Wildly Inaccurate First Round 2012 NHL Playoff Predictions

Pic of the day:  First Stanley cup.  A pic of the Montreal Hockey club  after winning the first ever Stanley cup in 1893.


It’s gonna be a party.  A big party.  A big messy ass whupping party in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.  Here are my WILDLY INACCURATE picks for the first round.  Enjoy.


Eastern Conference:

1) N.Y. Rangers vs. 8) Ottawa Senators  The pick:  Rangers in 7.  The Sens are a damn good offensive team.  The Rangers are a great defensive team with a few top notch scorers.  That D should be enough to hold down the Sens, even though they couldn’t do it during the regular season. Callahan and Gaborik have to stand out here.  If they don’t, you could watch this Rangers team collapse and lose in round one, but I’m sticking with the Rangers here.

2)  Boston Bruins vs. 7) Washington Capitals  The pick:  Bruins in 5.  The Bruins haven’t changed all that much from the team that won it all last year.  And they know it.  Tim Thomas is still one of the best goalies in the league, he should be able to hold down whoever the Caps have in goal as well as Ovie and the rest of the Caps.

3) Florida Panthers vs. 6) New Jersey Devils  The pick:  Devils in 5.  The Devils, though a number 6 seed, are one of the better teams in the east.  Jose Theodore and the defense in front of him won’t be able to stop the Devils second line, and the Devils first line will burn them worse than the Henrique and the second.

4) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 5) Philadelphia Flyers  The pick:  Penguins in 6.  This is going to be a knock down drag out fight, and could frankly go either way.  The Penguins have the advantage with their potent offense that only got more dangerous when Sidney Crosby came back and quietly had perhaps the best end of the season any player had this year.  The only reason I don’t have the Pens sweeping here is that The Flyers ain’t no joke.


Western Conference:

1) Vancouver Canucks vs.  8) Los Angeles Kings  The pick:  Canucks in 7. The Canucks are a great team, but they lose something when they don’t have both Sedin twins on the ice.  With Daniel Sedin out at least for some of this series with a concussion, expect the ‘nucks to struggle a bit before finding their playoff legs.

2) St. Louis Blues vs.  7) San Jose Sharks  The pick:  Blues in 5.  The Sharks aren’t a bad team by any stretch of the imagination.  The Blues are not a great offensive team, what they are is a dominant defensive team that takes what few opportunities it gets and capitalizes.  They’ll capitalize here.  Plus, the Sharks always suck come playoff time.

3) Phoenix Coyotes vs.  6) Chicago Blackhawks  The pick:  Blackhawks in 6. The Blackhawks have a plethora of scorers that can take apart even the best of goaltenders. Mike Smith is having a helluva year as the  #1 starter for the first time in his career in Phoenix.  That won’t help him here.  The Blackhawks are gonna tee off on him here.

4) Nashville Predators vs. 5) Detroit Red Wings   The pick:  Red Wings in 7.  The Wings are always a team that threatens to go deep into the Stanley cup Playoffs. The Predators though are no joke.  They have scoring punch on all 4 lines, a power play that is second to none, and Pekka Rinne, one of the best goalies in the NHL.  If it wasn’t the Red Wings they were playing, I’d pick Nashville to go deep into the playoffs.  The Wings are just too good to be contained in the first round.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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