Bursting The Balloon

Pic of the day: Bursting the Balloon, political cartoon from 1844.

Click the link above to see a full-sized version of the cartoon.  Call this a premature celebration, showing Henry Clay and his VP Frelinghuysen rising up and James Polk falling.  Polk defeated Clay in a very close 1844 election.


No president who performs his duties faithfully and conscientiously can have any leisure. If he entrusts the details and smaller matters to subordinates constant errors will occur. I prefer to supervise the whole operations of the government myself rather than entrust the public business to subordinates, and this makes my duties very great.

James K. Polk, diary entry from 1848


Viddy of the day;  Checking in:  Health Care Reform across the country.


Healthcare reform would improve individual insurance.  At least according to the article I read on a site called nurse.com. It is a very short article about how insurance costs to the individual would be affected by the scheduled introduction of the new health care exchanges, which take effect in 2014.  The article makes the point that individual insurance market will drastically change, for the better as I read it, for the purchaser when the exchanges come into being.

Should they come into being.  If the Supreme court holds back and does not dismantle this portion of the affordable healthcare act.  I am not holding my breath waiting for them to make a decision in favor of the customers here. During the last few years, during the regime of Roberts court, business has made out extraordinarily well.  I do not expect that to change over much. If insurance companies will make out better without the law, they being good businessmen, will accede to the demands of the insurance companies.

Especially if Justice Thomas has anything to do with it, he being as politically active in extreme right wing politics he and his wife are and have been.


If you read near the bottom of this article, you will read where a Senator from the state of disbelief (aka Texas) said something unbelievably dumb.  He said that Uncertainty over taxes was damaging to the economy.

Uncertainty over taxes is damaging to the economy?

Uncertainty over taxes is damaging to the economy?  

BULLSHIT!   The usual stupid bullshit that makes sure that the rich pay less than the poor tax-wise is damaging the economy.  Screw you, Sen. John Cornyn.  You sir, are an idiot! And if you read the rest of his diatribe, you can see just how much of a lying sack of shit John boy is.

And the President is right, congress needs to get their asses moving on that jobs bill.  Unless the Republican house likes looking tentative in the face of increasing economic uncertainty.

Read the article, please.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night!


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