Not Expecting Much

Pic of the day: Benjamin Franklin, by Mason Chamberlain, 1762


Next time they give you all that civic bullshit about voting, keep in mind that Hitler was elected in a full, free democratic election.

George Carlin


It’s 9:00 pm.  I am watching the election coverage on the Wisconsin election on MSNBC right now.  I am not expecting much from this to go in the Democrats favor.  Not because I have no faith in their vision for Wisconsin, I do.  Not because I think the Republicans are so powerful in Wisconsin that the Democrats can’t win, the Dems can win.  Not because I think that Walker is that much better than Barrett, he isn’t.

It’s because all the polling  before hand suggested that Walker had at least a 6 percent lead.  It’s because the Democrats have been outspent almost 9 to 1.

And yet there is hope for the Democrats.  There is optimism in Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Tom Barrett’s headquarters.  The night is going to be a long one.  Right now the exit polling suggests that the vote, despite the polling numbers, is in a near deadlock.  Despite the fact that the money spent by the Republicans was nine times greater than the Democrats could muster.

Just saying that gives me hope for the future of this country.  The fact that people are on some level immune to the effects of big money in campaigns is a shot in the arm for me, and the millions like me who think big money has taken over far too much of the political process.  Wisconsin is leading America to the promised land.

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9:30 pm:   With all that said, I don’t see Walker losing.  It’ll go late into the night, but Walker will win.  Exit polling may be 50 – 50, but right now the actual numbers are leaning hard to Walker’s side, and he is leading by a hefty 61% – 39% margin.  I expect it’ll get closer as the night goes on, but I don’t expect Barrett to win.

It’d be nice though.

There are 4 state senate recall races that are also underway.  One win by democrats there takes the majority away from the Republicans.  That would make it impossible for Walker, should he win, to shove his Union-busting, anti-democracy agenda down Wisconsin’s throat. And here I am expecting the Democrats to make headway and win at least one

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At 10:05 I jumped on twitter to see what the election news was looking like.  No surprise, Walker has been declared the winner in the Recall election.  Not surprised, except by how fast it happened.  Waiting to see what the final tally is, see how accurate the polling was, see how close the exit polling was.  Should be interesting.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.