Pic of the day: PIE!  It being Pie day… well Pi day, 3.1415926535…. day I thought a pic of the ‘apple pie and other ‘mer’can stuff would be most welcome this fine fine day!  Well, I’m ‘mer’can, and I like Pie and PI so why not celebrate PI day with some pie!



Since the fabric of the universe is most perfect and the work of a most wise Creator, nothing at all takes place in the universe in which some rule of maximum or minimum does not appear…

Leonhard Euler


Rick Santorum thinks that English is a requirement for becoming a state in the United States.  He made that evident today during an interview with Peurto Rican Newspaper Vocero today, stating that:

“Like any other state, there needs to be compliance with this and any other federal law.”

The only issue with this is that it is completely untrue.  There is no federal requirement anywhere that states that to become a state English must be made it’s official language.  There have been requirements passed as individual laws for specific states, like Louisiana in 1811, which required Louisiana to do it’s official business in the same language as the United States, and a similar law passed for Oklahoma almost a century later.  But there is no general law that says that any state that comes into the union be required to have English as it’s official language.

Except maybe in Rick’s sweatervest world, where he can make stuff like that magically happen.

It’s kind of bewildering that Rick Santorum would say that to with a Republican caucus going on there on Sunday.  But then again, sweatervestman has an agenda.  A presumption must be made that he does not want Puerto Rico to become a state.   To be a leader in the race for President and say that to a nation that is voting this year on whether to join the union as the 51st state, be as blunt as he was, is to say to Puerto Rico as plain as day;

Rick Santorum does not want Puerto Rico to become the 51st state.  He would not have spoken as he did, and he said more than just that lil’ snippet I left ya up there, without that being the plain and honest truth.  If he becomes the GOP nominee, it could hamper get out the vote efforts anywhere where there are large quantities of Hispanic voters.  Speaking out against one portion of the Hispanic community (and that is what that he did, no matter what he thinks) is speaking out against all Hispanics.

That’ll bite him in the ass in the long run.


And with Rick doing as well as he is lately, especially winning both Mississippi and Alabama last night, one wonders why the man isn’t thinking long term, trying to woo voters for the G.E. as well as voters for the Primary season.

Oh wait… maybe this is his idea of wooing voters from both sides of the aisle.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night!

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