With All That Said

Pic of the day:  a Life magazine cover from 1902

The caption reads: Those pious Yankees can’t throw stones at us any more.  And yes, that is a depiction of the American military using water-boarding over 100 years ago.


We, the most powerful democracy in the world, have developed a strong norm against talking about politics. It’s fine to talk about politics with people you agree with. But it is rude to argue about politics with people you disagree with. Political discourse becomes isolated, and isolated discourse becomes more extreme. We say what our friends want to hear, and hear very little beyond what our friends say.

Lawrence Lessig, Free Culture


Viddy of the day:  Weekly Address:  It’s time for congress to Get Back to Work


Republican partisans simply won’t see the Presidents call to action as authentic in the above video, and will critique it negatively simply because he is a “Liberal” and believe he is a “Socialist.”  Neither of those labels actually fits, but that doesn’t matter to right wing partisans.  Some of the Presidents actions would be right at home in a Republican White House.  He has cut taxes, which are lower now than at any time in history.  Lowered spending, to the point where the amount he has spent is lower than any President of the last 50 years.

But they call him out as taxing us to death, when he clearly isn’t, and spending like it’s going out of style, when he isn’t.

Republicans have never been good at math.

They blame him for everything short of the rainstorm that is currently dumping rain in Maine.  And they’d blame that on him too, if they could figure out a way to make him look bad doing it.

We are all political actors.  But, seriously America, do you have to ham it up that badly, and screw up all the lines?  Ya wanna call him out on stuff?  Great!  Call him out on stuff he is actually guilty of!  He has been good to America , by lowering tax and spending despite coming into office during the worst recession in 80 years in a nation that has recessions at a rate of about one every 10 years.  McCain couldn’t have done better.  Bush made it happen, using policies and tactics that were old when Reagan was a child.  Face it, Barack Obama is the best we’ve got, and America would be in considerably worse shape without a democrat, without him at the helm.


With all that said, little matters to me right now, short of my wife and my work.  My work, after two long weeks out because they simply did not need me, has called again, and again I get ready for work.  I have to tell you that it feels good to be joining the racks of productive people again.  It is only 4 days of work, but four days of work is better than none, I’ll take it.

Money is short, short enough where I had to jump back in and grab money from unemployment.  Being out due to lack of work for a few weeks makes everything difficult.  Without unemployment I would not have had enough money to pay the rent and the electric bill.  Without it I would not have been able to get the food my wife and I eat every day.

I am thankful everyday for the kind generosity that I receive from the world.  Happy and humbled am I to be able to survive and stay solvent even in the modest manner in which I have accustomed myself.  And my wife has stuck it out with me, she is truly a remarkable woman.  Speaking of my wife…

My wife is getting ready to take off on a business trip to the other side of the country.  She leaves on Tuesday and will be gone for a full week.  I am doing everything I can to pack in as much time with her as I can before she goes.  My heart tells me it would be wrong of me to act otherwise.  She deserves much, works very hard, and I am not the best husband in the world.  I don’t get her flowers.  I can’t afford them, but that is neither here nor there.  I don’t take her places.  I don’t get her things.

Being poor sucks.  I hate not having enough money to feel comfortable to do the little things that would make a greater show of my love for her.  But I give what I can when I can, I do whatever is within my power.

And what really gets me, is that I haven’t worked in two weeks, and the one day I want to be home and be around so I can help my wife get to the airport, I won’t be able to.  I need the money and the alternative, not working, is simply unacceptable.

Such is life.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night!