Work Is Good

Pic of the day: The Stigmatization of St. Francis, by Giotto di Bondone


The genuinely extraordinary person is the genuine ordinary person. The more of the universally human an individual can actualize in his life, the more extraordinary a human being he is. The less of the universal he can assimilate, the more imperfect he is. It is true that he may then be an extraordinary person, but not in the good sense.

Soren Kierkegaard


Work is good.  But then again working is always good so it’s kinda hard to imagine it being otherwise, but it is worth mentioning for a few reasons.  One is that after two weeks off, two weeks in which I made not a dime working because I was not needed I am back being a productive member of society.  I’m really happy about that.  Even if I am just a freelancer employee, when I am needed I really enjoy being needed.  And there has been a ton of it.

Hundreds of pieces of porcelain. Small delicate things, some several hundred years old, in beautiful condition.  Look at each piece.  Judge it, scrutinize it closely, look for defects, imperfection, find the spots where time has savaged the pieces.  See where repairs have been done, and how well they were done.  Judge it all, make sure that every little defect is recorded.  on every single piece.

154 plates, cups, saucers, platters in one set.  Check every piece.  Take pictures of the more egregious damage.   One piece that was supposed to be a single piece that turned out to be 49 pieces,  so eyeball each one, flip it around, look at the underside.  Feel each piece for imperfections, run a  nimble finger across cracks to see how bad each one is.  Account for every piece, make note of every flaw.

And enjoy every moment.

Then there is literally tons of furniture.  Some hundreds of years old.  Looking at worm eaten wood that has been completely restored, and is now strong enough to hold over 100 pounds of marble top, despite being on spindly legs.  Some pieces look ancient.  Brass inlay that was old before the American revolution was begun.  19th century Russian furniture that looks as if it were new, so well was the restoration done.  Lift, eyeball, note that the inlay was bent into place several times, and is weak in spots.

Note the condition.  Pass the information on down the line, so the next person who has to handle the work knows, so he or she doesn’t walk in blind.  So they can decide whether to work on it, or leave it as is and send it to the floor just like that.

That’s being an art handler.  That is what I do, and frankly I enjoy it.

I could use more work like this.  There’s never enough work for me, or enough money from the work at any rate.


The news brought a smile to my face the moment I heard it.  I have been waiting for this news for months, long months.  Diligently have I searched for news over the last few months.  Diligently, except for the last two weeks.  Which is when the good news finally came.

The lockout is over!  Sotheby’s and Teamster’s locla 814, fought with those rat bastards at the law firm Jackson Lewis who were representing Sotheby’s at negotiations.  The moment that firm was replaced, real talks began.  In the space of a few weeks from what I have heard, things went from bad with Jackass Lewis to much smoother with Proskauer Rose.

I had not heard that Jackass lewis had been booted from the negotiations.  I am not surprised though to find that things got much smoother once those rat bastards were out.  Congratulations to the fine gentlemen at Sotheby’s local 814, for hanging tough, fighting the good fight, and getting a  good contract out of them after all this time.

It’s warms my heart to see good things happen to good people like this.  It really does.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.