Difference Of Values

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What people outside do not appreciate is that a newspaper is like a soufflé, prepared in a hurry for immediate consumption. This of course is why whenever you read a newspaper account of some event of which you have personal knowledge it is nearly always inadequate or inaccurate. Journalists are as aware as anyone of this defect; it is simply that if the information is to reach as many readers as possible, something less than perfection has often to be accepted.

David E.H. Jones (1965)


Keith Olbermann got canned today.  Again. I feel for the guy.  I really do, I have been hard put by employers for the last few years, and they are always a fickle lot.  The people at Current TV knew going in what they were getting when they signed Keith to that 5 year, $50,000,000 contract.

And the people at Current claim a “difference of values” is at the heart of Mr. Olbermann’s being fired.  What does that mean anyway?  If my values are different from my employer they have a right to fire me?  Seriously? I have to be that far up my bosses ass just to keep a job in this day and age?  WTF is that about?  That has to be about the most lame-brained bullshit I’ve heard in a long time. I could eat Alphabet soup and crap out a better line than that.

Al Gore is a liberal and the owner of a fairly new news outlet.  Keith Olbermann was a liberal commentator put in charge of the news division.  What kind of idiot boss can’t accommodate the voice and face of the new network?  It sounds much more to me, just based on the “difference of values” bullshit they have no one to blame but themselves in having to deal with getting rid of the closest thing they had to a star on their network.

Can’t blame him for lack of ratings.  The network is not everywhere, and they have signed no other major names to go along with Keith.  Which is Current’s responsibility, ultimately.

Where Keith goes, I will watch, or listen.  Doesn’t mean I won’t still watch current.  I’ve been watching since before Keith jumped on board.  But I went there more often because Keith was there.  Cenk is good, so is Keith’s replacement Eliot Spitzer, but they lose something when they lose Mr. Olbermann. The point man for the cause of liberty for Americans everywhere, not just liberals.

Personally I think Keith should start a brand new 24 hour on-line news/journalism/commentary site. Do for politics what the TWiT network does for technology.  I’d work for him.


That’s it from here, America.