Far To Go

Pic of the day:  Entry of Alexander into Babylon, by Charles Le Brun


Reagan’s story of freedom superficially alludes to the Founding Fathers, but its substance comes from the Gilded Age, devised by apologists for the robber barons. It is posed abstractly as the freedom of the individual from government control—a Jeffersonian ideal at the roots of our Bill of Rights, to be sure. But what it meant in politics a century later, and still means today, is the freedom to accumulate wealth without social or democratic responsibilities and license to buy the political system right out from everyone else.

Bill Moyers


8 days of work in two weeks.  10 would be better but 8 isn’t bad.  It’ll help me pay the bills.   But that doesn’t mean I am resting on my laurels.  I am back to looking for full time work.  Because no matter what, until I have a full time permanent job with benefits, I’m just a temp.  Part-timers don’t get benefits.  Part-timers rarely get enough work to make ends meet.  Part-timers don’t get anything but the short end of the stick.

And I’m beginning to get sick of that end of the stick.

I understand that there isn’t always work for me where I am now.  But I cannot wait for their needs and my needs to come together.  I have been waiting for that for nine months.  It isn’t happening.  I have been told it won’t happen.  That the list is full.  There are other places, other jobs and I have begun to look in earnest at them.

In time I will finally land that permanent job.  In time my needs will be met.  This bad luck with finding permanent work cannot last forever.

Nothing does, so there is hope.  But I have far to go before that hope is realized.


Reading the news headlines can be misleading sometimes.  You can read two different headlines about the same person and the same story and come away with two entirely different pictures of what went on. And that is part of the reason I do not trust the media. I will read and watch things there, I will comment on them, think on them, sometimes even act on them.  But trust?  Never.

One story by the the Wall Street Journal (I go to them occasionally because they are partisan bastards and make no bones about it) said that Jamie Dimon got off easy during the senate hearing he was part of today.   Stories from both Politico and the Washington Post referred to his testimony as a grilling.

It’s testimony folks.  Report the testimony.  Dimon’s words. Congresses words.  Provide context.  If you can paint pictures as divergent as these examples on something as easily identifiable  and simple as congressional testimony, someone missed the context, and the point.  Big money has tossed journalism into the shitter.

Gonna watch the testimony later and find out.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

As a matter of fact, here’s a snippet of the testimony.  Judge for yourself.  Can’t call it grilling, per se, but it’s pertinent, intelligent questioning.

Viddy of the day:  Reed Questions JPMorgan Chase and Company CEO Jamie Dimon


And yet I am about the happiest man on earth.  My wife, gone on business for a week is finally back home.  Love that woman, and I am happy that she is back in my arms.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.