At It Again

Occupiers are at it again,  They have moved into Manhattan’s Zucotti park in force, though not nearly with the numbers that were there at the height of the protest during September and October of last year.    Four protesters were arrested, and 3 policemen were injured.  I’ll take those odds.  More people are pissed off about the direction of the world than there are cops.

I wish these fine Americans well on round two.  I’m hoping to be there at some point.  I was thinking about going there Monday, but if work intervenes, which it is threatening to, I have to go.  Money may be made of paper, but it don’t grow on trees, at least none that I’ve seen.  First available day then.


Death is not an event in life: we do not live to experience death. If we take eternity to mean not infinite temporal duration but timelessness, then eternal life belongs to those who live in the present. Our life has no end in just the way in which our visual field has no limits.

Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractus Logico-Philosophicus


Pic of the day: Wu Zhen, fisherman


Idiots are at it again.  I wrote an article before about several people elsewhere. One bit was about some silly seeming and frankly particularly dense individual who was actually running for state senate of the state of North Carolina, by the name of Bivins Holler.

Holy fuck is this guy dense.  He makes a video, claiming to be talking to people, who aren’t real.  In this video he says that white people in South Africa should move to the west of the country, shoot the blacks out of that part of the country… whole bunch of real crazy racist stuff.  An absolute boatload of insane crap. There’s 5 minutes of it.  It’s nuts from one end to the other and everywhere in between.

In the video there is a window behind him, with visible sunlight coming in, yet he says he shot the viddy at 3:00 am.  It looks like a small room in his moms basement, with the prerequisite twin size bed that would barely fit his overweight ass in it, along with his South Carolina flag.

Says he’s a Liberal Democrat. Says he’s been part of the Democrat party for a long time.  Note he did not say Democratic party.  Only Republicans call it the Democrat party, and they always say it like it’s a dirty word, just like this numbnuts did.  Almost choked on the amount of bullshit that came out of that one statement.  Liberal Democrat my ass.  His proof that he’s a member of the “democrat” party?  An old toy he alleges is from the 1984 convention(I’m sure he was all of eight months old when that happened, the boy looks young) and a keychain with a donkey on it.

You’d have to be high enough to die from it to believe that bullshit.



I am at it again.  Pretty happy about it as well.   At it again meaning running almost every day. Even with a cold, I’m going at it hard every day.  I have noticed that I am actually faster now than I was before.  I’m fairly certain that it is due to the effects of the phenylephrine, a known stimulant that is in most cold medications, and maybe the dextromethorphan as well.  Not 100% certain, but I do know one thing.  I am sick with a  cold and my times are actually getting faster while I’m sick.

I can see no other reason for it.  And to be honest I am uncertain that any of these medications have the effect that they claim to have, to actually stop or slow the cold.  I’m fairly sure that rest and liquids are more than enough to fight and beat any cold, and that the main effect these medicines are having is on my athletic performance.

One question I have is, how far the effect of the drugs actually go?  If they work well on a 45 – 50 minute run, how will they work on a 90 -120 minute run?  Worse, better, no difference in use or non-use?  Been looking for information on them and have found almost nothing, more about how the drugs negatively interact with the body, almost no word on effect on performance.

Which is the info that I want.   I want to find out if I am a) damaging myself doing these drugs and still running, or b) not doing anything harmful or helpful or c) doing my training a great service, whether in the short or the long term, or both.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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