Very Late Late Night Idle Talk

Pic of the day: a 1928 one dollar bill. I like money, what can I say?


I am sitting with my feet up after a long day of running around just getting caught up on things that need to get done. I was listening to, and watching one of the episodes of the Ken Burns’ documentary “baseball” with my wife a little while ago, and really enjoyed that, but we are both now engrossed in our business, me here writing this, she at her computer doing whatever writing she does for a living at 11:00 pm on a Saturday night. I’m sure it’s not all business. I don’t think business qua business has actually ever made anyone giggle quite the way my wife giggles.

On the television behind me there are cats sleeping at me as we speak. The roku box is on, and there is a live web-feed of an animal shelter in defiance, Ohio on right now. The cats are enthralled. I? Not so much. So I decided to turn on spotify. I’m listening to Mozart right now, Sonata for 2 pianos in D major right now. It’s nice.

My nerve endings however need no such entertainment. My feet are almost terminally sore at this point, due to inadequate running shoes and work shoes that are near the end of their short misbegotten lives. That and the fact that I run as hard and as long as I do, as well as the fact that I work as hard as I do. My hamstrings are a mess. My calves are wound tighter than a drum. I’ve been running long all week, hit 60+ miles for the first time in about two months. I’ve started working out again as well, nothing major, less than 200 push-ups a day, less than 70 chin-ups a day.


What art thou? Have not I
An arm as big as thine? a heart as big?
Thy words, I grant, are bigger, for I wear
My dagger in my mouth.

William Shakespeare, Cymbeline, Act IV, scene ii


Reading the news here. February is over, and so is Rick Santorum it seems, at least as far as polling goes. He had his moment in the sun, and now he looks done. Mitt Romney is now leading the overall Republican poll numbers and is doing better now than the days of mid January when he was up by over 10 points over Gingrich, before the Santorum surge flowed from sweatervestland down Rick’s leg and onto America’s heartland.

Well, OK, Santorum isn’t done really. It’s really just a two man race at this point, even if he is down as many points as is he is at this point. He fills an important role for Republicans. That of the Anti-Romney. Romney being the mega millionaire vulture capitalist whose most important job before the one he is seeking now was gutting companies and selling off parts that were lucrative enough for sale and destroying the rest, killing jobs by the thousands.

And Santorum does play well in those Jesusland states, and there are several primaries coming up there over the next few weeks there, including Alabama and Mississippi next Tuesday.

Hmmmm….. Thinking about it, we may not have heard the last of Sweatervestman


That’s it from here, America. G’night.


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