No Rest

Pic of the day:  The Dead Christ supported by Angels, by Filippo Mazzola


The remarkable thing is that we really love our neighbor as ourselves: we do unto others as we do unto ourselves. We hate others when we hate ourselves. We are tolerant toward others when we tolerate ourselves. We forgive others when we forgive ourselves. We are prone to sacrifice others when we are ready to sacrifice ourselves.
It is not love of self but hatred of self which is at the root of the troubles that afflict our world.

Eric Hoffer, The Passionate State of Mind, and Other Aphorisms


I wasn’t surprised at feeling like I had no rest all weekend.  Despite resting more than usual this weekend and having a slow day at work on top of it, I just never quite felt 100% today.  Pain in my upper back shot pain directly into my skull and gave me a splitting headache. I felt spent and beat despite the fact that there was not really a whole lot of work to do on the job today.

I hate days like this.  But it’s a good thing that these things rarely last.  Tomorrow will be better.  No worries.


I’m sitting in a semi-darkened room, with just the light of the computer screen to type by.  The darkness helps.  I can hear the jingle jangle of the bell around my cats neck, along with the sound of a string sonata by Rossini playing on shoutcast behind me.  I have been listening to metal and rock most of the day, a little more subtlety is wanted at this point in my day.  The pain in my shoulder is gone for the moment, replaced by a soreness in my right quadricep.

It never gets easier.  But it isn’t supposed to. If it was supposed to it would have by now, wouldn’t it?

Wouldn’t it?


The only news I’m going to write about today is not really even news.  It’s just a short comment on a headline I read.  The headline was silly, and blisteringly obvious.  “FAMILY INCOMES DOWN IN RECENT YEARS.” Duh, and other such statements.

I read that there are some people who are blaming President Obama for this.

Despite the fact that the Federal Reserve survey ran from 2007 – 2010.  And he didn’t take Office till January 2009.  Some of it can be added to his side of the ledger sheet, but he has fought tooth and nail to keep the economy afloat.

A helluva lot more that the people who suggest Barack Obama is personally responsible for your income falling in 2007 and 2008, when Dubya was President.

And no, Dubya, we don’t miss you.  No one with more than three working brain cells does.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night


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