Revolt? Not Really

Pic of the day:  Benois Madonna, by Leonardo da Vinci.


Looking at the contemporary world, two things are obvious: democracy is doing rather badly, and democracy is doing very well. New states are born free, yet everywhere they are in chains. Democracy is doing very badly in that democratic institutions have fallen by the wayside in very many of the newly independent ‘transitional’ societies, and they are precarious elsewhere. Democracy, on the other hand, is doing extremely well in so far as it is almost (though not quite) universally accepted as a valid norm.

Ernest Gellner, Contemporary Thought and Politics


As I sit here drinking the last remnants of a cup of coffee I poured myself a half an hour ago, I am not sure that I should even be writing right now.  But I can’t not write.  It’s in my blood, it seems.  The urge to explain why I feel what I feel is too strong, even when there isn’t much to write about in that vein.  Things to do, and not much time to do them in, so this one’ll be short.


Annoyed that I am hearing about Al-Qaeda yet again, about more dumbass bombers wanting to put bombs near their dicks to blow them and everyone in the immediate vicinity into tiny pieces.  Such is the state of the world now, that in some places this is a socially acceptable way to show displeasure with the world.   It’s great that they found out and stopped’em cold.  Love that.  World needs less people doing stupid crap like that.  If it’s war AL-Qaeda wants, then by all means, go fight a war.

Is Al-Qaeda a revolt against the west?  Not really.  It is a revolt against civilization, against civilians, against common decency, and in the end even against Islam itself.   God doesn’t want to kill random strangers on planes because of the nation they come from with bombs.  Men do.  And men do evil when men do what they do with pretended guidance from without.

Al-Qaeda is an excuse for men to be evil towards one another.  Al-Qaeda is a sin against the good name of God in all cultures.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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