having been there the longest.  Kudos to Sam for recognizing that.  But Sam does seem to think that Mike has committed one other crime.

That of being a Democrat.  On the basis of not getting Staten Island lower rates crossing the Verrazano, despite the fact that we actually pay less than everyone else, Sam says that because Mike is a Democrat “in the majority”, and because “they” have not done enough to bring relief to Staten Island (from what I have no idea, being too close to New Jersey perhaps?) that he represents a better option for Staten Islanders.

Sam seems just a tad clueless here.

Sorry, Sam.  Please stay out of my legislature.  Thank you.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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