Why Is It…

Pic of the day:  Le bassin aux nymphéas ou Les nymphéas à Giverny, by Claude Monet


Why is it that the world is not trying to arm the rebels in Syria?  Or at the very least find some way of protecting them?  To be honest the U.N. is trying, but how much power to actually affect that change can they have at this point?  With member of the big 7  in the U.N. calling the rebels “barbarous” it seems unlikely that they’ll be able to do anything fruitful anytime soon.  I would ponder, along with many others I am certain, funneling weapons to the rebels covertly, but America has a less than bright and shining record with covert actions turning against us over the last 60 years.  Or do you think Iran, amongst other nations, got to be who they are without our unwanted and covert help?

Why is it that every single time Mitt Romney talks about unemployment, he skews the numbers to the point where they have little to do with anything that matters?  He says that the President has let down workers under 25, because they are unemployed at twice the rate of the American people, while failing to point out that this has been the case for over 10 years?  Or that women have suffered greatly under the President, when unemployment for women is 7/10th of one percent lower than the national average and 1.2% lower than unemployment for men?

Why is it that America is called the land of the free? With the amount of strictures our freedoms have come under over the last quarter century, Russia may be more free than we are.  I don’t know for certain, though.  I love my country, I just question things about it that many people think is taboo.  Just because we are in some ways better off, does not make us more free than any other democratic  or even non-democratic country.  If we as a people take it for granted that we are “the land of the free” how long can it stay that way, unguarded?


I watched the White House correspondents dinner tonight.  Pretty damn funny, The President killed on stage, the dig on Sarah Palin was damn funny, and the Romney humor wasn’t too bad, I liked the shot he took at the do-nothing House too.  Kimmel had some really good material, best bit was “The difference between Rush Limbaugh’s audience and Bill Maher’s audience?  Maher’s audience knows he’s being an asshole.” He had plenty of good material.

Not gonna talk about Kimmel seeming stiff and rushed out there on the dais. Maybe he wanted to seem that way, to cover his as just in case his jokes sucked and the Jake Tapper is a shitty joke writer references stopped working.

If you wanna watch the viddy of it, and it is worth it, it’s funny stuff, head over to C-span.org.  They’ll have it there.  It’s worth the watch.  Come to think of it, there is not much going on politically this weekend, C-span will probably re-air it a boatload of times.


I missed most of the Rangers/Capitals game, in large part because I was busy running my ass off in the park.  9.5 miles at a 7:13 pace kept me from thinking about hockey, or much anything else when the game was going on.  Missed a damn good game as well.  But to be honest, hockey fan though I am, I wanted to get out and run, and that time was about the only time I actually could.  It’s not like the Rangers needed me there to watch them win to win.

I can always catch the edited highlights later.  Ya, not as exciting as the real thing happening live in front of you, but I don’t mind so much.  Plus, that 7:13 was a boatload of fun, ran my ass off.  It was well worth it.  Nearly 8.5 MPH for over an hour on these beat up, tired legs is a major accomplishment.  Might not sound like much to you, but there were people half my age in the park who couldn’t keep up with me.  That always feels nice.

Why is it that I don’t mind missing important sporting events, but can’t think of missing a good run?

Oh, yeah, I have those things.  You know.  Priorities.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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