A Few Basic Questions for Mitt Romney Regarding His Tax Plans

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Schisms do not originate in a love of truth, which is a source of courtesy and gentleness, but rather in an inordinate desire for supremacy… In fact, the real disturbers of the peace are those who, in a free state, seek to curtail the liberty of judgment which they are unable to tyrannize over.

Baruch Spinoza


It’s official, Mitt Romney is the nominee of the Republican party for President of the United States of America. It became official a few hours ago when Mr. Romney won the Texas primary. Congratulations Mitt!

Now all you have to do is convince a plurality of Americans that voting for you is the right thing to do. And like any member of the two major parties in this country, you already have about 45% of the nation already in your pocket simply by being the nominee of one of those parties. Each party, without the slightest bit of help get about 45% of the populace to vote for them.

But that last 10 percent of the nation that is left over, I tell you brother, they are not easy people to convince of anything.


I am at this moment reading Mr. Romney’s website and will, when finished give a detailed account of exactly what he says about foreign policy and taxation and Social Security and a host of other issues.

I have read his tax plan. On the surface it is nice but there are questions I have. They may be answered by other things in other places on the site that I have yet to get to. The questions are as follows:

How do you plan to make up for the shortfall created by the 10% across the board cut in the corporate tax rate. Government has not shrunk in size in our lifetimes, whether a Republican or a Democrat was in office. To make that drastic a cut in taxes must surely be made up for with an opposite and equal level of cuts in Government spending or increases in taxation elsewhere. Will you cut Social Security? Defense? Medicare? There isn’t enough discretionary spending out there that could be cut to make up for the shortfall, so I’m curious to see who will get hit with the budget axe.

The other tax cuts you propose beg the same question.

There is no word in the tax section about the Bush tax cuts. I was curious to see what exactly he has to say about the Bush Tax cuts that are set to expire at the end of this year. Those tax cuts have cost us trillions of dollars and not helped create job growth as they were supposed to. Will he extend the Bush tax cuts or will he raise the tax rate on the rich by 4%?

How can he justify the statement that the President has “exploded the size of government” when the size of government has actually risen more slowly under President Obama than any other President in the last 60 years?

There will be much more on Mitt Romney in the coming weeks and months, as his candidacy merits much scrutiny.


That’s it from here, America. G’night.

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