Death And Taxes

Pic of the day:  Saint Jerome by Leonardo Da Vinci


Strange—is it not?—that of the myriads who
Before us passed the door of Darkness through,
Not one returns to tell us of the road
Which to discover we must travel too.

Omar Khayyam, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam


Sudan dropped bombs on South Sudanese troops who were withdrawing from the field, and also bombed a market in the capital of Unity state, Bentiu.  South Sudan has said that the bombing of the market is tantamount to a declaration of war.  Sudan has denied that they bombed the area.  The U.N. has condemned the bombing of the Market, and has called on Sudan to cease all hostilities against it’s neighbor to the south.

No one else has warplanes in the area, so Sudan’s claim that they had nothing to do with the bombing is at once bewilderingly stupid and laughable.  There has been fighting along the border for some time now, so it’s kinda funny to think that they would try to lie about this.  It’s not like warplanes would have just magically appeared in the sky above Bentiu to bomb that market.  It’s not like there’s been hostilities between South Sudan and Uganda or the Congo or some other country in the area.

Mind you the South is not sinless here.  They invaded the North and took an oilfield, and only left after criticism by the U.N., and near complete destruction of the oilfield, according to a worker from there.  The South has been an aggressor on a number of occasions.  But that does not mean that the North can indiscriminately bomb civilians in the South.  But this is war and is unfortunately to be expected.

I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again today.  It’ll get worse before it gets better.  And with South Sudan having no air defenses or air force to speak of, they are at the mercy of the Sudanese.  Bloody mess, that’s what it’s gonna end up being before it all shakes out.


In other news, Social Security’s long range financial health is beginning to worsen.  In large part due to the fact that SocSec taxes are as low as they are.  Low taxes are not always the greatest thing in the world, and here is your proof.  If we increase the amount of money we pay all of us into the fund, then we all can benefit, and we will all be better off.

If things continue to go as they are going right now, the fund will run out of money in 2033.  Which is nice seeing how I will become eligible to go on SocSec in 2033.  Good to know that all the money I have thrown into the fund will have done exactly nothing for me should things continue the way they are going now.

How to fix this? Increase SocSec taxes.  Make everyone pay, including millionaires and billionaires.  Hell even thousandaires. The FICA tax is a regressive tax, and that needs to stop.  Making it either a flat tax or a progressive tax with no ceiling is one very powerful way to inject life into the system.


That’s about it from here, America.  G’night.

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