Pic of the day:  Boy looking at Mount Fuji, By Katsushika Hokusai


So, we can actually count the number of emperor  penguins on earth with a satellite.  No doubt a most excellent thing if you are the penguin census taker, but what pray tell is the practical application of said fact?   What does our capacity for counting penguins from space mean?

I am absolutely certain there are amazing and incredible things that can be gleaned from this information.  The study of antarctic ecology is no doubt clearly the better for this.  And it does show that our satellites can keep a pretty damn good eye on things down here.  Not like we didn’t know that though.  And I am frankly a big fan of science, ecology, and any thing to do with space.  But penguins? For some reason this story, it lost me.

Even with the story turning into a story about how climate change is going to radically damage some species i wasn’t really touched by it.  I’m all over the whole climate change aka Mankind has broken the sky we must be a bunch of assholes thing.  Which makes me wonder why.

And right now I dunno why. Maybe it was the need to check out all the piles of penguin crap that lost me here.  Maybe it was the fact that the first story I read about it was on Bloomberg news which for no readily apparent reason mentioned the movie “March of the Penguins” with no connection made to the story whatsoever that irked the crap out of me.

And maybe I’m just turning into a cranky old man.  Nice that we can count penguins from space.  Nice that we care as a species enough to want to make sure the little bastards survive whatever we do to this poor doomed planet.  Nice that antarctic ecology gets a boost from this.  Anything that helps the planet and all it’s inhabitants that live on it live better is fine by me.


So, North Korea launched a “rocket” yesterday.  It was a piece of crap.  Robert Goddard at the age of 6 in the middle of a hissy fit could have launched a rock higher with his foot than that damn “rocket” went.  And ya, it was a missile test.  So what? Ya they have nukes, and they are playing with a missile.  The South Koreans are more than a match for anything that the NoKo’s can throw at them.

South Korea should offer them food and tell them they’ll get as much as they want as long as they give up the whole nuclear missile thing.  They need it badly enough from what I hear that they might just go for it.

Now is the right time to offer food for peace.  New young impressionable leader might well take kindly to the offer.  Ya never know until ya try.


So, I mailed out payments to the IRS today.  Put my money to good use.  Help some homeless person get their lives back.  Pay for some elderly persons prescription.  Pay down the deficit.  But no weapons systems, no military anything with my money.

Not unless I get to wield the weapon or weapons.  No blowing crap up with my money unless my finger is on the trigger, K?

It’d be better spent if it went towards getting people to work.  Spend my money there.  I’m a big fan of helping people.  I’m just that kind of American.


So, Syria is still a mess after the Syrians said “Mission Accomplished” or some such a week or two ago.  Is anyone surprised? The people there are sick of Al-Assad’s bullshit.  I’m surprised they haven’t physically gone after Al-Assad yet.  Or maybe they have and I just haven’t heard about it.  Put one between his eyes and the whole game changes, does it not?


So… That’s it from here, America.  G’night.