Out Of The Deepest Depth

Pic of the day:  Harvest in Provence, By Vincent Van Gogh


No work for the week so far as Monday rolls around.  I could look at it “glass half empty” and say this might be another week without work, and talk about how much that sucks. I could look at it as “glass half full” and think of it as an opportunity to gather strength and rest my clearly weary bones.  But I choose neither.  I choose to look at this as just another day, like all the ones that have come before, and that will come after.  Every day has it’s work and it’s rest.  Every day has it’s ups and downs.

I need work to make money.  I need money to pay bills.  I need to pay bills to ensure that what little I have I can keep.  So I need to find out why the work is not more plentiful.

Most “glass half empty” and “glass half full” arguments don’t look at the complete picture.  Most have in some regard at their base some thought about trying to look at the brighter side of things.  Which is nice if you are looking for a pick me up.  Which I’m not.  That which I seek is something a little deeper.  Answers.  Telling myself things won’t get me answers.  But I will get answers to the important questions. Like, why things are the way they are with work hours and days, who is responsible for my lack of hours, and what can I do to make things work more in my favor.

Answers will be forthcoming.  I will push to get them.


Whence come the highest mountains? I once asked. Then I learned that they came out of the sea. The evidence is written in their rocks and in the walls of their peaks. It is out of the deepest depth that the highest must come to its height.

Friedrich Nietzsche, Also Spake Zarathusra


It seems Sudan and South Sudan are at war.  No surprise there.  There’s oil in South Sudan, and Sudan wants their cut of the money from it.  Before these two countries parted ways last year and became two separate countries the vast majority of the money made from the south was from oil, to my knowledge. There was a deal in place that gave Khartoum in the North 50% of all proceeds from oil production in the South.  I know not enough of the deal to speak of it at length, except to say that the South was looking to get more from a new deal.

So there is war.  Hundreds dead on an attack on an oil field.

South Sudan has no air force to speak of, while the north has weapons from both China and Russia. I expect the South will get the crap pounded out of it from the air until someone with some level of sense can clean this mess up.  India is offering to mediate some sort of deal.  Good luck is all I can say.

War for oil.  Always foolish. And inevitable.  Expect this to get worse before it gets better.  And expect oil prices to rise, if only moderately.  After all, speculators will only be able to scare a few people into paying more for oil because of bombs going off in Sudan.


That’s it from here, America. G’night.


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